CSS And Javascript Regex/Replace

Mar 20, 2007

I have a little Ajax script and I'm trying to remove some CSS elements from a DIV tag and I'm have a bit of trouble with the Regex. Right now I'm trying to remove the z-index attribute. It can look something like any of these:

z-index: 1000;
z-index: 0;
z-index: 75;

Here's what I'm using right now:

document.getElementById('right_column').innerHTML.replace(/z-index: [0-9]; /gi, "replaced"));

It replaces z-index: 0; just fine but I can't find the correct modifiers to make it work for 2, 3 or 4 digit z-indexes.

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Regex/replace White List

Feb 17, 2006

What is the best way to white list a set of allowable characters using
regex or replace? I understand it is safer to whitelist than to
blacklist, but am not sure how to go about it.

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Regex To Replace Li Tags With Asterisk?

Jan 10, 2010

Working with TinyMCE to enable editor to toggle off html mode, what I'm struggling with is converting list items into asterisks [code]...

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Jquery :: Regex - Replace The Src Of An Image When The User Hovers Over It

Jun 29, 2010

I am writing a script that will replace the src of an image when the user hovers over it. I am using jquery and regex to accomplish this and have tested it on my local server but the src of the images on the live server is different and uses a non-relative path.
Here is my code

$(document).ready(function() {
$("img.imagefield").mouseover(function() {
var regex = "^(http|https|ftp)://[a-zA-Z0-9-.]+.[a-zA-Z]{2,3}(:[a-zA-Z0-9]*)?/sites/all/files/[a-zA-Z]*";
var src = $(this).attr("src").match(regex) + "_silly";

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RegEx In Javascript

Jul 23, 2005

I have a function which validates the password if there is a number:
function findNumeric(str_obj){
regEx = /d/;
if (str_obj.match(regEx))
return true;
return false;
The problem arises when I put a password with a space in between e.g:
'test test1'. The fucntion returns false. I've tried 's' in the
regEx but the user can put the space anywhere..

Any idea how to solve this problem as I should be able to put any
alplanumeric value into the password, including space.

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RegEx In Javascript?

Jul 23, 2005

I have a variable named "acct". I first want to remove any "-" characters
from it's value. After this I want to verify that we have only exactly 12
digits in the variable.

Unfortunately I'm pretty green as far as using RegEx.

/d{12}/.test(acct); should do the second part, but how do I do the first?

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Javascript Regex

Dec 21, 2004

In have a string of data like so:

<div id="feedback">
<p>[DEC 12th Anthony]I like it[DEC 12th Anthony]I agree</p>

I'm trying to use regex to add a <br /> before each item in hard brackets so the comments are broken out. Here's what I've tried.

re = /(.*])/gi;
vTemp = aSourceObject.innerHTML.replace(re,"<br />$1");

What I end up getting is:

<div id="feedback">
<p><br />[DEC 12th Anthony]I like it[DEC 12th Anthony]I agree</p>

It gets it right, but only for the first item, not the second one. If I tell it to put the <br /> after then I get

<p>[DEC 12th Anthony]I like it[DEC 12th Anthony]<br />I agree</p>

So its like its reading the entire section in brackets as one match instead of 2 seperate matches..

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RegEx With Javascript

Nov 15, 2006

I need information about javascript & regular expression.please suugest me any book or tutorial web site.

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Make A Regex To Replace Diff. Characters With Diff. Things?

Jun 15, 2011

Is there a way to make one regex to replace a space with " " and a tab with " "?

Currently I'm using two regex's with string.replace( ... ).replace( ... ), but that means it has to run through the string twice. Any way to do what I want in one regex?

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JavaScript And RegEx Not Working On Safari...

Mar 30, 2006

I am using Regular Expressions and Javascript to validate a form,
specifically I want to make sure that if they try to upload a file that
it has a proper name w/ certain extensions (doc,pdf, rtf). The script
works on IE and Mozilla but fails on Safari on the MacOSX. Here is my

// ok files with proper extension
var reOKFiles = /^([a-zA-Z].*|[1-9].*).(doc|DOC|pdf|PDF|rtf|RTF)$/;

//where i check for the file...
if(window.document.myForm.myDocument.value != ""){
var fileStr = window.document.myForm.myDocument.value;
alert("Please try again, you tried to upload an invalid file type
for CRITERIA 1");
return (false);

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Javascript Regex Expression Challenge

Jul 18, 2006

I am looking out for a regular expression that takes the following format


textfile = name of the file
2006 = year
.txt is extension

The file always comes in the same format. however we need to implement checks so that user doesnt enter invalid month/day/hour/minute etc.

I have created the following regular expression

Can anyone guide me as to how do i modify this regex to suit my requirement. This regex currently is not able to handle invalid months or days etc.

Also i do not know how to integrate this regex in my javascript. Pointers or examples will be helpful.

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Javascript Replace?

Apr 13, 2006

I see the use of Javascript replace all over the web. What are all the
character sequences? (sorry I am a bit of a newbie at this).

i.value.replace(/[^d]+/g, '');

I understand that /g is global and /i is case sensitive, but what are
the rest? I am asking because I am trying to write a function that
takes an input and replaces everything but numbers and a . (for decimal

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Javascript Replace Function...

Jul 23, 2005

consider this code below:

var toremove = "some";
var tolook ="I am looking for some other text in this string toremove";

if i do this:

tolook = tolook.replace(/toremove/gi,'');

will to look replace the text inside the toremove variable, or will it
just replace the variable name?

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Javascript, Replace Works Only With FF

Jun 29, 2006

I want to remove from string a <span> tag, but with leave the value of
that tag.

