Image Slider With Continuous Warp Horizontal Scrolling?

Jan 29, 2011

I looked everywhere for a image slider with continuous warp horizontal scrolling. I seen many sites in the past that kept scrolling client logos etc... like that. The ones I found mostly continue scrolling once all set of images disappear e.g.if there are three image,they scroll and disappear and then they start from the beginning.What I'm looking for is image 1, image 2, image 3, image 1... I hope I'm explaining myself well.Initially I was looking for joomla component/plugin, but i decided if I went for jQuery it'll broaden my choices.

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Continuous Horizontal Scrolling Images?

Apr 28, 2007

I'm trying to put a Continuous Horizontal Image Scroller into a web site I'm doing. my computer crashed and I lost the script. I just want a group of photo's to continuously scroll (in a loop) along the top of the home page - no links or anything.I've also forgotten completely how I got it all up and working once I had the script.

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Continuous Horizontal Variable Width Image Files Ticker?

Mar 10, 2009

My client wants a ticker, only with client logos. I've found several scripts which are cool, though no one is precisely what I'm after. Company logos vary in their proportions. I'd like ideally a script able to continuously horizontally animate images of the same height, but with variable widths. Found plenty of scripts moving same width images left/right, or using a carrier (table/div/layer) to contain a set of variable width images - the latter leads to blank moments my client doesn't like while the carrier is repositioned.

I'm very intrigued as to why this doesn't seem to have been done and wonder if there's a reason. Is the computation needed in passing widths in a variable to a move function too much for the client-side? I don't want to waste my time wading into repurposing a script for this if it's not viable as I can't pass that cost on to the client, you see. I'd rather bail and do it using Flash.

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Horizontal Image Slider Script?

Jun 11, 2009

[URL]There should be three images in the top right blue shape that scroll repeatedly but only one image is showing. The page was operating fine until I added the dropdown menu that was created in Adobe Fireworks. Is there a conflict between the image slider and the dropdown?


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JQuery :: Adding Slide And Pause To Continuous Scrolling Carousel

Apr 28, 2011

I'm using jMyCarousel [URL] for a 100% width horizontal infinite thumbnail scroller, but can't figure out how to add one last piece of functionality. Here is the feature in its current stage of development: [URL]. I've got the hover-to-pause part working (clunkily in terms of backend but it works), but now I need the house image to start centered on the page and pause there for two seconds, and then automatically slide with easing effects to center the next image for two seconds, and so on, rather than have one long continuous scroll. I'm very new to JQuery and if this project wasn't deadlining in a few days, I'd totally study a JQuery slider to see how they do the thing I need and try to adapt it for this carousel, but I'm afraid it's out of my league right now.

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JQuery :: Continuous/constant Scrolling Both Forward And Backward In The Same Scroller?

Aug 22, 2010

make a scroller that could scroll continuously/constant both forward and backward (from left to right and right to left).

The instance shouldn't scroll unless holding down a link (arrows left&right) outside the scroller. (using onmousedown and stop onmouseup) and it would be great if it's not possible to scroll past the last and first item. (i don't want any empty space) But I guess I could do that with offset and exclude (:

I don't have any code for you, but if you want me to try some more first, I'll do that and send you if I got anything good out of it!

(I also tried the HoverScroll plugin, but since the arrows is implemented in the jquery/js-code I wasn't abled to tweak it as I wanted. That plugin is possibly the nearest already made scroller I've so far seen. However I want the buttons to be outside the scrollerarea, and I also want to be able to change the styling on the whole thing. and I want it to use onmousedown and onmouseup instead of onmouseover.)

I've tried with scrollable and ScrollTo/SerialScroll, but I'm not a code wizard so how to do this.. ;O These plugins seems really great, and I have used them in other projects, so I'm a bit familiar with how they work.

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Horizontal Scrolling

Jul 23, 2005

Does anybody know how to disable the horizontal scrolling on ASPX form? What
JAVA script should be used for that? The standard methods don't help and I'm
looking for some JAVA function to fire it onscroll event to scroll the page
back. Actually it's a bug of ASPX pages, we can disable the vertical
scrolling but horizontal scrolling works if we try it with the touchpad. The
only one possible solution I see is to use JAVA scripting.

