May 1, 2006

Define the function dollarToEuro, which consumes a number of New Zealand dollars and produces the Euro equivalent. The current exchange rate is approximately one New Zealand Dollar to fifty five Euro pence. Code the function in JavaScript. Prompt the user for an amount in New Zealand dollars and display the result.

So far i have done this coding :-
var nzd = Number(prompt("Enter The Amount Of New Zealand Dollars", "10"));
function dollarToEuro(nzdollar)
return (50/nzd)
document.write(nzd, "NZD =", dollarToEuro, "Euros");

It is not working.

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Getting Nested Functions To Work Within Functions?

Aug 20, 2009

I have written a number of functions designed to return frequency data on 1000 randomly chosen numbers using different math functions for the rounding. I would like to include all of these functions within the wrapper of another function so that only one call is needed to get returns from all of the 'inner' functions. However, while each of the functions works in isolation, the moment I wrap them in another function they stop working. :confused:

The following code is one of the functions 'frequencyWrapperOne' that has been wrapped in the function 'testWrapper'. A call to testWrapper does nothing.

function testWrapper()
function frequencyWrapperOne()


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Adding Functions To Properties Of Functions?

Apr 23, 2011

$(something).split(something),this is a function with a function as a property for that function.

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Call All The Validation Functions From A File Call Functions.js?

Jan 27, 2011

I have several form in my site, that validate on onsubmit.I call all the validation functions from a file call functions.js.Here is a sample of the code that is working:

<form name="contact" action="contact-insert.php method="post" onSubmit="return checkform()">
<label class='SubHeadlbl' for='TextField1'><?php echo IDS_EFORMNAME?><br></label>
<input type='text' name='dfname' class='text_field' id='dfname1' size='70' maxlength='40'/>

all the other forms are not working. all have the same structure:

<form name="frm1000" action="frm1000-insert.php method="post" onSubmit="return checkform1000()">
<label class='SubHeadlbl' for='TextField1'><?php echo IDS_EFORMNAME?><br></label>
<input type='text' name='dfname' class='text_field' id='dfname1000' size='46' maxlength='40'/>

I don't know what is happening only one for work all the others don't.

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Functions Upon Functions

Jun 1, 2010

I think my brain would have exploded otherwize. Some of the problems have been simple misspellings, but when you have been staring at the same thing for hours it can sorta slip by.Bascially Im not sure if Im using the function command properly. When Submit Details is click it should validate the form and then when Calculate is pressed calculate the form (obviously).I think maybe my var Array table is wrong? And the way the functions are set out doesnt seem it sit right.

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Two Functions?

Aug 2, 2002

How do you handle two functions? For example:

if I have two separate scripts, one that opens a popup window onclick and one that does a tool tip onmouseover, how do I tie them together inline, at the link? And i can put them in the same <script> tags in the head, right?

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Merge To Functions

Jul 23, 2005

How do I "merge" the two functions below - checkFromDate() and
checkToDate() - so that I only have one function. I want to do the same
validation in both text fields, but only have one function that does all
the validation.

<script language="JavaScript">
function checkFromDate() {
var ToFrom = document.form.txtFromDate.value
// Do some other validation...

function checkToDate() {
var ToDate = document.form.txtToDate.value
// Do same validation as above...
Start Date : <input type="text" name="txtFromDate"
onBlur="checkFromDate()"> yyyy/mm/dd <br>
End Date : <input type="text" name="txtToDate" onBlur="checkToDate()">

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Javascript Functions

Jul 23, 2005

I am learning HTML for the first time taking a self teaching class
though my local Community College. Normally this college rocks and has
some of the best resources and down to earth teachers that pick books
that acutally help folks.

Well they failed and my book take more logic jumps that Stephen
Hawkins! :D

So my ultimate question is as follows:

How do I created a function with the following information provided:

Create a fucntion named Mquote that contains the single parameter,

My apologies for such little information. I am sure its my oversight
that I am unable to locate the answer to my question.

What I am looking for is the base layout for noob java functions.

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Working With Functions

Oct 25, 2005

I want a function to take another function as a parameter, and execute it as a line of code. I put a simplified example below, just to illustrate the idea. Does anyone know the syntax to do this, or is there perhaps a better approach entirely?


doSomething(5, 10, functionA, functionB);

function doSomething(x, y, myFunctionA, myFunctionB) {
if (x > y) {
} else {

function functionA() {
// some code

function functionB() {
// some code

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Calling Two Functions

Jan 23, 2006

When I click on the "Check All" checkbox, it correctly checks all of the boxes in my form, but I would like each checkbox to also call hideLayer2 function just as what would occur if the user checked the boxes individually. Is there a way to call the hideLayer2 function and pass the correct whichLayer and the_box parameters within the DoToAll function? Maybe there is an easier way?

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Merging Two Functions?

Jan 18, 2007

Is it possible to merge two functions like these?

