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Spring Mvc Not Returning Json Content - Error 406?

I am using Spring MVC with JSON as specified in Ajax Simplification Spring 3.0 article. After so many attempts and variations of my code depending on advice found on various forums, my code still doesn't work.

I keep on getting the following error: (406) The resource identified by this request is only capable of generating responses with characteristics not acceptable according to the request "accept" headers ().


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JQuery :: Ajax() Returning Json Object To Another Function On Success Causes Error
Here is the code :

The for each section works just fine inside the success callback region. I can see Firebug console outputs the route ids with no problem at all.

For decoupling purpose, I reckon it would be better to just return the data object, which in JSON format, to a variable in the caller function, like this:

Then all of a sudden, everything stops working! Firebug console reports data object as "undefined"... hasn't that being assigned by the returning object from the method loadRoutes(cityname)?

Posted: Mar 25 10 at 1:32

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Jquery :: Returning JSON In CFFunction And Appending It To Layer Is Causing An Error
I'm using the qTip jQuery plugin to generate a dynamic tooltip. I'm getting an error in my JS, and I'm unsure if its source is the JSON or the JS. The tooltip calls the following function: (sorry about all this code, but it's necessary)



Posted: Jun 7 10 at 17:17

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JSON Notation \ Keeps Returning 500 (Internal Server) Error As A Result Of The Line Response?
I'm trying to get a return of



Posted: 10-03-2011, 11:49 PM

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Ajax :: Zend Framework - Jquery Call Returning Error When Its Not An Error
My JS Is:

function InitFavorite(){
var jList = $(".favourite_link");
var ids_to_check = {};//new Array();
$.each(jList, function () {
var id =;
var object = id.split("_");

From the ajax call, the following data is returned: {"env":"development","loggedIn":true,"translate":{}}{"Playlist":{"10":"Stop Recieving Updates For This Playlist"},"Clip":{"26":"Recieve Updates For This Clip","27":"Recieve Updates For This Clip","28":"Recieve Updates For This Clip","29":"Stop Recieving Updates For This Clip","30":"Recieve Updates For This Clip"}} However, success is never triggered, just error, despite there being no header and json being put out as the header (via zend framework).

Posted: Apr 13 10 at 16:15

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Parameters And Inheritance In Spring-mvc Via Json?
I need an advice. I'm trying to pass a list of objects as parameters to a method controller written with spring-mvc 3, all this with ajax. These objects are decendants of a widget class. i will show you the code first


so, when the method controller is called Gson creates a List adapters, all elements are of class WidgetAdapter and not TextWidgetAdapter or YoutubeWidget. Is there a way to acheive that?? i mean pass parameters as list of element decendants of a class and be transformed correctly by Gson? pd: i´m doing all of this in a good way or better way exists.

Posted: Apr 17 11 at 0:33

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Spring JSON Request Getting 406 (not Acceptable)?
this is my javascript:

function getWeather() {
$.getJSON('getTemperature/' + $('.data option:selected').val(), null, function(data) {
this is my controller:


What could the problem be? There were two similar questions in SO before, I tried all the accepted hints there, but they did not work I guess.

Posted: Sep 18 at 14:42

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Spring 3 Exception Handling Using JSON
I have a Controller and I want to get feedback to the user of what went wrong. The error callback is executed but the error message is not sent back to the client.


Posted: Apr 12 11 at 20:15

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JQuery :: Json - Spring MVC Remote Validation?
I am using Spring MVC on the server side, but in one of the pages I decided to create an AJAX validation with jQuery rather than the default Spring validation.Everything works great, except when I have to do a remote validation to check if a "title" already exists in the database. For the javascript I have the following:

var validator = $("form").validate({
rules: {
title: {


The required message works, but not the remote message.I looked around, but I didn't see many people using Spring and jQuery at the same time. At least, not mixing with jQuery remote valdations and Spring-Json.

Posted: Mar 17 10 at 15:09

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Jquery :: Send Json To Server Spring 3.x?
i want to send json to server using Spring 3.x, i use annotation @RequestBody, but my controller don't called..I'm trying to use example in http:[url].... but it doesn't work. Here is a javascript code

function sendAjax() {
var person = new Object();
person.firstname = "Firsname";[code].....

Posted: Jul 11 11 at 12:45

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JQuery :: Simplify JSON Output Via Spring MVC?
How to produce same JSON format that JqGrid requires:

Right now my Spring Controller is able to produce the following JSON output [code]...

Posted: Nov 18 10 at 5:46

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Display Error Message From Backend System Based On Spring MVC?
I have a web application with HTML / jQuery which ic connected with AJAX / JSON to a backend system with Java EE / Spring MVC. In the frontend, a Person can be created by fill in the form fields and then it is submitted and this jQuery code executed:

var person = $(this).serializeObject();
$.postJSON("add/", person, function(data) {
alert("Person with ID ""' added successfully");

In the best case, the Person is created and I'll get a Person object and I can access the values with data.person. Now I want to validate the data which is sent to the backend system and in a case of an error, I want to display in the first step an alert error message.


Posted: Jan 11 11 at 15:47

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AJAX :: Architecture Of A Spring MVC Application With JSON / REST
First, I developed a Java EE application with a Adobe Flex frontend and I used BlazeDS. So I had in the Java backend this structure:

IServiceX -> ServiceImplX -> IDaoX -> DaoImplX

So the frontend called a service like "addUser(User u)". The service implementation calls the Dao interface which implements a Dao to a database and the User is added. The return value is the new User ID.

