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Jquery :: Create An Autocomplete Textbox Which Will Be Bound To SQL Database

I am trying to create an autocomplete textbox using jquery which will be bound to SQL database. I also want to place a dropdownlist on the page so based on initial selection autocomplete textbox will retrieve data from different tables. It's an ASP.NET 2.0 page and code behind is VB.NET. I have AJAX autocomplete working but it matches only first characters and its not as robust as jquery. Can anyone share a sample code that will retrieve search data from SQL and also give me directions on how to make the table name dynamic?

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JQuery :: Create An AJAX Autocomplete Using A Textbox?
I'm looking to create an AJAX Autocomplete using a textbox with JQuery. Does anyone have any suggestions what is the best approach?

Posted: Aug 8 11 at 10:57

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JQuery :: - .autosuggest Retains Results - Don't Appear To Be Bound On The .autocomplete Event
my jquery autocomplete plugin retains the results of an initial search and does not replace these with the results of a new search. My ASP code is as follows:


The ajax call returns the results fine each time but they don't appear to be bound on the .autocomplete event.

Posted: Jan 24 11 at 14:06

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JQuery :: Querying The Database - Query The Database On The Id Of Item, Retrieve The Value And Then Display In The Textbox?
The thing is that there are number of items in the HTML select list. I want to click on any of the items, then query the database on the id of that item, retrieve the value and then display that in the textbox. How would I query the database?

Posted: May 14 10 at 20:04

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JQuery :: Autocomplete On Dynamic Textbox Using Autocomplete Plugin?
I am using a form which has dynamic textboxes I want autocomplete functionality to be implemented on them and I am using Autocomplete Plugin and I want to bind them using live().

Posted: Mar 23 10 at 9:56

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Ajax :: Identify That The Text In Autocomplete Textbox Is One Of Strings In The Autocomplete String List
in ajax autocomplete textbox, i can select one of the names in the autocomplete list. but what if the user types the text himself and doesn't select one of the items in the autocomplete list? i need to identify that the user entered a text that is similiar to one of the items. So i thought of checking the text inside the textbox with every chenge in the textbox characters, but then i will have to compare it with the items in the list, do i have access to the items in the autocomplete list from the JS or Code behind?

Posted: Nov 20 11 at 11:56

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Slider Extender And The Bound Textbox Does Not Retain Value?
on postback neither the ajax slider extender not its bound asp textbox retains the selected value.

Posted: Jun 8th, 2009

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JQuery :: Autocomplete With A Large Database?
I am new to jQuery and I am trying to create an autocomplete textbox. When I use a small test database, it works fine but when I use my production database with over 3000 records, it slows to a crawl. It take >20 seconds to load the page and with each letter I type (even though I set minChars to 3), the browser times out asking if I want to continue running the script. My feeling is I need to use AJAX but I have never done that and don't know how to. I code in classic ASP with an Access database. Can anyone provide some sample code how to do this. Unfortunately I am under a time pressure to complete this project.

Posted: 17-Feb-2011

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Jquery :: Searchfield With Autocomplete ASP.NET And Database?
I would like to make a searchfield with autocomplete, so when you write like 2 or 3 letters it will show a dropdownlist with results that match a column from a table in the database. I have been reading all over the internet, and i have found out that it can be done with jQuery and AJAX Control Toolkit.But i don't know how to make it compare the search textbox and the database and show results that match?

UPDATE:I have been trying to make it work with Autocomplete extender from Ajax control toolkit, but i don't know how to make the Webservice with SQL.

UPDATE2 Can't get the webservice to work, so have been looking at jQuery UI, which can do autocomplete but don't know how to get that working with the database either.. :p

UPDATE3 I'm still stuck on this, so if anyone who knows how to make a datasource(webservice) that works with either Autocomplete extender or jQuery UI.I want the autocomplete to show: SELECT * FROM TABEL WHERE Title LIKE + '%' @Search + '%' And its an MSSQL Database

Posted: Mar 28 10 at 22:14

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JQuery :: Autocomplete Integrated With MySQL Database
I am working on a project for which I need an autocomplete form which uses the value from a mysql database. I've seen many examples about using local data.

Posted: 03-Nov-2011

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JQuery :: Mvc 2 - Autocomplete And ASP .NET MVC Database As Data Source
I have got this working with a local data source but not remotely. It uses the Jquery library and I have followed the instructions on the Jquery UI site. This is the code I have (which does not work). Can anyone a) amend this code to work b) show code of a working example?


source: "/Trip/Lookup",
minLength: 0,
focus: function (event, ui) {


Posted: Aug 12 10 at 18:45

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Jquery :: Autocomplete Facebook That Get Data Of Database?
Example of jquery autocomplete facebook that get data of database?

Posted: Jul 12, 2011

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Autocomplete Text From Database Using Script?
I am very very new of javascript i want display the text just like www. seachextbox i want same this how can i do it.

Posted: Nov 18, 2010

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AJAX :: Autosuggest/Autocomplete From Database
I need an autosuggest/autocomplete script for my field Name..I search code for that but when I tried it in my webpage it did not work. I used smarty template, php and mysql-adodb. Is there any syntax that you can suggest for a simple autosuggest the data coming from database?

Posted: 10-26-2011, 10:58 PM

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Autosuggest / Autocomplete Data Coming From Database?
I need an autosuggest/autocomplete script for my field Name.

