Checkboxes - Toggle Map Layers On And Off

Mar 12, 2010

We're using a JavaScript with Google Maps to load geographic data files and define parameters in Google's API. I have a working script that just needs one small change. The checkboxes toggle map layers on and off. Right now, only the last layer in the list is checked on load. We want all layers to be checked (and therefore displayed) on load.

Here's the [URL]

And here's my script:
<script type="text/javascript">
var map;
var userAdded = 1;
var layers = {
{"url": "[URL]",
"name": "Stream & Wetland Mitigation", .....

Here's some related HTML for display:
<input type="hidden" id="url" value=""/>
<div id="map" style="width: 870px; height: 800px; float:left; border: 1px solid black;"></div>
<div id="sidebar" style="float:left; overflow-vertical:scroll; height: 800px; width:150px; border:1px solid black">
<table id="sidebarTABLE">
<tbody id="sidebarTBODY">

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Toggle Checkboxes On/off With Unique Id?

Mar 24, 2010

I'm using the following code to toggle checkbox checked and disabled attributes.

var f = false;
function tick(group) {
if (!f) {
for (var i=0, len = group.length; i < len; i++) {


The checkbox doing the js call uses onclick="tick(country)" and the checkboxes that I want to toggle all have the same id e.g.

<label><input type='checkbox' name='uk[]' id='country' value='England' />England</label><br />
<label><input type='checkbox' name='uk[]' id='country' value='Scotland' />Scotland</label><br />

This all works correctly but does not validate.I need to use unique id's for each name.The easiest way (as each checkbox html is generated by php) is to append the value to the id i.e.

<label><input type='checkbox' name='uk[]' id='countryEngland' value='England' />England</label><br />
<label><input type='checkbox' name='uk[]' id='countryScotland' value='Scotland' />Scotland</label><br />

How can I modify the javascript function factor this in i.e. toggle where id contains country?

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Adding A Select/deselect All Toggle For Checkboxes?

Aug 24, 2009

I'm using jqtransform and here's the function for the checkboxes. What code would I use the select/deselect all?

$.fn.jqTransCheckBox = function(){
return this.each(function(){
if($(this).hasClass('jqTransformHidden')) {return;}


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Change Link Text And Toggle Checkboxes On/off?

Jun 5, 2011

I have a textual "link" that, when clicked, I want the text to change, and I want a number of checkboxes to be toggled on or off. Here's my code. Currently, I just have the text changing - I don't know how to simultaneously check/uncheck checkboxes.

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
<!-- toggle off and on, currently unused -->
function checkAll(checkname, exby)


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JQuery :: Toggle Checkboxes (select/unselect All) With This?

Sep 29, 2011

I'm trying to toggle checkboxes on my form with a jQuery function I found. It works, except for the fact the checkbox which I use to select all the other checkboxes does not get checked itself. Any idea why that might be?[code]...

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JQuery :: Toggle Some Checkboxes Based On A Value In A Table Column?

Sep 17, 2010

How can I toggle some checkboxes based on a value in a table column? For example in the table below I would like to check all of the checkboxes if the "Needed" column is "Yes".



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JQuery :: Implement Toggle Without Using Toggle Function?

Feb 22, 2011

I'm extremely new to jquery and trying to write a toggle function without using the built-in functionality. From what I've read, this should be a fairly straightforward exerciseHowever, I'm running an issue. My code doesn't seem to do anything. Not clear to me why because nothing is erroring out? Here's what I've got:

<html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> // we will add our javascript code here


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Toggle Div, Loading Content Externally On Toggle

Sep 1, 2011

here is my scenario:

I have a link and a div on a webpage. With the link I want to toggle the content (HTML) of the div. On toggle, I want to load the content from a PHP-file and I want it to load on the toggle, not when the webpage originally loaded (to reduce loading time on the webpage itself).

The file that is loaded on toggle doesn't have to be PHP, but it would help a lot.

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Jul 23, 2005

When viewed with Firefox. The show/hide function doesn't work as expected (evident when viewed). Anyone know why? Which bit is FF not liking and how can it be altered to be
cross browser friendly?

