Can't Seem To Get A Drop Downs Selected Index / Fix It?

Jun 7, 2010

I can't seem to get a drop downs selected index.

This is my drop down box code...

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Script - Add Together Dollar Values In User Selected Drop Downs And Display On The Page

Jul 1, 2011

Working on a script that will add together dollar values in user selected drop downs and display on the page. I get the script to work if the total is to be displayed in a text box, but I want to do a document.write() to put it as a piece of text. I know the answer is simple, but I just don't have the experience to figure it out. I think it may have something to do with local/global scope of the variable.

Below is the code:

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DOM Drop Downs

Mar 30, 2004

Ok, I just tried to make this post and got logged out when I hit preview, so this time around it's gonna be much shorter as my patience has run out.

...Over at there is a sweet little bit of code that uses the DOM to make dropdown menus.

I have altered the code (see below) to make the menus appear on the first mousover instead of the onClick event.

However, they never go away. I'm trying to figure out how make the last menu open disappear after a short delay. I've already tried this


setTimeout(' = "hidden";',2000);
However, it doesn't work. The delayed code events pile up on each other if menus are continually moused over and out. (Say the user can't decide what menu they're looking for and runs the mouse left...then right...then left...)

The result is that after the 2000ms the menus close instantly....

* menuDropdown.js - implements an dropdown menu based on a HTML list
* Author: Dave Lindquist (

var currentMenu = null;

if (!document.getElementById)
document.getElementById = function() { return null; }

function initializeMenu(menuId, actuatorId,position) {
var menu = document.getElementById(menuId);
var actuator = document.getElementById(actuatorId);

if (menu == null || actuator == null) return;

if (window.opera) return; // I'm too tired

actuator.onmouseover = function() {
if (currentMenu == null) {
else if(currentMenu) { = "hidden";
return false;

actuator.onblur = function() {
setTimeout(' = "hidden";',2000);
return false;}}

actuator.showMenu = function(position) {
if (document.all){ = this.offsetLeft + 80 - position + "px";
else { = this.offsetLeft - position + "px";
} = this.offsetTop + this.offsetHeight + 2 + "px"; = "visible";
currentMenu = menu;

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Add & Delete Drop-downs

Sep 6, 2005

i have a soccer-site, on which of course,
can be kept track of played matches.
Now the admin has to be able to set the number
of goals, and then select who scored what goal.

I want a system where one can put a number in
a textfield (NaN would return an error).
Say the admin enters Ɖ'. Then three dropdown
lists appear below that field, in them are the
If he turns Ɖ' (goals) into ƈ', the lowest one
has to be deleted, but the upper two have to stay,
with an unchanged (already selected) value ...

Preferrably cross browser. I just can't seem to
figure out, i've tried loads of innerHTML and
document.write(), both didn't give me what i
wanted (yet).

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Clever Drop Downs

Aug 31, 2004

Does anyone know if such a thing exists in web programming as an intelligent dropdown boxes (you know the type where u can type and it automatically completes your text for you from data it has stored in the database?)

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Intelligent Drop Downs

Jul 14, 2005

what i'm looking to do is have a drop down menu, where when an option is selected it displays a description elsewhere on the screen and opens up another drop down menu along side the first one, then i'd like the second one to do the same as the first and finally i'd like the third one to just display a description.

but i'm not sure how to do it? javascript? if so what's it called so i can look into it/a tut on it.

so drop down 1 is either poetry or prose
down down 2 is for poetry
+ narrative
+ nature
+ romantic

but for prose it's
+ fiction
+ non-fiction

but that's not just it, if you select poetry in drop down one, i want it to display a description (that's in the description="" of the option) and i want that the same for each different menu, though to appear in different position for each menu Code:

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InnerHTML And Drop-downs

Sep 26, 2006

when a user clicks a radio button, javascipt populates the next drop-down depending on which radio button they clicked. This then happens to a next drop-down list. Code:

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Can't Open Drop Downs In Same Window

Jul 23, 2005

I am trying to create a webpage and it would be obvious to anyone who
reads my source code (it's a mess) that I created it using a template.
I know almost nothing about webpages, but am happy with all but a few
bugs in my page.

I have read many posts about opening drop-downs in new windows, and
have spent hours looking over my source code to see what I have done

My links open in the same window like I want, but ALL of my drop-downs
open in a new window!

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Ajax And Cascading Drop Downs

Jul 23, 2005

I have been asked to produce a web catalogue of services and associated
options, this eventually will be used for ordering the services.

My initial thought was to use a set of cascading drop downs, select an
option from the first fills the available options for the second and so on.
Given the current buzz about Ajax this would seem an opportunity to try out
some of its features.

Could anyone point me at an example of what I am trying to do? For
information, the target web server environment is Apache with both mod perl
and mod php being available.

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How Do I Achieve Drop-downs Like Google?

Oct 19, 2007

If any of you have a Google home page ...

you'll notice that when you click on the drop down arrow graphic for
each module, there is a drop down menu that appears. You can move the
module around the page and the drop down menu always appears under the

Does anyone have any recommendations as the best way to do this? I am
grateful for any experiences you have. The key here is relatively
positioning this drop-down menu.

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If 2 Drop Downs True - Action?

Feb 8, 2010

i'm trying to make a form where if 2 particular options are chosen from 2 dropdown boxes, it puts a value in a text field. so far i've got

if (document.profile_quote.thickness.selectedIndex == "3" && document.profile_quote.machine.selectedIndex == "1") document.profile_quote.cutspeed.value = "34444"

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OnChange Event For Drop Downs?

Mar 27, 2010

i am quite frustrated with this. I have a dropdown with the values populating from database. Now when the user select "New" from the drop down, a new textfield should be seen which is in other case hidden. The code is working absolutely fine with firefox but its not at all working with IE. What could be the problem? What do i have to do extra for making it work.

