Image Cropping "with" Javascript

Feb 26, 2007

i'm wanting users to be able to upload an image, but i want the image to be a specific aspect ratio. if you've uploaded a contact picture for your gmail account - you know what i'm talking about. here's a screenshot of the cropping ability in gmail...

i'm assuming the crop lines are somehow determined via javascript and those numbers are passed to something similar to the GD Image Library in PHP where you can crop images.

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Image Cropping Without Jquery

Sep 1, 2011

I need to do image cropping through javascript(without jquery) my requirement is just to get the coordinates through some callback function whenever user crop the image and click an ok button

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JQuery :: Image Cropping/resizing Before Upload?

Jul 13, 2011

Could some-one please tell me (in simple words ? ) why client-side image resizing is not possible by JQuery - not just changing the breadth & height of an image but actually changing the image to decrease the image file's size ?

It seems possible in java & flash . I would like something like in :[URL].. I would like to have a smaller/fixed image size to upload to server, instead of doing the resizing on the server.

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Size Image To Fit Window (without Cropping Or Changing Ratio)

Oct 19, 2011

I'm trying to size an image to fit the browser window. It will be the only thing in the frame, so it doesn't matter if it's the background or not. I've found quite a few ways to have the image automatically resize itself where it either gets cropped off or changes ratio to stretch, but I've not found anything where it'll keep the full image and ratio and just have bars top and bottom or sides.

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Any Script Available For Cropping Like Do In Photoshop With Pen Tool?

Mar 12, 2010

I need to know that is there any script available which allows me to upload an image and after uploading it will allow me to crop an image like we do in photoshop via pen tool. In photoshop when we use pen tool, it apply nodes against the images and user can easily change nodes via mouse to change the position of cropping. Is there any type of script available which provides this functionality?

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Javascript Image Src

Jan 10, 2006

I'm pretty rubbish at java and I'm trying to get an image to change when a user clicks a link. I don't know why this doesn't work.


foc is the image element - if i do foc.src=ƈ.gif' it will quite happily change but I want it to alternate between the two images every time the link is clicked.

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Javascript Image Changer

Jul 23, 2005

When using javascript [1] to display a different image (based on the
time of day) both IE and Moz re-execute the js when using the back
function to return to a page with the js on it, this results in users
having to load several images. Opera doesn't do this.

Is there a right or wrong regarding this UA behaviour?

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Javascript Image Editor?

Apr 4, 2005

Has anyone seen a javascript image editor of any sort?

I can imagine one that allows you to load up an existing image - draw lines, place text, fill etc using something like XMLHttpRequest to work. It would be like a java image editor but lighter. It would then let you save the new drawing.

I've tried looking round but not found much except a business card designer which allows you to type text at predefined locations.

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Validating An Image URL With Javascript

Nov 3, 2006

Can someone help me with a javascript code to validate an image URL?

I want to validate the following:

1. the URL must start with http://
2. the URL must end with .gif, .jpg, .jpeg or .png

I'm I leaving out something?

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Javascript Image Dropdown

Dec 12, 2006

i am in need of an image dropdown to enable users to visually select images from a dropdown and see the image preview in the actual dropdown itself. Code:

this does not seem to work as my icons are 64 x 64 pixels and therefore i cannot figure out how to customise this.

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Javascript Image Objects Not Loaded

Sep 2, 2006

I have this...

<div id="mainframe">
<img src="image.jpg" id="image">

Then when I try to in a function say...

function checkImage()
var image = document.getElementById("image");
var height = image.height;

Many times the image height will not be defined.

I recently changed the past so it uses AJAX to change the <img src...
stuff to return new data for that inner HTML block..

Still the image will not have properties.
Now, this is a problem in IE/FF, but not in opera.

Any ideas on how to make sure the image is loaded so its height/width
properties are available... either by swapping the image.src or by
using ajax to swap out the div innerHTML??

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Javascript Image Rotation In Website

Oct 15, 2006

I am trying to include some javascript in my website which rotates some
stored images. I have attached the code for the index page of my
website as i am having some problems getting it to work. Can anyone see
where i am going wrong? This is my first attempt.

Here is the source script:

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Fixed Image Size With Javascript

Feb 12, 2007

I have a <img scr="mypic.jpg"in my html. I would like to display the
image by width=200 if the image width is larger than 200. I also would
like to display the image by its real width if the image width is
smaller than 200. How can I do it?

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How To Flip Horizontally An Image With JavaScript

Aug 6, 2007

I'd like to flip horizontally an image with JavaScript. Is it possible?

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Detecting Image Dimensions With Javascript?

Nov 28, 2006

I have some CSS/javascript which takes an image and re-sizes it on a page with a hover-over state which causes it to expand. However, this will only re-size to specific proportions (in this case 1:1).

This is fine in the case of e.g. an 86x86 image but what I want to be able to do is detect if the image has a height greater than it's width, and if so, crop the image accordingly to make it a square.

Is there a way of doing this with javascript?

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Mailtto: Using Javascript From Image Link

Apr 30, 2002

How do I create an email link using javascript attached to an image link?

The simpler methods I have so far been able to find only work within form elements.

I have also tried...




... none of which seem to work.