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How To Use Layers In Css

Nov 9, 2011

Hey guys, im just learning how to use layers in css, and am trying to change a div like a targeted frame so that I can change content that is floating ontop of another image. So far I got that to work, except when I put in any embedded videos or image tags, then it stops working.[code]

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Layers Demo

Jul 23, 2005

Anyone know of any good beginners guide to layers online, preferably with
examples of form elements (initially populated from a database) updating the
parent page?

I have the basic functionality working with a popup window and
'opener.document.form1', but this doesn't look that good and I can't get it
to fill anything but a form element on the parent page.

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Layers Examples

Oct 23, 2005

Where can I find some examples about javascript and the use of layers?

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Onmouseout And Layers

Dec 9, 2005

I have a DIV that becomes visible when a link above it is moused over.

The DIV has links in it like so:

<div class="popup" onmouseout="hideLayer(this);">
<a class="popuplink" href="page1.html">Link 1</a><br/>
<a class="popuplink" href="page2.html">Link 2</a><br/>
<a class="popuplink" href="page3.html">Link 3</a><br/>
<a class="popuplink" href="page4.html">Link 4</a><br/>

When you mouse out of the div, it goes back into hidden. But as soon as I
touch any of the links, it hides, thinking I've left the DIV.

Now, I'm assuming this is a z-index layer issue, but I've tried every
combination of things I could think of to prevent the mouseout action when
mouseing over one of the links.

I tried setting div.popup's z-index higher than a.popuplink's, lower than
a.popuplinks, and the same as. (I did set each to a position as well.)

What am I missing?

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Document Layers

Jul 20, 2005

If the syntax for IE is:


What if I want to use layers ?

document.layers ?????????

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Showing Layers

Aug 27, 2005

I made this script, always works but for some weird resion it just doesn`t work any more,
Does any one know why.


function layers( divID )
if (document.getElementById) { obj = document.getElementById(divID); }
else if (document.all) { obj = document.all[divID]; }
else if (document.layers) { obj = document.layers[divID]; }

return obj;

function show_layer ( divID )
var obj = layers ( divID ); == ''

show_layer ( 'test' );


<div id='test' style='display:none;'> this is a test layer </div>

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Writing To Layers

Apr 28, 2006

Does anyone know where i can find a tutorial on how to change the content of a layer like this: Writing to layers.

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Layers And Browsers"

Jul 23, 2005

The following code works well in IE5 and Netscape 7, apparently my page is
not working in Netscape 4.6 and it has been suggested that i need a third
option dwellig around the document.layers object, could someone tell me what
line I need to make it compatable for earlier browsers?

if(document.all){ parent.Slave.document.body
..scrollTop+100 =600
parent.Slave.document.all.hillList.innerHTML=divHT ML
if(!document.all && document.getElementById){
ment.body.scrollTop+100+ "px"
parent.Slave.document.getElementById("hillList").style.left=600+ "px"

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AJAX And Scrolling Layers

Jul 20, 2006

I have a layer, which is a DIV that has overflow set to "auto", so it
looks like a little pop-up window, even though it's just a layer.

So if the content of that window makes the user scroll down to read it,
and the user clicks a link while scrolled down, and the AJAX function
calls new data into that DIV, that data, if overflowed, will also be
scrolled down.

So basically it's like if you scrolled down to the bottom of,
clicked a link to, and when you got to, the page
was scrolled to the bottom of the page instead of at the top.

Any way I can make sure when the new data is written to the layer, that
the overflow scrolling is scrolled to the top of the layer?

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Show Hide Layers

Apr 16, 2007


The idea is that the blue help text rechtangle will have to remain
visible when mouse over (because there will be soon links in it) and
invisible when onmouseout.

I have now placed javascript on the small numbered balls and within
the rechtangle itself.

But I have it in a way that when "onmouseout" the blue help rechtangle
will be hidden. But now the onmouseout event is acting like
onmouseover. Any Ideas to do this correctly? So right now when you
onmouseover it it will disappear :S

If I get this working I can start thinking of putting a timeout on the
rechtangle for it to disappear within a couple of seconds after

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JQuery :: Div Layers And Zindex?