Code in Head Tag
<script language ="javascript">
function abc()


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4 Dynamic Drop Downs, Any Tutorial Or Link?

Sep 10, 2007

I want to make a dynamic 4 drop down menus with AJAX and PHP/mySQL, like this:

Category->dynamic subCategory

County->dynamic cityCounty

Is there any good tutorial that can teach me how to do this? I managed
to have that Category dynamicly loads subCategory and that County
dynamicly loads cityCounty but I ran into a problem when I already
picked subCategory and than went on to pick a County, because of the
reload.this function in javascript my subCategory gets lost. Can anyone
point me in right direction?

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Date Of Birth Drop-downs Into 1 Field ?

Aug 26, 2010

I have a date of birth drop down for 'Day', 'Month' and a text field for Year.

How can I get the select value of the drop down and year text field into a single text field, separated by '-'?

The single text field would need to update if someone changed the drop down / year selections.

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Build String Based On Several Drop Downs

Aug 25, 2010

I'm trying to build a string based on three drop downs. As each drop down choice is made, I want to append the string and redisplay it. When finished the string will be a complete (but not hyperlinked) URL.

My drop downs look like this:

HTML Code:

PHP Code:

Here's how it supposed to work...

When an admin has used the first drop down to pick the value of the "first" variable, the string is updated and redisplayed like so:

Next, when an admin has used the second drop down to pick the value of the "second" variable, the string is updated and redisplayed like so:

Finally, when an admin has used the third drop down to pick the value of the "third" variable, the string is updated and redisplayed like so:

That's all I have. I'm stuck. I'm guessing I need an "onChange" event with each drop down? Also, I need to refresh the "makeTheLink" div when an onChange event fires? How do you tie all of this together? Is self rolled JavaScript the best solution or would jQuery be better?

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Dynamically Duplicate Form Drop-downs?

May 24, 2010

I'm new to this forum and also to Javascript. I've modified some script to add a browse button when "Add More" has been clicked.I was hoping someone may know how I can duplicate the entire row so that the two drop-down lists are also duplicated, in addition to the browse button

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Multiple Drop Downs That Display Result ?

Jul 30, 2010

I'm struggling to find a script that's probably quite simple but being a newbie please excuse my naivity.

Anyway I'm trying to create some drop downs that display a result.


Drop Down 1:

Drop Down 2:

Then displayed just underneath them is the resulting price (e.g. �1,490) of the combination selected. Does that make sense?

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JQuery :: Superfish - Open Drop Downs To Left Instead Of Right?

May 27, 2010

On my website the navigation is at the top and right aligned. When you hover over the items on the right and the drop downs begin to appear they drop down and fold out to the right and consequently off the page and not very visible. Is there a way to tell the drop downs to roll out to the left instead of right?

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Multiple Drop Downs With Show / Hide Divs?

Aug 11, 2010

I am using the following code to show / hide form elements within a div based upon the drop down choice. Does anyone know how this code can be amended to use multiple drop downs within one form?

<title>Show and Hide</title>


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Style Drop Downs - Check Boxes And Radio Buttons?

Jul 6, 2010

Is there a good library available (jQuery or stand-alone) that allows you to customize the troublesome form elements that aren't very receptive to CSS across browsers?

I was looking to try to match drop downs, radio buttons and check boxes with the same look and feel as everything else.

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Drop Downs - Add The Totals From Products Under Added/Cancelled To The Sub Total

Feb 9, 2011

What i'm trying to do is:

1. Add the totals from products under added/Cancelled to the sub total

2. Then taking the sub totals added them to the total products

3. Need the total # of products that was selected as well

4. Then from the total products, want to Added subtract cancelled Divide Number of products = total net (1.34% = 134% w. the decimal moved over 2 spots to the right)

Link: [url]

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JQuery :: Null - Undefined - Empty - Drop Down Option Is Selected In A Drop Down List ?

Oct 25, 2011

I am asking jQuery to tell me which drop down option is selected in a drop down list - like this:

I would like to check if this was successful before I proceed. What are the possible return values for this statement?

If no id exists.
If no option is selected.
If some other problem occurred.

In these cases am I expecting a null return; an undefined return, a false return value?

And, based upon the complete set of return possibilities, what would be the best and most comprehensive tests I could apply to cover every base.

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Get Index Of Selected ChildNode.

Mar 2, 2006

OK so say I have something like this:

<p>Item A</p>
<p>Item B</p>
<p>Item C</p>
<p>Item D</p>

So TD would be the parent and all of the <P>'s would be childNodes. I want to be able to click on each child and have it alert me its index # relative to the parent node. So 'Item A' should alert "0", 'Item B' - "1", 'Item C' - "2", etc.

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JQuery :: Get Index Value Of Selected LI?

Jan 5, 2010

In the code below I'm trying to find the index value of the LI where the link is selected? code...

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Change A Drop Down Based On What Is Selected In A Seperate Drop Down?

Jun 26, 2006

I've got 2 drop down select lists. The first one would have something like

-Category 1
-Category 2
-Category 3

Then what I'd like to happen is when you select one of those categories the next drop-down below it loads something like

--Sub Category 1
--Sub Category 2
--Sub Category 3

Any idea how I'd pull that off?

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Get The Start And End Index Of Selected Text

Jan 28, 2010

I require to highlight the text on the webpage. For that I am using document.getSelection() function to get the selected text and then replace the text with the highlighted text. It works fine but have some problem with that.

If user has selected a single word rather then a long text to highlight, and if it's a common word, It will find many words in the text and will highlight the first word it encounters no matter user has selected it or not.

So I need to have a function that returns me the start and end index of the selected text from the html text.

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