I have that code:

theExp = new RegExp("<span>", "g");
txt = txt.replace(theExp, "");

theExp1 = new RegExp("</span>", "g");
txt = txt.replace(theExp1, "");

and this works only with FF,
With IE it doesn't remove the tag.
With Opera the same

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On Javascript Replace Method.

Jul 29, 2007

I don't think this is "do-able" but thought I'd better check. Say I
want to replace certain names in some source code as long as they are
not properties (dot properties) of objects. I could use a regular
expression like:

rx = /(?:(.)|)(?:name1|name2|name3)/g;

map = [];
map["name1"] = "a";
map["name2"] = "b";
map["name3"] = "c";

source = source.replace(rx, function ($0, $1) {return $1?

Dot properties like .name1 are not replaced by anything new and they
need to be "skipped" over by this regular expression but other name1
identifiers need replacement with "a".

One problem with this approach is that dot properties like .name1 are
replaced by themselves and this is just unnecessary work. Something
like a "false" return to skip replacement would be nice but the
following doesn't work.

source = source.replace(rx, function ($0, $1) {return $1?

There are other ways to get around this by using something else
besides replace() but I wanted to see if it could be done with the
replace() method.

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String Replace And Reg Exp In Javascript

Mar 31, 2006

I've a function like this: Code:

function submit_msg() {
if (egsd.value == 'yes') {
write_msg("<b>" + chatkeo.value + " : " + chatmsg.value + "</b><br />");
} else {
write_msg(chatkeo.value + " : " + chatmsg.value + "<br />");

Now I need to do some string replace in chatmsg.value, ie, I need to look for some piece of text in chatmsg.value, and in case they are present (there may be multiple occurences of the same), to replace them with something else. This is what I got by doing a google search: Code:

function replaceAll( str, from, to ) {
var idx = str.indexOf( from );

while ( idx > -1 ) {
str = str.replace( from, to );
idx = str.indexOf( from );
return str;}

chatmsg.value = replaceAll( chatmsg.value, "string to replace", "new string" );
And I place this second function just above the previous one. But it's not working. Any help friends?

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Location Replace And JAVASCRIPT Keeps Running?

Mar 12, 2011

I was debugging my code looking for a loop. So in the process I added a confirm request and if the user clicked cancel I coded location.replace("Kill.html"). Problem was that the JAVASCRIPT continued to run until either it finished or I used the Task Manager to end the session. :( There3 was a small difference in browsers: Firefox put up the new screen while continuing to run the JAVASCRIPT while IE didn't put up the new screen until after the JAVASCRIPT was finished. I could tell the JAVASCRIPT was still running because the confirm messages kept popping up.

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Use String.replace That Is Not Case Sensitive And Replace Every String Found?

Jul 27, 2010

Here is my code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var str="Welcome to Microsoft! Microsoft Microsoft";
var stringToBeFound = 'Microsoft'
var ReplaceString = 'site'
document.write(str.replace(stringToBeFound , ReplaceString ));

My problem is im trying to use string.replace that is not case sensitive and replace every string found. I could use regular expression with it but my stringToBeFound is a dynamic variable im getting it from my database

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Issues Getting And Regex'ing A Url

Jan 9, 2006

Basically i want to get the current url, and then replace http:// with
something else.

Here is the current code.

var current_url = window.document.location;
var re = new RegExp("http://", "g");
if(re.test(current_url)) {

me = current_url.replace(re,"http://www.addme.com/");

window.alert("found :: " + me + " :: " + current_url);
} else {

if my page was http://ww.google.com 'd get the alert to be:

found :: undefined :: http://www.google.com.

I dont understand why i am getting undefined. When re.test() works.
surely that means the regex is correct.

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RegEx Question

Jun 15, 2006

Trying to match the entire following object literal code using a RegEx.
var Punctuators = { '{' : 'LeftCurly', '}' : 'RightCurly' }

Variations on the idea of using /var.*{.*}/ of course stops at the
first }.

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Space In REGEX In IE6

May 9, 2007

I was using the following code:

element.value = element.value.replace(/ /g,'');

to remove all the spaces in a string.

However in IE6 it complained with and "Expected ')'" error.

How can I tell IE6 to replace just spaces (i.e. not using s)?

I tried / / and /[ ]/ but neither of them worked either.

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Regex Help Needed

May 18, 2007

I need to strip everything from a file except what is between <body>
and </body>

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Regex Not Working In IE7 And 6?

Oct 13, 2009

ok heres a regex


which checks I have at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter and one number and the string is between 8 and 16 characters.I have adapted this from another source and it works as intended on all browsers but not IE7 or IE6 (oh microsoft why do you make my life so hard)This works fine in all other browsers (IE8 is fine) but doesnt work in IE6 or IE7

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Divisions And Regex

Oct 23, 2005

I'm writing an ECMAScript tokeniser and parser and trying to find out if I can eliminate the switching from tokenising "/" as start of regex or the division operator depending on the parser feedback - essentially, if I can make the tokeniser independent of the parser. (I have a gut feeling this needs too much special casing to be worth it). Code:

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Regex For A-z With A Comma?

Jun 27, 2010

I have been playing with this regex for a few hours now I want to make it so it accepts commas also.

At the moment it works with A-z and - . ' but can't seem to figure out how to include commas.

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Regex Fails In IE

Jun 21, 2011

I have a bunch of text that I want to split into an array of sentences. I have the following code that works just fine on FF and Chromium, but ofc has to fail on the pile of *** that is IE [code]...

It does not produce any errors, but the resulting array often has empty strings as value instead of the sentences that should be there. how to do this in a way it also works on IE?

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