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JQuery :: Horizontal Slider Is Not Smooth In IE?

Nov 2, 2011

I have a page where I want the content to slide horizontal. It works but in IE the sliding animation is not smooth when I use a background image in body. When I don't use this image it's smooth.

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Horizontal Hover Scrolling?

Jun 28, 2009

NON-Flash continuous horizontal image scroller...controlled by mouseover? Im looking to make a string of images that slide smoothly left or right ... speeding up and slowing down depending on the mouse cursor location...

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JQuery :: Create A Horizontal Carousel/slider?

Jan 4, 2012

I'm trying to create a horizontal carousel/slider that will display my latest Tweet.

I started with some code I found to pull in my latest tweets via .json. I got that all set up and now I'm trying to integrate the bxSlider plugin to cycle through these tweets one at a time.

At this point I get all the tweets in a <li> that cycle through together. I've set up a jsfiddle to demonstrate what I have


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JQuery :: Make A Horizontal Slider To Webpages?

Dec 7, 2011

i want to make a horizontal slider to my web pages

i want to make a home page and when a user selects another page like Clients Page, the page loaded in the same frame with horizontal sliding

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Building A Horizontal Slider/menu Component?

Sep 8, 2011

building an HTML/CSS component that would:

1) Feature a small set of icons that would be placed on the right-side of a div

2) If someone clicked on one of the icons, the component would slide out towards the right, featuring various UI elements (i.e. descriptive text and form elements). The component slides out to match the width of the content (not fixed width)

3) The slider slides back if the user clicks on the "X" in top right corner or moves their mouse/clicks outside the slider area.

4) A nice to have would be if the component is towards the right side of the screen, the component slides out left (so it does not go outside the screen area or show a horizontal slider on the bottom of the screen window).

A visual of what I am trying to accomplish can be found in the attached file.

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Style On Div To Avoid Horizontal Scrolling

Jul 23, 2005

Is it possible to have only vertical scrolling enabled on a DIV?

style="BORDER:1px ; OVERFLOW: auto; WIDTH:799px; HEIGHT:249px;position:
absolute; top:0; left:0; "

will have both horizontal and vertica scrollbars once the dim of the content
exceeds the DIV's size.

Can it be made so only vertical scrollbars will appear?

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JQuery :: Horizontal Scrolling And Tabs?

Nov 26, 2009

I'm building single page website with horizontal scrolling script and I want to add tabs (loading external html) to one section. I've managed to place them into a div inside this section but problem is that every time I click on any tab it scrolls horizontally to home page and returns back directly to that tab and not top of the section/page


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JQuery :: Tooltip Cause Horizontal Scrolling

Dec 14, 2011

I follow this post [URL] to create a nice tooltip based on jquery, the problem is, that I'm getting horizontal scrollling, I tried to fix it by adding: display: "none" my_tooltip.css ({left: "-9999px", display: "none"});

in the mouseOut function, but i'ts not working as I expected

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Horizontal Text Scrolling With Refresh?

Apr 21, 2010

I'm writing application that displays messages from users. This messages are kept in external XML file and every time user post a new message this XML document is appended.

What I want to do is to display all messages at the bottom of screen. Messages have to slide horizontally in one line. To do that I used this code:

var scrllTmr;
window.onload = function(){
document.getElementById('scroll').style.overflow = 'hidden';
document.getElementById('scrollme').style.float = 'left';


The problem with that code is that at 1/3 length of text it starts from beginning and this is wrong. The text have to scroll to the very end and then start to scroll from beginning again.

Another thing, that I'm unable to deal with is refreshing/reloading the content from XML file. What I need to do is to check if XML was changed/appended and if it was then I have to add this added message to text that scrolls horizontally and view it at the end of horizontal text. I'm pretty sure I have to use Ajax here. Also, if text from XML file will be added to horizontal text page cannot refresh and start scrolling from beginning, but instead of that if have to append horizontal text and continue to scroll showing appended message at the end.

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Horizontal Scrolling Thumbnail Gallery?

