Completely Disable Or Hide Status Bar?

Jul 23, 2005

I know it's possible to manipulate the status bar when a user scrolls
over links, but is there a way to completely disable or hide it? I
have a flash program that connects to a database every 5 seconds, so
the status bar always says "transfering data from..." It gets quite
annoying, so I was wondering if there was any way to stop the status
bar from displaying this message. If I can't hide it, it would be nice
if I could get the status bar to say "Done".

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Disable Information Bar Completely Using JavaScript In IE?

Feb 7, 2011

I have a requirement like this

1) I have some code in JavaScript

2) When ever it runs automatically Yellow colored Pop-Up Information Bar ll appears

3) Now i want to completely disable that information bar

4) If i runs that Html file it should be automatically allows ActiveX control pop-up and load all events

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JQuery :: Hide Until Completely Loaded?

May 25, 2009

I created a slideshow using the cycle-lite pluginLINK. LINK TO SLIDESHOW The slideshow is nearly great. The first time you load the images it is a bit bizarre. The images loads and fades at the same time.

Is there a way i can hide the images until all has loaded then trigger the slideshow.


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The Best Way To Disable Javascript Link Shown In Status Bar?

Feb 17, 2007

a traditional javascript usage such as

<a href="javascript:void(0)"


<a href="javascript:doSomething()"

will both show the javascript link on the browser status bar...of
course you can use onmouseover to set the status bar text...but you
need to do on all the link....a little over kill.

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How To Hide Status Bar Url?

Dec 9, 2009

How can i hide status bar message? When i refresh my website a url shows in the status bar, and i want to hide that url coz im using iframes.

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How To Hide Status Bar

Nov 29, 2006

I want to hide the status bar of the browser. how can i do that in both firefox and IE.

i have tried as "status=no" and "status=hide" but they didnot work for me. they works in firefox but not in IE or vica versa.

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How To Hide Url In Status Bar

Dec 30, 2009

I want to hide the url in the status bar. Once the url is surfed, I want to show a message not the url itself. I know that it should be done using Javascript but I don't how know

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Show / Hide DIV - URL Reload With Last Status

Sep 30, 2010

If you see this site: [URL]. You will see the button +info. By clicking there, I show or hide a <div> using the below js function:

<script language="javascript">
function toggle() {
var ele = document.getElementById("toggleText");
if( == "block") { = "none";
} else { = "block";

The problem I have here, is that each time the "next" or "prev" buttons are pressed (< or >) reload the page, and I want to reload the URL but with last status for the I don't know if I am clear enough, but for instance, I open the website home, then click in +info, it shows the hidden div, then click in next button ">", I want that +info is opened if previously it was opened.

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How To Hide Status For All Onclick Events?

Nov 20, 2002

Is it possible to set the browser default to hidestatus for all onclick events?

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Href Link Hide In Status Bar For Mozilla 3.0?

Apr 1, 2009

how to hide the href link appearing in status bar for Mozilla 3.0?

window.status is not working for 3.0.

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Jquery :: How To Check The Show Hide Status Of An Eliment?

Jan 29, 2010

<script language="JavaScript">

when i click a#showhide link, the 'p#optbox' is my problem is, when i click again 'p#optbox' should to check the show hide status of an eliment using ? i did not find a good jquery conditional statement thing when google

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Hide And 'disable' Hidden Dropdown?

Sep 21, 2009

I have this nifty little javascript and three radio buttons. Depending on what radio button is selected, it will hide/show a hidden div that contains a dropdown pertaining to each drop down.The problem is that even though the div's are hidden, the 'hidden' drop downs are still on the page and are defaulting to the last drop down.I need to modify this script so that is hides the other two div's (as it currently does) AND disables the other dropdowns that are not shown so they do not get $POST'ed.Here is the script:

Code JavaScript:
function showonlyone(thechosenone) {


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Disable My Ad / Hide Div Based On Where User Came From?

May 6, 2011

As my question states, I want to disable my ad from showing if the user clicked to my site via certain portals such as google search or How can I do this?

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JQuery :: Able To Disable The Day Out Datepicker Icon - Hide It

Aug 31, 2011

I have 2 datepickers, 1 that has the day in and the other the day out. Id like to be able to disable the day out datepicker icon(hide it) until you put in the day in date. Here's my code. You'll notice the onSelect:datepickerhandle...this makes a call to that function which only allows the day out date to be within 30 days of the day in.Ill add this script at the bottom to.

var today = new Date();

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I Want To Know Whether A Url Opened Is Loaded Completely

Jul 23, 2005

I used document.readyState to check the document state, but it gavem access is denied error at that line. is there any other way to do it?

function wackOpen(){'','','left=20,top=20,width=2,height=2 ');


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Completely Copy The Content Of One Frame To Another..

Jul 23, 2005

This may sound weird but I'm try to find a way to copy the whole docoument from one frame to another. It's sort of like stowing away the whole page to another frame so that user can use the main frame for other things. When done, the user then can pull back the previous page into the main frame. I tried the swapping with document.body.innerHTML but then it only copied whatever in the body but not the header, which contains all the javascript functions and css. I thought about just replacing the other frame's url with the current but it won't work because the current page contains a "form submitted" search & result. Loading its url to the other frame would result in a complete new search.....