What's the secret? Where am I going wrong?

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Javascript Image Gallery Question

Dec 9, 2002

I've got a site with a ton of javascript image galleries, the kind where:

(1) there is a set of images associated with a single page,

(2) the urls for all the images of the set are in the javascript code on the single page.

(3) When you hit "next" on the image gallery navigation bar, it uses the next image url in the javascript and makes the next image appear.

Problem: All the image views are on 1 page. Somebody can view 100 images and it would count as one pageview ie one banner impression.

I started this when I had little traffic but now traffic is ramping and it's costing me to be losing these banner impressions.

Is there a javascript solution to this problem? Perhaps somehow generating the "next" image on a new javascript-generated page (but one with all the same left/top/bottom includes)?

I'm imagining the functionality to the user would be the exact same as the current system. The only difference is instead of only loading a new image only, an entire new page is loaded. The new page would have a unique name (ie page1, page2, page3 ,etc). It could not be a meta-refresh, I don't want to be accused of meta-refreshing banner impressions.

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Javascript To Resize Image On Client Side!

Mar 14, 2007

I'd like to see and use a javascript to resize an image.

I've creating a site and I'd like that only this image will be resizable automatically based on resolutions (800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, ecc...)...

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JavaScript Image Refresh In Mozilla And Opera

Sep 15, 2004

We've got a server-side page (status.php) that dynamically generates a GIF image. The displayed image depends on the value of a boolean field in a database. Just calling the page displays the current value of the boolean, calling it with a parameter switch (status.php?switch) flips the database value and generates a new image. We've included headers to prevent caching of the image by the browser.

Whenever our HTML page is displayed in the browser, we just include an image that shows the current status: img src='status.php'/

We want to allow the user to click the image, which then inverts the boolean status in the database: img src='status.php' onclick='this.src=status.php?switch;'/

This works great in Internet Explorer, but both Mozilla and Opera only allow to switch once. My idea of the problem is that those browsers think like this; after one click, the src is already 'status.php?switch', so changing the src again would be redundent in their eyes, so they won't do it.

We found a temporary solution by generating the current time as a parameter in the image URL: img src='status.php' onclick='this.src=status.php?switch+(new Date());'/
However, this is not a very elegant solution.

Does anyone know a proper solution to this? This means, forcing Mozilla and Opera to load an image using JavaScript, even though the URL of the image didn't change?

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XHTML Javascript Image Swap Conflict

Jan 28, 2007

I am using a simple javascript image insertion on my XHTML page, and I have encountered a problem. The Javascript code fails to execute when the doctype is XHTML on Firefox (works on Opera). However, when I simply rename the file with an HTML extension, the code executes on all browsers. Code:

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In Javascript How I Can Show An Image In Any Point In My Page

Jan 28, 2003

how i can show an image in any point in my page?

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Using Javascript To Change Table Cell Background Image

May 15, 2003

I'm trying to be tricky and its not been working LOL. I have a gallery page with lots of thumbnails that load up. What I wanted to do was have a "LOADING IMAGE" GIF in each of the table cells so that the user would see visually how many more images were going to load up. That bit is fine but when all the thumbs have loaded I want to change that Cell background image to something else.

How would I do this? Would I be able to reference them all at once or would I have to reference each individual cell one at a time.

To better illustrate my point see this this link :

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Click On A Image And Some Text Is Added To A Textarea --javascript Code?

Sep 12, 2009

I am looking for a javascript code for this idea under this messageI want to create a kind of shopping website so when you click on a image or text it will add some text to a textarea,, it will include the name of item and price of an item

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Overriding '<a Href' With '<a OnClick' For JavaScript Function OpenWindow(URL) For Image And Link...

Jul 23, 2005

Can anyone assist me with what I am trying to do with the following
code (six different scenarios to try to make the functionality work

I want to always (and ONLY) display in the status bar 'Symantec
Corporation' whenever anyone mouses over (onMouseOver) my image or
link OR when one clicks while holding the left mouse down (onClick) on
the same image or link. Upon releasing the mouse (onMouseOut), the
status bar should be 'blank'. I need the link to open in a new window
via my function openWindow(URL) code.

What is happening in most of the six scenarios, is that when one
clicks the link, either the function doesn't engage, but rather the <a
href= takes effect instead OR that status bar shows
'javascript:openWindow('');' when one clicks
while holding the left mouse down (onClick) on the image or link.

Additionally, for only the link, I need the CSS/style to show 'red'
when one mouses over (onMouseOver) it and then change to 'blue' upon
releasing the mouse (onMouseOut).

How about integrating 'style="cursor:hand"' into the code or perhaps
setting some of the data via a <div> or <span> snippet? Code:

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Making A Simple Image Gallery - When The User Clicks A Thumbnail, The Image Loads Where The Previous Big Image Was?

Feb 2, 2010

I want to have a big image and say 5 small thumbnails underneath. When the user clicks a thumbnail, the image loads where the previous big image was. Is there a standard way to do this?

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Show Image In The Image Box Without Stretching Its Original Size Of The Image?

Sep 27, 2011

i have image button i need to display image .if the size of the image button is 100*100 and image size is 50*50 .the remaining space of the image button should be empty.the image should not stretch.

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