Sep 28, 2010

Currently I'm looking at smooth scrolling Js scripts for thumb images which can be altered to accomodate needs. I found one here [URL] that has some desirable effects but has no navi buttons.Would it be sensible to alter and point the hovering mouse scroll function to buttons, or would it be a better to keep looking for exactly the right script? The 2 identical scrollers on this page are the look I want but these are flash;


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Javascript Horizontal Scrolling Text

Feb 28, 2006

I came across this javascript scrolling text. My problem is :- I need to have a huge big long message/ messages, but after a certain point the scroller stops scrolling and goes back to the beginning so doesnt show every message that I want. I have tried to take out the <nobr> tags but that doesnt work. Is there anyone out there that can have a look at the code below and see if it can be modified to allow multiple lines of messages. Many thanks

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
<title>Untitled Document</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2">

<!-- Begin
var l1 = 0; // left of ticker in pixel, or 0 to position relative
var t1 = 0; // top of ticker in pixel, or 0 to position relative
var w1 = 780; // width of ticker in pixel
var ie = document.all ? true : false;
var first = true;
var l2 = l1 + w1;
var l3 = l1 - l2;
var l = l2;
function tickinit() {
if (ie) {
if (l1 == 0 && t1 == 0) {
pos = document.all['tickpos'];
l1 = getLeft(pos);
t1 = getTop(pos);
} = t1;
else {
if (l1 == 0 && t1 == 0) {
pos = document.anchors['tickpos'];
l1 = pos.x;
t1 = pos.y;
document.ticktext.pageY = t1;
l2 = l1 + w1;
l3 = l1 - l2;
l = l2;
setInterval('tick()', 10);
function getLeft(ll) {
if (ll.offsetParent)
return (ll.offsetLeft + getLeft(ll.offsetParent));
return (ll.offsetLeft);
function getTop(ll) {
if (ll.offsetParent)
return (ll.offsetTop + getTop(ll.offsetParent));
return (ll.offsetTop);
function tick() {
l = l - 1;
if (l < l3) l = l2;
cl = l1 - l;
cr = l2 - l;
if (ie) { = l; = t1; = "rect(auto "+cr+"px auto "+cl+"px)";
if (first) = "visible";
else {
document.ticktext.pageX = l;
document.ticktext.clip.left = cl;
document.ticktext.clip.right = cr;
if (first) document.ticktext.visibility = "show";
first = false;
// End -->

<body OnLoad="tickinit()"> .....

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Trying To Synch Horizontal Scrolling Of Two DIVs On MAC/IE5.2

Sep 22, 2003

I have two DIVS, one for a table body, and one for the column headers. The table has lots of columns, so horizontal scrolling is a must. I am trying to make it so that when the body div is scrolled left or right, the header div scrolls along with it. Unfortunately one of the requirements of the project is that it must work on MAC/IE5.2.2, and the "scrollLeft" property on this browser only works for the "document.body" element. Because of this I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the distance that the table body div has scrolled.

I have also tried using overflow-x and overflow-y to work around this, but it seems these properties aren't supported by MAC/IE5.2.2 either.

So is there a way to synchronize the scrolling of two divs, or perhaps a completely different way to accomplish what I am trying to do?

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Scrolling Smoothly In The Horizontal Direction

Aug 5, 2005

I want to code a site that will scroll to anchers smoothly on a webpage in a horizontal direction. It seems like it should be pretty easy to just modify the code in the article "Make Internal Links Scroll Smoothly with JavaScript" ( Since I'm pretty new to coding java I was wondering if someone would be able to show me how to rewrite this code to get it to work in the horizontal direction.

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Jquery :: Localscroll : Vertical And Horizontal Scrolling?

Sep 13, 2011

I have created the following page [URL] where I have a number of main links and then sublinks for these. At the moment when a main link is clicked the content scrolls vertically and when a sublink is clicked eg Blue Inner Link 1 the content slides horizontally. how can I update the script so that when I click a main link the content scrolls horizontally and when I click a sublink the content scrolls vertically?

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Create A Horizontal Parallax Scrolling Site?

Nov 29, 2011

I am looking to create a horizontal parallax scrolling site. Any good tutorials or templates out there?

I found this, but its vertical. [URL]

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JQuery :: Clicking A Link Triggers Unwanted Scrolling Effect In Slider?

