Download And Redirect... What Am I Missing ?

Jul 20, 2005

The script below allows me to link to a file and as the user clicks to
download, the 'File Download' windows appears as normal, and the user can

The original page is then redirected to a new page..
This works, but it also opens a blank page..

How can this be chaged to stop the blank page from opening... ?

<script type="text/javascript">
function functionname(thefile){
newwindow =

<a href="#" onclick="functionname('')">wqe</a>

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Download Button Download File And Redirect To New Page

Apr 11, 2009

I need to have a submit input button automatically start a download when clicked, but also redirect to an additional "information" page. Since I'm not sure if this can simply be solved with HTML or must use some Javascript.

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Redirect After Download

Sep 13, 2006

My objective is to redirect to another web page after download is

I have an activeX called to download a few dlls using the following

document.writeln(' <OBJECT ID="MQC" ');
document.writeln(' CLASSID="CLSID:98c53984-8bf8-4d11-9b1c-c324fca9ca"
document.writeln(' CODEBASE="test.ocx#Version=9,1,0,4359"');
document.writeln(' WIDTH=100% ');
document.writeln(' HEIGHT=100% >');
document.writeln(' <PARAM NAME="DomainPassword" value=""');
document.writeln(' <PARAM NAME="RootURL" value="' + getTdRootURL()
document.writeln(' </OBJECT>');

I tried redirecting in the onLoad event of the form but doesn't work. I
suppose it redirects as soon as the activeX is loaded and not when it
has finished its download.

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Create A Way For Users To Download Code Dynamically From Webpage Via A File Download?

Oct 2, 2011

I am trying to create a way for my users to download some code dynamically from my web page via a file download. Below is the code that i have written so far. It seems to be dying on the iframe but i'm not sure why.

Here is my jquery trigger which is inside my onreadystate function.

alert(LPAjax.ajaxurl + "/download.php");
action: "download_txt",
filename: "exportme.txt",


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JQuery :: Use .load() To Display A Download Dialog Box E.g $('body').load('/download.php')?

Jul 14, 2011

I have a page /download.php.basically on entry this page displays a browser download dialog box for a file.I was wondering if there is a way to use .load() to get the same download dialog box on another page.I tried the code below but it does not work/ what jquery function I can use to get this working


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Redirect Any Link Clicked + Redirect On Page Views

Jun 6, 2009

Im looking for a simple code to redirect to a specific URL on any click on page and redirect to certain url after a certain number of page views.

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Redirect Two Pages Back (not A Button A Redirect)?

Oct 7, 2009

javascript:history.go(-2) makes it go two pages back for links but how do u put it in the script tags just when the page loads go back 2 pages?

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JQuery :: Downloading - Click To Download The Latest Version - Or Any Version - It Doesn't "download" Anything

Dec 21, 2010

I am trying to get started using JQuery, but I find I can't even get to lesson #1. When I go to and click to download the latest version (or any version) it doesn't "download" anything. It opens the file as a webpage in my browser and I see all the JQuery in one big string. Why won't the file just download? Is it the browser I am using? Is it my Mac?

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Redirect Won't Redirect And Doesn't Load Anything

Apr 19, 2010

I have a javascript that I found for an iphone style menu. It works and allows me to click through the menu as long as it is within the list system. If I try to create an external link to a webpage. It doesn't load anything. Here is the code let me know if anyone knows the trick so I can link out. Below is the javascript used to create the flowing menu system. Let me know if you need the rest of the .css and html.

(function() {
var animateX = -20;
var animateInterval = 24;
var currentPage = null;
var currentDialog = null;
var currentWidth = 0;
var currentHash = location.hash;
var hashPrefix = "#_";
var pageHistory = [];

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Missing Images In IE

Jul 23, 2005

Basically does anybody know what the answer is for when you visit a web site
(more so with IE 6 and WinXP) and some of the pics (gifs/jpgs) don't appear.

Instead the white box with the red cross takes it's place until you
right-click on the pic and select Show Pictures.

Once you do this the pictures show up for the remainder of the session.

It appears to be pics that are repeated such as thumbnails for nav link
lists and I just can't seem to fix it with HTML code. It seems to be a
browser issue, as the pics intermittantly load or don't load (until you
click Show Pictures from the floating menu).

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EncodeURIComponent() Is Missing?

Mar 16, 2007

I have a very simple javascript codes with a following lines inside:
var str = "";
.. . . . . . . . . .
str = String(new Date()); // #1
str += fobj.elements[i].name + "=" + fobj.elements[i].value +
"&"; // #2
str += fobj.elements[i].name + "=" +
encodeURIComponent(fobj.elements[i].value) + "&"; // #3
str = 'Test' // #4

1) If I commented out the line #3 everything works OK.
2) If I leave this line in my script, lines #1 and #2 have no
problems, but the line #3 failed (without any trace) and I never reach
the line #4.

It seems the global function "encodeURIComponent()" is missing (by the
way, the global functions "String()" and "Date()" are not missing and
they returns a correct value).
How I can fix this problem?

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Quicktime And JS - What Am I Missing?