<script type="text/javascript">
function showdiv(pass) {
setTimeout('showdiv2("'+pass+'")', 750);
function showdiv2(pass) {
var divs = document.getElementsByTagName('div');
if (document.getElementById)
else {
if (document.getElementById)

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Arrays And Functions

Jul 20, 2005

looking for a way to pass an array to a function.
function myfunction(arrayname)
document.write("blablabla"+ arrayname[1] +"blablabla");

<html stuff>

arrayname = new Array("what", "is", "wrong");

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Combining 2 Functions Into One

Jan 30, 2010

I basically have 2 "if" statements. How would i go about combining them?

function validate_form(thisform)
with (thisform)


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Dynamically Add Functions To Other?

Oct 26, 2011

I thought about following code snippet code...

Has anyone an idea, if my thoughts on that are correct oder if this behaviour could be a problem?

And is there probably a better way to combine functions, so that all functions would be in one column?

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Large Functions?

Nov 2, 2011

Hello, I have a very large function that activates on one click. It does many individual events that modify my site. They all work seperately but when I put them in a single function they all break. Is there a way, order or priority for putting large things of code in functions?

I tried doing {} blocks but it didn't help.

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Reusable Functions

Mar 18, 2007

How can a function be written so that it is reusable within the same form? eg, I wish to place another select menu and its own result span <span="mySpan2"> in the following code (eg. mySelect2, mySpan2) - whichever select menu is chosen displays its own result within its own span: Code:

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Statistical Functions

Mar 20, 2007

Can anyone point me to a set of statistical probability functions that will give me (say) the probability for a t-test, an F-test or a X2 test. I did find some in the wild on the net, but I am unsure of the legitimacy of using them.

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String Functions

May 13, 2007

I want to find out what is the file name of the page that a user is currently viewing (for e.g. the file name of the page where I am composing this query currently is newthread.php). If the file name is Edit.asp, then do something else......this is the

(this is the onLoad event function)function getFile(){
var strURL=window.location

//since the file name will be at the end of the URL, I am using
//a negative number as the start parameter in the substr function

//do something
//do something else

But the above doesn't work. In fact, some of the JavaScript string functions I tried (like match, length etc.), none of them seem to work since the string has been derived using window.location. Why? Doesn't JavaScript consider the URL of a page as a string object?

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Return And Functions

Feb 27, 2006

I'm having a problem. I was able to get the edit working fine. I was able to get it to hide the current div and go to a different div. When I combine the two, the edit works but I cannot go to the different div.

I'm thinking something is missing here?

function goto_testDiv()
return formCheck(this);
document.getElementById('startDiv').style.display = 'none'
document.getElementById('testDiv').style.display = 'block'

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How To Call Dll Functions

Jul 4, 2011

I am writing a simle extension on Google Chrome. But chrome's extension API is not powerfull enough for my extension because i need file io operations for local files. That's why I need to call functions from dll which i write from javascript.

<script type='text/javascript' language='javascript'>
var obj = new ActiveXObject("plugin_proxychanger.dll");
var vResult = obj.plugin_header_class.plugin_header_func_read(3);

I get this error on every browser: ReferenceError: ActiveXObject is not defined I research it on google and some users told me that i need to write a COM dll. But my dll is .net(2.0) because I don't know how to create a COM dll with Visual Studio 2010.

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Getting Around Explicit Functions?

Jul 27, 2009

Lets say I have something like this:

function doSomething(action,onComplete) {
//now this will perform an asynchronous action which will take oooo' lets say 100 ms.


This won't work for complex method structures and there is a high chance that it freeze the entire page as a runaway process.

Is there any other way of performing this?

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Getting Functions To See Vars?

Nov 8, 2010

I'm struggling a bit with trying to make sure when I set an event handler (or listener) on some element which calls a function I've got elsewhere, that the function can't see necessary vars because they've already been garbage collected.I'm following the type of setup as in Simply Javascript or the Javascript Live course.o I have stuff like this

var SomeObj = {
init: function() {


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File Functions

Mar 28, 2003

Is javascript capable of file functions? such as fopen, fread, fwrite, fclose.

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Overloading Functions?

Apr 30, 2003

Is it possible to overload functions in javascript?

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Textarea Functions

Jun 6, 2003

I have a textarea inside a form that I'd like to be able to carry out a few different Javascript functions on.

The things I'd like to be able to do are:
copying the entire contents to the clipboardfinding a certain user entered search term without having to refreshopening a new window with the contents of the textarea and displaying them in this new window I have already tried to do them, but they have not worked. Returning errors and the like.

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Functions With A Return Value

Apr 29, 2004

PHP Code:

function mnu() {

var thismenu=this;

var mDiv = document.createElement("div");

mDiv.getVisibility=function() { thismenu.getVisibility(this); }




mnu.prototype.getVisibility=function(div) {
if ('none' ||'hidden') {
    return 'hidden'
else {
    return 'visible'

so i attach a function to mDiv, which (should) return visible or hidden, but it doesn't, i get an undefined

but when i put alert boxes in the function itself (in the if-clause), it gives me the correct values....

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