Oct 17, 2010

I am having a problem with a site I am working on right [URL]..clicking on the "Kontaktieren Sie uns"-Link it triggers an unwanted scroll in the slider just underneath it. I am also getting a java script error when I view the site on ie/windows. I am clueless since I am not at all confident with java script.

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Motion Blur Iamge Warp Logo Curve

Feb 24, 2003

This script creates a motion blur effect of a moving object - Downgrades very well with others.

You must look at a sample to see what it is and how nice it is.
All you need to do is put the code bellow in the body section of your page... Instructions are in the code to change properties...

Go to for the LogoCurve generator to view samples and work out what you need
- It makes life a LOT easier!! :)

Hope you enjoy!
David :thumbsup:

<script language="JavaScript">
LOGO CURVE Version 3.2
Writen by David Bann - South Africa

Feel free to use this code, but please email me the website it is used on,
and leave this commenting in tact. Thank you!
Please let me know of any bugs or if you edit the script.

Additions since version 3.1:
- Added chengeable formulas for curve.
- Added changeable event at which the script is initiated.

Things to come:
- Better use of layers - will use less layers, but still get same
effect... (User will be able to specify how many layers to be used,
adding more functionality and effects, as well as performance)
- I want to add an option of document boundaries for the curve,as to stop
the logo from going out of the document and dissapearing totaly.
- Fade to work in browsers other then IE.

//----------------------- Start Customizable Variables -----------------------//
//=== Positioning ===//
var left = 0;// Starting left position
var top = 20;// Starting left position

//=== Curve and Distance ===//
var topInc = 5;// Incriment of top position
var leftInc = 5;// Incriment of left position

/* Make both the horizontal curve and the vertical curve the same to..
.. get an increasing gap with no curve. */
var hor_curve = 20;// Horizontal curve - 0 for no curve
var ver_curve = -20;// Vertical curve - 0 for no curve

//=== Timing and Other ===//
var noTimes = 50;// Number of times the picture is shown
var waitTime = 1;// Time delay

var layer = 2;// Layer level
var picture = 'smalllogo.gif'// Picture to display (Smaller images work better)

var start_retracted= true;// Start the image retracted (true / false)
var retract= true;// Retract from behind after expanding (true / false)

//=== Fade options (Only IEusers see fade) ===//
var fade = true;// Gradual Fade (true / false) - Only works if retract =true
var fd_destop = 0;// Destination transparency level (ie 80, for mostly solid)
var fd_rate = 10;// Time in milliseconds between trasparency changes (best under 100)
var fd_delta = 5;// Amount of change each time (ie 5, for 5% change in transparency)

var event_init = 'onClick'// Event at which the script is initiated
var left_formula = '(left + leftInc) + ((count/100) * hor_curve)'// Left position formula
var top_formula = '(top + topInc) + ((count/100) * ver_curve)'// Top position formula
//----------------------- End Customizable Variables -----------------------//
//--------------------- DO NOT EDIT BEYOND THIS POINT! ---------------------//

var count = 0;
var count2 = 0;
var timeOutVal = waitTime * 10;
var txt;
var image;
var imageName;
var lay = new Array;

function addLayer(){
left = eval(left_formula);
top = eval(top_formula);

txt = "<div id='Layer" + count + "' style='position:absolute; visibility:hidden; left:" + left + "; top:" + top + "; z-index:" + layer + "'>";
txt += "<a href='#' " + event_init + "='replay()'><img src='" + picture + "' border=0 style='filter:alpha(opacity=100)' name = 'Image" + count + "'></a>";
txt += "</div>";


lay[count]=new lib_obj("Layer"+count);

function logoCurveInit(){
while (count < noTimes) {
count = 0;


if (!start_retracted)

function animate(){
if (start_retracted) {
if (!retract){
if (count > 0){


if (count >= 0){


if (count != 0)


if (retract){
if (count < noTimes){


if (count != noTimes-1 && retract)


if (retract){
if (count == noTimes)


function replay(){
if ((count == noTimes || (count == 0 || count == -1)) &&(count2 == noTimes-1 || count2 == 0)){
start_retracted = !start_retracted; // Make the value opposite of what it is


if (start_retracted){
count = noTimes-1;
else {
count = 0;


