Delete / Replace Dirty Characters?

Sep 9, 2010

How can I strip out the dirty characters shown in textarea after to extract the tags from a webpage and before submitting to another page?

By dirty characters I take in mind the characters shown in the image below.

- Replacing double space with a unique space

- Replacing "squares" with a blank space

- delete contents between "<!--" and "-->" or "<?" and "?>"

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Replace Whitespace Characters In String

Oct 12, 2005

I have a JavaScript string. I want to replace all consecutive
occurrences of whitespace characters like spaces, tabs, newlines, and
form feeds with another string.

For example, say I have a string consisting of:

-- 3 spaces
-- The characters "hello"
-- 2 newline (
) characters
-- The characters "goodbye"
-- 5 spaces

After applying some sort of regular expression to replace consecutive
occurrences of whitespace chars with the string "X", the string should
consist of the following:

-- The character "X"
-- The characters "hello"
-- The character "X"
-- The characters "goodbye"
-- The character "X"

How could I do this using regular expressions? I'm quite familiar with
JavaScript but don't know anything about regular expressions or using
them in JavaScript, so please show me step-by-step how it's done.

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JQuery :: Possible To Replace String Characters?

Aug 4, 2009

I am running a search on my web site which uses jQuery to take the search terms and build up a URL based on them. For example, if someone searches for "chair" my URL will be appended with /chair/. However, if someone searches for something which is two words, for example "chair covers" I need the space in between to be replaced by a "+" sign so the URL will now be appended with /chair+covers/ I'm not sure if it is possible to string replace in jQuery?

Here is my current code:
function sendSearchInput(whichelement,hiddeninput,formid) {
hval = $("#"+hiddeninput).val();
$("#"+formid).submit(function() {
if ($("input:#"+whichelement).val() != hval) {
var searchval = $("#"+whichelement).val().toLowerCase();
return true;
return false;

This will basically check that the form is not the default value (specified in the hidden field "hval") and then change the search term to lowercase and append the URK using "attr". I have tried a couple of methods including
var test = searchval.text().replace(' ','+');
And then trying to alert "test" to check it but the function just simply doesn't work.

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Replace All Newline Characters With <br /> Tags?

Mar 18, 2010

I am trying to replace all newline characters with <br /> tags. The following two javascript functions that I've found, work in Firefox but do not work in Internet Explorer (I have version 7 installed on my machine).

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Replace Characters In Form Fields?

Sep 30, 2010

I have this script for replacing characters on form fields. I want to use it to remove letter accents. It is made to replace just one character, but I'm trying to modify it to replace many characters at once, but I'm not being able to get it to work correctly.

These are the characters that I would like to include code...

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JQuery :: Select Specific Characters And Replace Them?

Mar 13, 2010

Consider the folowing html:

<div class="date">2010-01-30</div>

Using the .replaceWith Method how can I select the " -01- " and replace with "<span>JAN</span>"

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Find And Replace Characters Of Text In HTML Page?

Aug 4, 2010

I wrote a function in PHP that converts characters for large strings. Here is the entire array:


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Stop The Replace() Function From Replacing Characters Inside A Word

Jan 4, 2010

I'm just wandering, how can you stop the replace() function from replacing characters inside a word, such as, if I try to replace 'x' with 'and', then my string would go from 'example, x' to 'eandample, and'.

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Replace() Double Characters - Instances Of "zz" With 'Z' Doesn't Work

Dec 18, 2010

This is driving me nuts :) I need to replace all instances of "zz" with 'Z'. I can easily replace other strings such as a = a.replace(/mickeymouse/, "Z"); but a = a.replace(/zz/, "Z"); doesn't work. Must be a double characer thing?

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Make A Regex To Replace Diff. Characters With Diff. Things?

Jun 15, 2011

Is there a way to make one regex to replace a space with " " and a tab with " "?

Currently I'm using two regex's with string.replace( ... ).replace( ... ), but that means it has to run through the string twice. Any way to do what I want in one regex?

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"Replace()" With Special Characters?

Aug 3, 2011

I have been using code such as

a=a.replace(/ /g,'');

to eliminate spaces in a string, as well as converting things like ";," to ";" in strings.Several instances of these replacements will have to occur in the strings.Unfortunately, I cannot make it work for converting two commas into one or for eliminating line breaks. Does anyone know how to do this (preferably without using "while")?

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Jquery :: Delete With Clickable And Click Delete Button?

May 20, 2011

jquery and a button delete, for remove rows of database.The problem is that I do not know how must input checkbox by clickable with click delete button sent to php code?my jquery code:

PHP Code:


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Replace Characters / Inner String From A String

Aug 13, 2011

How I would remove characters from a string if they are present?

