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Jquery :: Get Last Characters Of A String

I have: var id="ctl03_Tabs1";

Using jquery how to get last five characters or last character?

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Replace Characters In A String With Other Characters?
I want to replace certain characters in a string with other characters. Ive did my research and found that the best way is to use regular expressions...[code]...

Posted: Sep 21 11 at 23:51

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Convert String Into Array - Break Apart A String Into Characters
Is it possible to break apart a string into characters, be it a word or a sentence, and store each individual character in an array?

Posted: Jan 27, 2010

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Replace Characters / Inner String From A String
How I would remove characters from a string if they are present?

For example lets say I wanted to remove c:/fakepath/ from the string c:/fakepath/DSF102.jpg and just leave the DSF102.jpg how would I got about this?

Posted: Aug 13th, 2011

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JQuery :: Possible To Replace String Characters?
I am running a search on my web site which uses jQuery to take the search terms and build up a URL based on them. For example, if someone searches for "chair" my URL will be appended with /chair/. However, if someone searches for something which is two words, for example "chair covers" I need the space in between to be replaced by a "+" sign so the URL will now be appended with /chair+covers/ I'm not sure if it is possible to string replace in jQuery?

Here is my current code:
function sendSearchInput(whichelement,hiddeninput,formid) {
hval = $("#"+hiddeninput).val();
$("#"+formid).submit(function() {
if ($("input:#"+whichelement).val() != hval) {
var searchval = $("#"+whichelement).val().toLowerCase();
return true;
return false;

This will basically check that the form is not the default value (specified in the hidden field "hval") and then change the search term to lowercase and append the URK using "attr". I have tried a couple of methods including
var test = searchval.text().replace(' ','+');
And then trying to alert "test" to check it but the function just simply doesn't work.

Posted: 04-Aug-2009

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Jquery :: Ascii Characters In String?
I have a string that I'm trying to send over to my server code. I am getting a lot of these characters in the data - �. Do I need to serialize the data or what? I'm using utf-8 encoding but that doesn't fix it. I think that something is happening to my data on the JQuery side. Here is what my JQ looks like.

var id = $('#id').val();
var dataString = 'id='+ id;


Here is a sample string:

`%ca 32d?

This string then becomes �32d? with UTF-8 and Ê32d?with iso-8859-1

EDIT:I noticed that this encoding issue only happens when the string begins with %ca. All others seem to work as expected.

Posted: Apr 23 11 at 23:39

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Jquery :: $.each() Iterating Over Characters In A String?
I have json data being returned as a collection:

var foo = ["6", "7", "33"]

using JSONP in jQuery. Since I'm using JSONP, the data is being returned to a callback function, which is interpreting it as a string instead of a collection. Do I need to run eval(foo) on the string in the callback before handling it as a collection, or is there some other means of recasting it?

Posted: May 4 10 at 4:08

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Jquery :: Function For Padding Characters To The End Of A String?
Is there a built in function to pad characters n number of times?Ex:

var myString = 'something';
var myCharToPad = '-';
var numTimesToPad = 5;

I am expecting myString = 'something-----';

Posted: Jul 14 11 at 23:06

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Jquery :: Variable Is Undefined When The Value Has String Characters?
I am declaring a variable in jquery. The value is a part number from a data warehouse. It is always a string even though most of the time it is a string of numbers. When the part id is all numbers like '4125052' there are no errors but if the first digit is a string like 'B4125052' then I get the error-- `Error: 'B4125052' is undefined. When I go to view/source on the outputted page I see the value as $itemid=B4125052; (no quotes).

<%string id = Model.Part.Select(x => x.Id).FirstOrDefault().Trim(); %>
<%int partsetupid = Model.PartSetUp.PartSetUpID; %>
<%int numtoprint = Model.NumContinuationTCs; %>[code].....

Posted: Sep 15 11 at 21:42

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Jquery :: Xml - Replace Special String Characters?
I have some string from XML file, and I I want to replace all "& lt;, and & gt;" ... in "< and '>"this is the AJAX call (jQuery):

type: "GET",
url: "xml.xml",


Posted: Mar 5 10 at 17:23

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Jquery :: Remove All Non-digit Characters From A String?
Possible Duplicate: Javascript: strip out non-numeric characters from string String matching is headache for me. Example: If I have strings like these:


Then convert it to:


Posted: Dec 8 10 at 13:35

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Jquery :: Delete Last Characters Of String With Script?
I have a DIV with some characters. How can I remove the last character from the text with each click on the DIV itself?

Posted: Jan 2 10 at 1:23

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JQuery :: Check If A String Is Larger Than 4 Characters?
I have the following script that someone has written which returns an error if there are no characters in the text field.I want to modify the script so that it returns an error if there are less than 4 characters, but im not quite sure how.

