Automatic Website Update Message

Feb 23, 2006

Is there any sort of js code that i could put on my website, say on the home page, that when i update the website, it displays that date of when the last update was?

Is that at all possible?

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Automatic Daily Text Update ?

Jul 13, 2010

I work at a bar in Louisiana and have been put in charge of the website.

Every day (Sun-Sat) we update the main page with who is bartending that night, along with a few other edits.

I don't come into the office until 2pm, Mon-Fri.

I would really prefer if the website could be updated 'automatically' at like, 4am or something, every day. Instead of me struggling to figure out how I'll update it on weekends.

I have to use FrontPage, so I'm limited in the types of codes I can use. But Javascript seems to work well.

What I'm thinking is have an 'updates' folder with pages labeled either by weekday (sunday.html monday.html tuesday.html, etc) or by date (072410.html, 072510.html, etc). Then the main page having some code that pulls from those files. (I'd prefer the weekday setup if I have the option)

Since the bar doesn't close until 2am most days, I'd rather not have it change over at exactly midnight, but I'm willing to work with that if it means I know it's being updated every day regularly.

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Update A Page On Receiving A Message From The Server

Jun 13, 2006

i am trying to put some code within my js such that, when the server
"sends it a message" it refreshes the page. now i have the refresh part
of things. the place where i am stuck is, how can my server (tomcat, am
using a java web app) send a very small piece of info to the js which
when it receives it, refreshes the page.

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JQuery :: Php Form With Basic Popup Notification Message When Php Has Made A Successful MySQL Db Update?

Jun 12, 2010

I have very basic javascript skills, just started looking into jQuery and jQueryTools to enhance my websites. I have been coding PHP for about 1.5 years.I have a php form with which users can update their purchase order before making a final confirmation and payment.

Thought it would be nice if, instead of using php for redirecting to a success/fail message in a separate php file and redirecting again back to the form with a 3 second delay, I could get a jQuery script to pop up with a success/fail message, so avoiding all the clumsy php redirecting and page refreshing.I've searched for plugins, but they all act on event listeners attached to a submit button or other clickable html element.Ive searched the net for ages and can't find an easily understood explanation and complete example, where a jQuery pop up notification is displayed in response to a php script executing a db update.

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JQuery :: RealTime Update - Add A Part Of The Website That Will Be Generated From Mysql Database From An External File

Dec 29, 2011

i want to add a part of the website that will be generated from mysql database from an external file just like php include just that i want these parts to update realtime without refreshing the browser. i also want it to have pagination.

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Files In Website Are Constantly Getting Injected With Malicious Codes Which Redirects Website?

Jan 28, 2010

The javascripts files in my website are constantly getting injected with malicious codes which redirects my website

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Code A Feature For Website Using DHTML Where The Person Viewing The Website?

Dec 29, 2005

I'm trying to code a feature for my website using DHTML where the person viewing the website can rotate between viewing the positive/negative points of the website being reviewed. This example was in the publication called Using HTML 4 by Lee Anne Phillips. Code:

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JQuery :: Ajax Program On Website A Call Website B?

Nov 30, 2010

I have a ajax program on a page on website A. And I need to let it talk to a program on website B. I tried to put website B into the url of the parameter but it doesn't work.It gives me a "[objet XMLHttpRequest]" is the code on website A:


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Allow A User Of A Website To Add A Poll To The Website

Apr 27, 2010

Suppose I want to allow a user of a website to add a poll to the website for everyone to see/vote on. How exactly would I write a script for that?

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Putting Part Of Another Website On Another Website?

Nov 17, 2009

I have a webpage and i want to put a section of another website on to my own website..

The Section i want to put on my website is on this page and i only want to put the section with the comments on it...

What i want is a bit like the face book section of this website [URL]

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Automatic Redirection.....

Jul 23, 2005

I am setting up a web page to collect some data via a questionnaire.
The questionnaire part is working fine, but I need some help with one
part. I have two different versions of the questionnaire (basically
just different orders of questions) and would like the users to be
redirected to one of the two versions. The idea I had was to have a
redirection page that simply had a web page counter on it (like so many
pages have now days) and based on this counter, people would
automatically be redirected to one of the two versions of my
questionnaire. Basically, if the counter was odd, the person would be
routed to version 1 and if even, they would be routed to version 2. I
thought this would be similar to redirecting people based on the type of
browser they are using or their language settings. However, I was
recently told there is not a way to do what I proposed above. So, this
leaves me with two questions:

1. Was the advice that I received accurate in stating that having a
simple script to redirect the user based on a web page counter is not

2. If so, does anyone have some advice as to how I could go about
automatically redirecting people to one of two web pages?

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Automatic Install

Jan 16, 2007

I have a basic web site where people can download my programs. To make it easier for them is it possible that I could add some javascript that would allow them to automatically install/run the program for them maybe with appropriate options/warnings etc.

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Automatic Onsubmit?