For example lets say I wanted to remove c:/fakepath/ from the string c:/fakepath/DSF102.jpg and just leave the DSF102.jpg how would I got about this?

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Illegal Characters For Various Characters Within The Field Name

Jan 25, 2006

I am having problems with the code below (obviously) coming up with illegal character for various characters within the field name
which is: S_Gift Finder1_0

I have tried various ways of escaping the characters but to no avail.

I am unable to change the name of the field as it it comes from an external off-the-shelf package. Code ....

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Counting Utf-8 Characters -special Characters

Sep 19, 2007

I have character counter for textarea wich counting the characters.
Special character needs same place as two normal characters because of
16-bit encoding.

Counter is counting -2 when special character is added like some
language specific char.

How to count specials like 1 char?

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Use String.replace That Is Not Case Sensitive And Replace Every String Found?

Jul 27, 2010

Here is my code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var str="Welcome to Microsoft! Microsoft Microsoft";
var stringToBeFound = 'Microsoft'
var ReplaceString = 'site'
document.write(str.replace(stringToBeFound , ReplaceString ));

My problem is im trying to use string.replace that is not case sensitive and replace every string found. I could use regular expression with it but my stringToBeFound is a dynamic variable im getting it from my database

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String.replace(/.../,str) Won't Replace?

Dec 20, 2009

i am trying to make an online graphing calculator with javascript. dont ask how because i dont know. but there is an annoying error in a do...while loop. although it should break out of the loop when the |'s (absolute value signs) are replaced with Math.abs( and ). here is the code.

var initec = function(){
var rg = {


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Delete By Name Delete Once

Jan 8, 2010

(cant change typo in subject "my" "by") I have a script that deletes a model inside my client by a name however I only want it to delete once. here is my script:

if ( == itsdoof){
var shape_info = o3djs.picking.createShapeInfo(shape, sketchup

the var shape_info = o3djs.pic..... bit is the script that deletes so ignore that however where it has if ( == name) is there anyway to make it only pick up one and not all of them?

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Pop Up Ask Yes And No Before Delete

Jul 6, 2011

here's the code

<div class="artworkdelete">
<a href="javascript:void(0);" id="del_<?=$artworkDetails['artwork_id'] ?>_<?=$temp_cat_id; ?>" onclick="deleteThisArtWork(">Delete</a>

that's actually a "Delete" link , when I click it, there's a some sort of loading animation like stuff , similar to the thing that appears when one clicks the edit button of a thread here in this forum..then and it deletes the data and doesn't need to refresh the page, i guess it is's not my code.. now I was asked to alter it and use a pop up box to ask the clicker "Yes" or "No" before deleting the data , what or how to change that code snippet i pasted above

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How To Delete The Last Line...

Jul 23, 2005

i use the following to add a line. how can i delete the last line?

oDiv = document.getElementById("MyDiv");
oDiv.innerHTML = oDiv.innerHTML + string;

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Delete Current Row

Feb 22, 2006

I have the following...

<a href='NEEDCOEHERE'>delete row</a>

How could I delete the current row that the href is a part of? I would
like to try to stay away from using IDs.

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How A Delete A Object From DOM ?

Aug 3, 2006

I have a 4row x 1col table, I would like to drop all the content of row
three. Since Mac IE5.2 does not suppport deleteRow method, I have also try to set the innerHTML='' but it does not work. How can I delete the node from DOM in other way?

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Delete An Image

Feb 7, 2007

<textarea name="vtext" id="vtext">
<img width="10" height="20" src="http://sito/14.jpg" />


with del I can delete image, how I can know when by keyboard delete the image?

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How To Delete Someone Else Cookie

Jan 24, 2009

When somebody logoff I clear few cookies that I set from my clents browser. I was wondering is there a way to write a javascript so that it also clear cooke set by someone else from the broswer.Suppose there is a cookie name LoginIBM can I clear that one too?

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Delete Row That Was Created With Dom

Jun 1, 2007

i created this little script that creates dynamically a row. my problem is that when i want to delete a row it always deletes the last one, they way i have it mind that it will only delete the selected row. Code:

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Confirm Delete

Oct 29, 2005

function del(type, id, title) {

if (confirm("Are you sure you want to delete '" + title + "'"))
window.location.href = '' + type + '&id=' + id;
} else {
return false;

PHP Code:

echo "<a href='#' onClick='del(a," .$result->getFieldByName('work_name') . ",". $result->getFieldByName('work_id') . "); return false;'>(Delete)</a></p>";

And finally the XHTML when I view source:

<a href='#' onClick='del(a,This is Another Test,38); return false;'>(Delete)</a>
... I'm getting absolutley no response. Ideas?

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