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JQuery :: Remove Inline CSS Completely?

Apr 18, 2011

I know $(element).css('top',''); should remove any value for top. However, in IE7 (or rather, IE9b in compatibility mode), it still leaves style="TOP: ;" on the element (as given by: alert($(element).attr('style'));). I know this shouldn't be a problem, but for some reason it's playing around with my element, which has external CSS settings it as bottom:5px;. The top:; is applied, but then I want it completely removed. However, there might well be other css inline, so I don't want to removeAttr('style'). Is there another way to completely remove the 'top' property?

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Completely Customizable Alert Boxes!

Feb 14, 2003

I thought up this script when I was working on a website that acted as a cell phone. I did take a little coding outta brothercakes frogger script. If you dont want me to have this up here, just let me know. But here it is:

function alert(msg)

alData='<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="width:25%;height:10%;position:absolute;left:355;top:180;z-index:1;"><tr><td align="center" valign="middle">'
alData+='<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="12" border="0" style="-moz-box-sizing:border-box;font:15px comic sans ms,arial;color:#1d4fa8;font-weight:bold;background-color:#f4f887;border:1px solid #1d4fa8;width:250px;filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Shadow(color=#1d4fa8,direction=135,stre ngth=5);">'
alData+='<td align="center">'+msg+'</td>'
alData+='<td align="center"><input type="button" onClick="clal()" value="Ok" style="border:1px inset #1d4fa8;background:#f4f887;color:#1d4fa8;font-weight:bold;height:20;">'

alObj.innerHTML = alData;


function clal()

You can edit it however you want to.

To get it working, all you have to do is create a link or something like this:

<a href="javascript:alert('Hello! How are you?')">Greetings</a>

and the alert will come up as any other kind!

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Detect When File Has Downloaded Completely?

Jun 17, 2009

How to detect if the file has downloaded completely?

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Completely Delete A Table's Elements

May 30, 2009

I am trying to completely remove everything from a table. I want to delete all of the rows which I am able to do. But when I delete all of the rows and add rows in again there is whitespace at the top of the table and I can't figure out why it is there. Here is my code:

<style type="text/css">
td {
font-size: 200%;

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JQuery :: How To Completely Remove Prepended Text

May 5, 2011

Whenever I try to .fadeout() or .remove() a a prepended text, it is still there even after I remove it.

$('#body').ajaxStart(function(){$('<span class="loading"></span>').prependTo('#body').fadeIn('slow');});

.loading {
background-image: url("..loading.gif");
background-position: top;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
display: block;
height: 15px;
text-align: center;

Shows the loading image (.loading) before the main content (#body) when the ajax task starts and removes it when the ajax task has been completed. Triggered by an onclick event.

The code above works. The problem is everytime I click the html element (<li>), it prepends the content from the previous execution. As such, if it has a text "loading..." the next time I click another item from the menu it becomes "loading...loading..." I tried using the .fadeout() but it only hides it. So I try .remove(), same thing happens. Tried using them both, separately, and hand-in-hand, the object still does not get destroyed.

Versions: jQuery 1.5.2

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Web Page Is Fully / Completely Loaded In A Browser?

Mar 19, 2009

How do you know that a web page is fully/completely loaded in a browser. Is there any content length in a header or what else will let you know.

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Password Protect - Type In Is Completely Visible

Apr 29, 2009

I made this JavaScript that password protects a page. But the password you type in is completely visible! I want it so that the password are those black dots for each letter....

Here is the script:

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Script To Check Flash Loaded Completely?

Oct 1, 2009

i need a javascript code to check whehter the particular swf file has been loaded or not.Is it possible using javascript?

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Objects Disappear When Web Page Loads Completely

Sep 19, 2010

I've been having a problem that I noticed started yesterday with my site [URL]. At first, I thought it was a Project Wonderful ad problem as that was the first thing I noticed disappearing once the page was fully loaded. Then as I took a look around my site, I began to see it was everything that was javascript was gone at full page load. I did the Google search for every syntax I could think of but have come up empty so I decided to come here to see if someone has encountered this problem and has a solution to offer.

When you first go to the site, all javascript loads, PW ads, amazon widgets, footer copyright date, etc. However, when the page is nearly loaded completely, all things Javascript disappear from the page. I've been trying to see what process point they disappear at but the process loading at the bottom moves by pretty fast. I see a query-yahooapis right before the javascript objects go bye-bye, but can't verify 100% if something may happen right after it. Google search for query-yahooapis doesn't yield anything more than what query-yahooapis is.

I started disabling widgets one at a time, working backwards to see if perhaps one of them was causing the javascript hiding or failure, but even with all widgets disabled, the javascript that remains on the page, disappears when page is fully loaded. I was even considering having javascript load from the footer, but due to the design of wordpress sites, I have to call javascript where needed <script> ... </script> for Project Wonderful ads, widgets, etc. Has anyone encountered javascripts disappearing when page is fully loaded or is there a tool that I am not finding in my Google searches that will allow me to load my web page one process at a time to see which one may be conflicting with javascript when it loads?

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JQuery :: Remove The Header Part Of The Menu Completely?

Sep 14, 2010

I'm using the default accordion example from the UI Demo page.I would like to remove the header part of the menu completely, where it says 'section'. Is there an option or something to do that??

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