Now I want to use instead of Adobe Flex HTML5 with AJAX. So I found this example project:[URL]...I have the problem how to integrate this into my existing architecture. In this case I have a domain object called and a controller


Posted: Nov 2 10 at 12:35

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Jquery :: Json Data Not Loading In JqGrid With Spring 3 Mvc?
On click of a button I am trying to load the jqgrid with json datadtype. I tried many ways to load data but it gets fails and displays empty grid.

My Grid



Posted: Dec 9 10 at 23:18

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Jquery :: Dynamic Chained Select Using Json In Spring Mvc
I am working in spring mvc framework and project have a requirement to create a dynamic chained select using json. Project required that request go to the server only once.Anyone have some idea how to implement this ?

Posted: Aug 12 11 at 11:40

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JQuery.ajax() To Json Url Is Returning A String Instead Of A Json Object
I'm having a problem where the data object passed to my complete() callback function is not a json object, but rather is an [Object object]. I can see a string of my json response in data.responseText. Here is my jQuery .ajax request:

url: 'api.php',
dataType: 'json',
data: {
command: "GetBlacklist"
type: 'POST',
error: function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown)

And here is the response that is being sent: {"message":"success","result":0} It evaluates to valid JSON, and I am sending the correct json content-type headers from the server. Stumped on this one!

Posted: Oct 28 at 1:14

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Jquery :: Post Nested Object To Spring MVC Controller Using JSON
I have a controller with the POST handler defined like so:

@RequestMapping(value="/ajax/", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public @ResponseBody AjaxResponse saveVendor( @Valid UIVendor vendor,
BindingResult result,
Locale currentLocale )

The UIVendor object, when viewed in JSON format, looks like:


The UIVendor bean has a field called "Emails" of type ArrayList, with appropriate setters and getters (getEmails/setEmails). The NotificationEmail object has the appropriate public setters/getters as well. When I try to post the object using the following code:


Posted: May 5 at 16:04

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Parsing Json Into Java Objects With Other Object Attribute In Spring-mvc
I have an object of type element and this has an attribute of type theme. when I create a new element is represented by a theme select in the view, and the primary key is the value of the items in the select, when I send with json, spring try to create an object element and the next error is show

/element: Can not construct instance of com.example.Theme, problem: no suitable creator method found
at [Source: org.mortbay.jetty.HttpParser$Input@dd0099; line: 1, column: 31]

this is my code in spring MVC

public class Element {
private String name;
private String type;
private Theme theme;


Posted: Jul 19 11 at 20:29

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Ajax :: Handling JSON And Form Data Request With Spring MVC?
I'm working on simple Spring-MVC application and I love new Spring REST features. I'd like to use the same method to process regular form and JSON data. It seems to be a little tricky, however. For example, method

public @ResponseBody String process(@RequestBody Bean bean);

will work for JSON request (Content-type: application/json), and

public @ResponseBody String process(Bean bean);

will match request with Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

These methods are obviously will have almost the same content, so I'd prefer to avoid such duplication.

Posted: Feb 15 11 at 22:07

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Jquery :: Insert JSON Data Object To Spring MVC Application (via Controller)
I want to Insert JSON data object (User) to my Spring MVC application (via controller) with Jquery. if code is like follow how can I accomplish this? User Object


Posted: Sep 29 11 at 5:26

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Ajax :: Mvc - Login With Spring WebMVC And Spring Security?
I've been using Spring Security 3.0 for our website login mechanism using a dedicated login webpage. Now I need that login webpage to instead be a lightbox/popup window on every webpage in our site where upon logging in I get an AJAX result whether it was successful or not. What's the best way to go about this with Spring Security and Spring webmvc 3.0?

Posted: Aug 9 10 at 23:09

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JQuery :: Dialog - Based On Json Submitted To Spring Controller That Returns A View
I have used this code as the basis of my development so far : Ajax Simplifications from springsource.

Here is the html & jquery/javascript code:

<c:url var="Controller" value="/ControllerUrl" />
var previewDialog = $("<div></div>").dialog({
//all the dialog setttings


Secondly, what is the besy way to submit json data to server in this context - I attempted using $.ajax() and $.postJSON() but ran into problems as they work differently to the $.load() statement.

Posted: Aug 11 11 at 9:15

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Jquery :: Java - Load Content Into Div And Spring Returns 400 Bad Request Message
I am puzzled, I have a call with jQuery using .load to fill a DIV with content composed of transformed XML into HTML, but whenever I call load (or $.get or $.ajax for that matter) I get a "400 Bad Request - The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect" message. The parameters are all there and even when I set up a test call for a page with no parameters I get the same message. All this is being done via Spring (v3) with an annotated controller. What's confusing is that I already have a portion of this working with calls to a web service that return a JSON object to fill a SELECT and that works fine.


Posted: Nov 3 11 at 20:10

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Ajax :: Json - Jquery Error: "206 Partial Content"
Im trying to do this[URL]... But im getting "206 Partial Content" in firebug. Does it have something to do with mame origin policy? Do i need to keep both files on the same server? Or whats the problem?

Posted: Apr 2 at 11:08

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Node.js: Callback Is Returning An Error?
function die(err) {
console.log('Uh oh: ' + err);


I'm using that code to get the headers and the body of an e-mail. However, when I try to pass the result (msgCache) it gets an error.

Posted: Apr 5 11 at 18:07

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