Current script is as follows:

if(!isString($.trim(iUsername.val()))){ //If username is not correct
iUsername.siblings('.error').text('You must enter a username.');
error = true;

Posted: Oct 22 11 at 3:48

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Jquery :: Detect Some Conflictive Characters In A String?
I have a file input in a form that uploads a mp3 file, but I´d like to detect conflictive characters to my system in the filename, like ! @ or any other.All codes I´ve found replace these characters, but I just want to detect them to alert the user. I think it will be easy with regular expressions, but I dont know about them.

I´m working in a CodeIgniter application that allows user to upload mp3 files to the server.I use jQuery to manage client side forms. The CI upload class converts spaces in the file name to underscores and everything works.But testing the application I uploaded a mp3 file with a (!) in the name, and I got troubles with it.I just want to insert a javascript conditional before the file is uploaded to evaluate if the user´s filename contains a (!) (or any other I´d like to add later) to ask for the file to be renamed if it does.

Posted: Jan 13 11 at 18:58

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Jquery :: Omitting Special Characters From The String?
I have to implement some type of pixel for analytic and it requires passing a session Id in the url string. My sessionID contains special characters. It looks something like this BFhGlzT6FBkDr2Zndp0!-1309 I need to remove the (-!) characters from this string, how do I achieve this using jquery? I need to make sure jquery remove those characters before it render otherwise it will not report a visit to analytic.

img src="
id=T6PtTyRSqhGPYBhp84frwth67n6fL7wcLBFhGlzT6FBkDr2Zndp0!-130901808!1319637471144&m=2&m=2" alt="">

Before this pixel fire off, I need to replace the character in the sessionId string to remove !- and keep in mind session id will change every time there is a new session. I need a code that is generic so it works no matter what session id is, it needs to delete special characters from it.

Posted: Oct 27 11 at 19:30

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Convert A String With Escaped Characters Into A "normal" String?
Let's say that I have like this: "\n", I need to convert it to a string like if the interpreter would do it:

A simple replace like this wouldn't work:

function aaa(s){
return s.replace(/\n/gm,'

I need this behaviour:

"Line 1
Line 2" => Line 1<Line break>Line 2
"Line 1\nLine 1" => Line 1

Posted: Jun 3 10 at 14:24

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Keep Only First N Characters In A String?
Is there a way in JavaScript to remove the end of a string?

I need to only keep the first 8 characters of a string and remove the rest.

Posted: Oct 10 at 5:21

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Finding Out If A String Contains Characters
I would like to check if a string is a valid zip code via Javascript.
Length and existents are already checked.

How can I find out if the string contains characters other than numbers?

Example: 834F7
schould be false since it countains an F character

Posted: July 23rd, 2005

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Remove Characters From End Of String?
I have a string "foo_bar" and "foo_foo_bar". How do I remove the last "_bar" from the string? So I'm left with "foo" and "foo_foo".

Posted: Aug 30 10 at 3:05

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Split A String By Two Characters
Firstable i want to match if a string has the following format: $abc #xyz or $abc .xyz.

The abc and xyz mean only alphanumeric string.

If it's matched then i need to extract the first $abc and the last #xyz, all that using pure javascript and maybe regex.

The pattern is in the following order:

Posted: Jan 9 at 16:36

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How To Tell If String Contains Multibyte Characters
Is it possible in Javascript to detect if a string contains multibyte characters? If so, is it possible to tell which ones? The problem I'm running into is this (Unicode char doesn't show up right).
s = " ";
alert(s.length); // '2'
alert(s.charAt(0)); // '--'
alert(s.charAt(1)); // '--'

As I understand it now, all strings in Javascript are represented as a series of UTF-16 code points, which means that regular characters actually take up 2 bytes (16 bits), so my usage of "multibyte" in the title was a bit off. Some characters do not fall in the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP), such as the string in the example above, and so they take up two code points (32 bits).

Posted: Feb 2 at 16:56

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Add Characters To A String In Script?
I need to add in a For Loop characters to an empty string. I know that you can use the function concat in Javascript to do concats with strings [code]...

but with my example it doesn't work.

Any idea how to do it another way ?{code}...

Posted: Apr 22 11 at 10:55

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Validate A String Contains Certain Characters?
I'm trying to check if a string contains certain characters. I was going to use regex, but my string may not have a format.

I would like to ensure that i'm allowing only the following characters[code]...

Posted: Jun 16 11 at 21:28

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Add A Space Between Characters In A String?
Possible Duplicate:

String Manipulation - Javascript -

I have a string hello

and I want to add a space between each character to give:

h e l l o

What is the best way to do this?

Posted: Sep 15 11 at 20:59

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String - Get Characters Between Slashes
I need to get the characters between two slashes e.g:

I need to get the characters between the second and third slashes. i.e 827365

Posted: Dec 15 at 11:55

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