Jun 20, 2007

I created the simplest embed QT movie page, and for starters, want to
get the version. An HREF event works fine, but otherwise I get a
fabulous "Unspecified error". I'm using MSIE6 WinXP SP2.

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SyntaxError: Missing Variable Name?

Jun 24, 2011

This code is from a No Redirect Bookmarklet used with Firefox.The code works great as a bookmarklet but fails when used in a button code like this:loadURI("Bookmarklet Code Here");When I evaluate it using JavaScript Command I getan error popup window stating "SyntaxError: missing variable name"I assume it is caused by this part:vark,x,t,i,j,p;How can I eliminate the error?No Redirect Bookmarklet Code:



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Error Message Seems To Be Missing?

Jan 21, 2011

i tried coding a different login page but it didnt work and it was very messy so i am making another one the problem is when the incorrect user or password is inserted it is supposed to display an error message saying "wrong username and password" when instead it just gives me a blank page any ideas on why my error message wont show?? my code is

$username = '$_post["username"]';
$password = '$post["password"]';


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Missing } After Property List?

Sep 6, 2011

find this error please

$(function() {
$(".clickcal2").editable("ajax.php", {
indicator : "<img src='../images/indicator.gif'>",


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Getting A Missing Variable Name Error?

Jul 24, 2011

I am getting a missing variable name error in this line, can someone help me figure what is wrong with it?

Code JavaScript:
var button_remover = '<input type="button" value="X" class="field_remove" onclick="remove_field(' + field_name, + 'this)" /><br/>';

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Image Rotator Missing Pictures

Apr 1, 2011

I have added an image rotator to my website using Java Script.The box for the rotator shows up on the published site but not the pictures.When I click on the box it links to the pictures I have added, and I know they are rotating because it changes every time I click on it.Also, the code does not seem to be showing up when I view the source of the page.

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Scanner Output Missing A Number?

Apr 20, 2011

I am new to java, I am having trouble on outputting the num2 on the screen. I could not see any errors indicated the problem on the program(Eclipse). However, the program just miss scan the num2. I was trying to sort the number and output them from smallest to largest.


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Missing Nav Button Only In Firefox 3.07 On Windows XP

Mar 13, 2009

I was just told that one of the four navigation buttons on our site (www dot improper dot com) is not showing up for people here at my office (who are all on Windows XP + Firefox 3.07).


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Missing Prototype Property In First New Object

Sep 28, 2009

I've ammended my code now so that I'm using objects, constructors and prototypes.

If I use the standard constructor.prototype.functionname = (){......} type of setup it works okay.

However I'm now experimenting with overwriting the prototype with a literal. As in the code below. i.e. constructor.prototype = {functionname : function() .......

Doing it this way my first new object instance fails. The subsequent new objects are fine.

I ran a check on the properties of the 1st object with '!hasOwnProperty and name in' and the result is that the prototype (or pointer to a prototype) is missing.

So the first new object of FontTrans (oH) has

1 property is Heading
9 property is Delay


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Missing From Simple Calc() Function?

Nov 16, 2010

Don Gosselin's JavaScript Fourth Edition is a tiresome read and I have been unable to put together the necessary tools that Don teaches to find the answers that I want to make the following function work.

function calculate()
var shipping = 0;
var total = 0; {
if (document.forms[0].hand_tool.value != document.forms[0].hand_tool.value == true)
(document.forms[0]item1.value == 20); {


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Error Missing - After Argument List ?

Jul 18, 2009

I'm getting error missing ) after argument list from the below code, let me know what is wrong with the below code:

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Missing Name After Operator Delete Keyword

Nov 13, 2010

this.delete = function(obj){
Is that it ? I can't have delete ? Or can this be written in some other way, including delete ?

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Document Object Missing In Child Window

Jul 23, 2005

I have tried this using both frames and In either case, if the new content comes from a different site than the original (or comes from a site and original is a local file) the document object is inaccessible. The new window object seems to have no document and no all[] or just about anything else useful. If the new content came from the same site (or local computer) as the original, everything seems to be where it belongs. I have looked all over and can find no references to this problem. Is this some security issue that everybody but me knows about?

I am seeing this on IE 6.0.2800.1106. The files are created in notepad
so there should be no surprises there.


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Div Textfields Missing After Pressing Back Button

Oct 31, 2005

I have an html page with a div element within a form for dynamically
creating textfields.

The problem is when I click a link on the page, or the submit button,
then click the back button, the new textfields in the div element are
not there anymore.

Does anyone know how this scenario is usually handled?

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Missing Name Attribute From Dynamic Input Element

Sep 28, 2006

I'm attempting to submit a form via a function which dynamically creates a
hidden input:

function submitLocation(theForm) {
var e = document.createElement('input');
e.setAttribute('type', 'hidden');
e.setAttribute('name', 'location');
e.setAttribute('value', &#391;');
var f = document.getElementById(theForm);

The function is called from an anchor's onclick event:

<form name='form1' method='post' action='action.php'>
<a onclick="submitLocation('form1');">Submit</a>

However the function produces an input which is missing the name element:

<INPUT type=hidden value=1>

The desired output should be:

<INPUT type=hidden name=location value=1>

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