May 7, 2010

now my question: I have designed a layout that has a menu in a left div layer (#left-area). When clicking on a link, it creates and opens a new div layer in the right div area (#right-area).

Each of the layers is draggable, sizable etc, but my problem is that the order they are created, is the order the z-index is set as. Explained: if i open "link 1", then "link 2", the "link 2" div will always be on top of the "link 1" div. I want the ability to change the order (z-index??), of the layer just by clicking on the layer, so that if i click on the "link 1" layer, it will bring that to the front, and the "link 2" layer will appear below it.

There must be a way to do this... i have seen examples at . Is there a way to do it with jQuery. I have searched everywhere, but i cannot see the function/command.

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Mouseover Causes Text To Appear And Allows Layers/

Sep 6, 2011

Below is a script I have that displays a list of summary info for multiple people.When you mouse over some ones summary info, a bio appears below that summary info (pushing everything below it down). What I'd like to do is take it further and allow more layers. For example, when you hover over their bio,more info about them pops up below that, and so on.I know you're probably tired of seeing mousevent /text questions but I'm desperate at this point. If some one could just add a mouseover event to the bio section that displayed more text below it would suffice and I could take it from there.

Heres the code:
<script type="text/javascript">
var BrowserDetect = {[code].....

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Counting Layers Onload?

Nov 22, 2006

Is it possible to count how many layers have been loaded as they are loading?

What I want to make is a layer containing the text "x of 15 layers loaded" and for x to increase everytime a layer is loaded on the page. (using onload?)

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Showing And Hiding Layers.

Apr 15, 2003

I have a question. If you have a HTML list that pops up as a menu under a graphic in a layer when you mouseover the graphics, how do you instruct that layer to vanish again when you mouseout from the menu?

I can do onMouseOver show the layer and onMouseOut hide the layer, but I'm stuck when it comes to applying that to a larger area (ie: multiple clickable items). I can think of ways of doing it, but they're a bit clunky and I'm assuming there's a good or 'proper' way of achieving this.

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Validation Of Form With Layers

Aug 9, 2003

I've tested a very good validation script called(fValidate ). Now, I want it to implement into a php-form which has 2 layers. Layers are called with following code:

function showLayer(layer)
strHidden = ( !document.layers ) ? "hidden" : "hide";
strVisible = ( !document.layers ) ? "visible" : "show";

if( document.layers ){
lyrForm1 = document.idForm1;
lyrForm2 = document.idForm2;

} else if( document.getElementById ){

lyrForm1 = document.getElementById("idForm1").style;
lyrForm2 = document.getElementById("idForm2").style;

} else if( document.all ){

lyrForm1 = document.all["idForm1"].style;
lyrForm2 = document.all["idForm2"].style;

lyrForm1.visibility = (layer == "idForm1") ? strVisible : strHidden;
lyrForm2.visibility = (layer == "idForm2") ? strVisible : strHidden;

return false;

[<A HREF="javascript:void(0);" showLayer('idForm1');">page 1</A>]
[<A HREF="javascript:void(0);" showLayer('idForm2');">page 2</A>]

When I submit the form, the validation script alerts the first "wrong" field which is on layer 1 (invisible because the submit button is on layer 2). Normally it goes to that wrong field, but instead it submits the form...

Does anyone has any experience with validation of layered forms?

There is also the possibility of making a custom validation function. I could make use of it, but then... how does javascript know on which layer the wrong field is/was...?

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Table Bgcolor In Layers

Jan 10, 2001

I am building a dhtml menu system and it works great in ie 4.0+ and nn6 but in nn4.7 the table background color inside the layers doesn't show up. It does in the other two have a look Code:

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Show/hide Layers

Feb 21, 2004

I'm designing a site that implements popup menus. There are several menus and each one is called by a mouseover event on an image. Each menu is set to show for about 3 seconds, and then it will go away. The only problem I am having is if you roll over two or more different images, both of the popup menus will display. I need some help on showing only one popup at a time. I'm sure it would be something like this...

HTML Code:

i = popup numbers; //which should be either 1 or 0
if (i == 1) {
hide(previous popup);

else {
I'm just not sure on how to determine the previous popup. Any suggestions?

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