May 17, 2007

<form false;">
<input type="text" name="rssurl" id="rssurl" size="40"

The code above has the value "Skype" and only after hitting Enter/
Return key, the value is submitted. How can the value "Skype" be
submitted automatically without pressing Enter/Return key?

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Automatic Save As Box

May 29, 2001

Here's the problem when using IE for Windows: I have a website that has Word Documents to download, however these doc's open as word in the browser window. What I want: To automatically launch the save as box from a link Any dhtml tricks/advice for this?

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Automatic Jump

Jul 20, 2005

I need to find the code that makes a web page immediately jump over to another url the moment a visitor arrives to it. I know the code is short, but I can't remember it. Anybody know what that code is?

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Automatic Refresh

Oct 21, 2005

Ive got a page which for some reason needs to be refreshed before anything updates. Its a php page with mysql data on it.

At the moment ive got a script which refreshes it every few seconds, but when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page they are taken back to the top when it refreshes!

Is there a way i can make it refresh once as soon as the user comes to the page? as opposed to putting a timer which refreshes every X amount of seconds?

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Automatic Redirection

Aug 13, 2000

Does anyone know how to make a page redirect to another page after a given time? I am using a FREE ISP so i do not have ASP etc. I only have JAVA Script and HTML.

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Automatic Submission Of Forms

Mar 27, 2006

Is ther anyway i can automatically fill out forms and submit them thru

supposing i hav a normal txt file that contains all data that needs to
be filed out into the form, is there anyway i can fill out a form and
submit it automatically by providing only the URL of the form and the
txt file?

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Automatic Height Script

Mar 30, 2006

The script I use to automatically resize a table works great in
Internet Explorer, but in any other standards compliant browser it does
not. Code:

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Automatic Form Filler

Apr 18, 2006

I am creating a Javascript tool which will automatically and randomly
fill in a multi-page form.

It pops a new window, containing the multi-page form (both pages are on
the same server so cross-scripting is not an issue).

It then scans through every element in document.forms[0].elements and
takes the appropriate action depending on the input type, i.e.,
randomly select a radio button in a group, randomly check a box or not,
insert random text into a text box, randomly select a drop down menu,
etc., then it submits the form and repeats the process until a
"finished" state is reached.

What I would like to do is run this script say 1000 times so I can
automatically have 1000 responses to my form. Can anyone give me
suggestions on how to do this efficiently using Javascript without
completely hammering the client machine?

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Automatic Pop-up Window Sizer

Jul 20, 2005

I have a JavaScript which opens a document in a pop-up window. The complete
document content is contained within a table of fixed width. Currently, I
pass with window height & width as parms. What I would really like is a way
to have the JavaScript automatically resize the window to fit the table!
With some digging I suspect I can get the table width but how do I get the
table length which is dependant on the amount of content?

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JQuery :: Automatic Replace Gif To Htm?

Nov 8, 2011

I want add a gif picture link to a website from by the website download pictures, but it does not work. If I reload the website and use the script, the .gif type is replaced to .htm and it's don't show.


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Automatic Trigger Of Reminder In PHP?

Mar 8, 2010

My requirement was to generate a popup once you immediately login. windows.alert('please call') then the popup should come for every 2 hrs.

Even though you navigate to different pages on the site..This should still come..

I have started something like this:-- 1. Calling this script on everypage.


<script type="text/javascript">alert_settimer();</script><script type="text/javascript">


It is able to give me a popup for every 2 hrs. But whenever the user reloads the page after 1 hr. The function is called again and the count starts from 0hrs again. OR for example if 20 mins already passed then if i am going to a new page then the function is called again and so the timer starts again. I am not getting any idea how to restrict it calling every time. OR send that 1 hr again to the function so that it starts from there. I tried some thing like setting the value in a session variable and then starting the counter from that value.

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Add Automatic Data Input ?

Sep 26, 2010

I have a html page which just enter the coordinates of a city and appear that processes the data file javascript.

This is the part where I put the coordinates manually:

So far we have and everything worked .. just that I want to create a table with all names of cities, click on a city data appear to me ..

There is some code that could only enter the coordinates by clicking on the name of the city, instead of entering all the time coordinates?

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External Automatic Script

Apr 8, 2006

I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction. i want to have my menu (horizontal ) , with links,on an external sheet as it keeps growing and would be easier to update. Would any body know where i could find a script or tutorial to help ? i have been searching but to no avail

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Automatic Login To Websites?

Jun 6, 2011

From the term "automatic login" I suppose security (password protection) is not of key importance here. The guidelines for solution could be to use a Javascript bookmark (idea borrowed form a nice game published on [M&M's DK site][URL].. The idea is to create a javascript file and store it locally. It should do the login data entering depending on current site address. Just an example using jQuery:


Multiply the code blocks in your script, to add more sites in the similar manner. You could even combine it with `` functionality to open more sites, but that may get the script inclusion more complicated.

Note: This only illustrates an idea and needs lots of further work, it's not a complete solution.

This is the code I found on stackoverflow for automatic login to websites but it does not work.
I am doing exactly as told is ther anything wrong

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