function retractIt(){
if (start_retracted) { // If the logo is not retracted (showing all the layers)
if (count2 > 0){
else{ // If the logo is retracted (Only showing the first layer)
if (count2 < noTimes-1){

function fadeImage(){
if (fade){
if (count >= 0 && count <= noTimes){
image = document.images['Image' + count];

function make_all_visible(){
for (var i = 0; i< noTimes ; i++){
if (document.images['Image' + i].style.MozOpacity){
document.images['Image' + i].style.MozOpacity=100;
else if (document.images['Image' + i].filters) {
document.images['Image' + i].filters.alpha.opacity = 100;
function check_browser(){
this.opera5=this.agent.indexOf("Opera 5")>-1
this.ie5=(this.ver.indexOf("MSIE 5")>-1 && this.dom && !this.opera5)?1:0;
this.ie6=(this.ver.indexOf("MSIE 6")>-1 && this.dom && !this.opera5)?1:0;
this.ie4=(document.all && !this.dom && !this.opera5)?1:0;||this.ie5||this.ie6
this.ns6=(this.dom && parseInt(this.ver) >= 5) ?1:0;
this.ns4=(document.layers && !this.dom)?1:0;||this.ie5||this.ie4||this.ns4||this.ns6||this.opera5)
return this
bw=new check_browser()
function show_message(txt){alert(txt); return false}
function lib_obj(obj,nest){
if(! return show_message('Old browser')
nest=(!nest) ? "":'document.'+nest+'.'
this.evnt=bw.dom? document.getElementById(obj):
bw.ie4?document.all[obj]:bw.ns4?eval(nest+"document.layers." +obj):0;
if(!this.evnt) return show_message('The layer does not exist ('+obj+')'
+'- If your using Netscape please check the nesting of your tags!')
this.w=this.evnt.offsetWidth||this.css.clip.width|| this.ref.width||this.css.pixelWidth||0;
this.h=this.evnt.offsetHeight||this.css.clip.height|| this.ref.height||this.css.pixelHeight||0
if((bw.dom || bw.ie4) && this.css.clip) {
this.c=this.css.clip; this.c=this.c.slice(5,this.c.length-1);
this.c=this.c.split(' ');
for(var i=0;i<4;i++){this.c[i]=parseInt(this.c[i])}
this.obj = obj + "Object"; eval(this.obj + "=this")
return this
lib_obj.prototype.showIt = function(){this.css.visibility="visible"}
lib_obj.prototype.hideIt = function(){this.css.visibility="hidden"}
lib_obj.prototype.writeIt = function(text,startHTML,endHTML){
if(!startHTML){startHTML=""; endHTML=""}"text/html");
}else this.evnt.innerHTML=text
/* Code taken from (Start)-->
Gradual-Highlight Image Script II-
By J. Mark Birenbaum (
For full source to script, visit */
nereidFadeObjects = new Object();nereidFadeTimers = new Object();
function nereidFade(object, destOp, rate, delta){
if (!document.all)return
if (object != "[object]"){ setTimeout("nereidFade("+object+","+destOp+","+rate+","+delta+")",0); return;}
clearTimeout(nereidFadeTimers[object.sourceIndex]); diff = destOp-object.filters.alpha.opacity;
direction = 1; if (object.filters.alpha.opacity > destOp){direction = -1;}
delta=Math.min(direction*diff,delta); object.filters.alpha.opacity+=direction*delta;
if (object.filters.alpha.opacity != destOp){ nereidFadeObjects[object.sourceIndex]=object;
// <-- Code taken from (End)
window.onload=new logoCurveInit();
//-->End Hide

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JQuery :: Using A Vertical And Horizontal Image Scroller?

Aug 17, 2010

What I'd like to do is use some sort of jquery plugin to make an image scroller that has a grid of images and scrolls each row and column horizontally and vertically. I'm a bit overwhelmed though and not sure where to start. I want to use fancybox for opening the image so I was hoping someone could point me towards something that would help with the thumbnail scroller?

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JQuery :: Horizontal Image Scroller - Can't Add More Images

Sep 30, 2011

i want to add a couple of images to the slider. Here is my website for you view. For some unknown reason it will not let me add any images. I thought perhaps it would allow me to only add a specific number of images so tried to change an image instead and the same....just nothing works.

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