I search code for that but when I tried it in my webpage it did not work. I used smarty template, php and mysql-adodb.

Is there any syntax that you can suggest for a simple autosuggest the data coming from database?

Posted: October 26th, 2011, 11:09 PM

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JQuery :: How To Fix Autocomplete List On Textbox
I using jquery.autocomplete.js for autocomplete textbox. I getting all the location record on keypress event. keypress event I passed the text value of the location textbox. For ex. I writing text "Lo" then it get all records starting with "Lo" every time I get new suggestion from SQL database. My problem is that. I seen two, three or more list box as suggestion under the textbox. I write .unautocomplete() method for remove previous suggestion list in each keypress event. How to fix previous unautocomplte list from textbox. In my autocomplete I see autocomplete suggestion list shown more than one suggestion list.

Below I wrote my code.
$('#<%= txtLocation.ClientID %>').onkeypress(function () {
if ($('#<%= txtLocation.ClientID %>').val().length >= 1) {
GetCitiesLikeList($('#<%= txtLocation.ClientID %>').val());
function GetCitiesLikeList(objcity) {
if (objcity != null && objcity != "") { .....

Posted: Apr 13 11 at 10:09

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JQuery :: PHP - Call ID Textbox When Use Autocomplete?
I have a textbox use autocomplete, when i load ajax to call textbox with same id from another page, autocomplete not usable in this textbox.

$(document).ready(function() {
$("#myid").autocomplete("search.php", {
width: 200,
matchContains: true,
selectFirst: false
textbox1 with id="myid" ready when page load first <-- autocomple use well
textbox2 with same id="myid", just appear when I call ajax to load from another page,textbox2 will repalce textbox1 <--- textbox2 can not read function to use autocomplete.
Maybe ready(function() just work when page load?

Could write it same named function for insert on event (onkeyup,..) in textbox?
Exp: input type="text" id="myid" onkeyup="namedfunction('myid')" or onkeyup="namedfunction(this.value)"?

Posted: Jul 12 11 at 4:50

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JQuery :: Mvc 3 - ASP.Nev MVC 3 Autocomplete Textbox Value Always Blank
I have a view with a button that opens a jquery dialog via partial view. Within the dialog I have a jquery autocomplete call that works fine for listing my values. The problem is that once a value is selected and I submit the form, there's no value in the form field.

@Html.LabelFor(m => m.Airline)
@Html.TextBoxFor(m => m.Airline)
@Html.ValidationMessageFor(m => m.Airline)


Using firebug, I can see that no value is attributed to the textbox once a value is selected either. I've tried using the "select" option in the autocomplete call to set the value in textbox via .val( but it will not set the value of the textbox. If i put an alert in the "select" option, it will show the value of

why I can't set the textbox value from the value of my autocomplete?

Posted: Aug 6 11 at 23:43

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Jquery :: Autocomplete Ajax Textbox For Iphone Web App?
I've developed a rails website in which I've got a text box with autocompletion facilities (When the user starts typing, a list of valid values "drops down" under it). For this, I used Rail's autocomplete.Now I'm developing a mobile version of this site. Since the target browsing phone will be the iphone, I'm using jqtouch. What is the best way to do an "autocompletable ajax text box" on an iphone web app?

I suspect there should be an easy way of doing this since jqtouch uses jquery, and there're several autocomplete plugins for it.

Posted: Feb 8 10 at 14:35

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Jquery :: UI Autocomplete: Trigger On Textbox Focus
I'm trying to get a jQuery autocomplete instance to open on the textbox focus, and fetch data from the remote source. An approximation of my attempt is shown here: [URL] The problem with this is that you'll note the extra call to the textbox focus method when you select a value from the dropdown. I can't figure out a way to prevent this extra call, as it is interfering with the functionality.

Posted: Nov 15 11 at 23:50

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JQuery :: - Populate TextBox From Database Using AJAX?
I have the following scenario: An SQL 2000 database with a table containing the columns UserID and UserName.A webpage with TextBox1 and TextBox2. I need to use JQuery, plain JavaScript or AJAX to accomplish the following: When I type the UserID in TextBox1 and press the Tab key, TextBox2 will populate with the corresponding UserName.

I have this implementation in ASP.NET using C# and calling a web service, however I want to avoid postbacks when doing the table search and I know JavaScript or AJAX is the way to go.

Posted: Nov 27 09 at 4:17

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Database Connection - Create An Access Database Connection From Within An HTML Page
I am attempting to create an Access database connection from within an HTML page. I am using Javascript to make the connection and then test a basic UPDATE statement.

The following code is throwing back an error 'UPDATE statment syntax incorrect'


I thought the syntax was correct, but maybe it is something else?

Posted: 08-08-2008, 08:13 AM

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JQuery :: Json - Autocomplete On Various Data In Single Textbox?
I have a textbox on which i want to bind multiple autocomplete JSON data. For example, if I type

Name: the autocomplete data should display names of employees and after a delimeter (, OR ;) suppose I type

Department: the autocomplete data should display options to select departments, so on and so forth.

Posted: Dec 14 10 at 15:08

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JQuery :: Binding Autocomplete Dynamic Textbox To JSON
I have some json that looks like

I am trying to do 2 things.
1. Somehow store IngredientId from the selected autocomplete textbox and the most important.
2. Bind the autocomplete to the above json.

This is my lame attempt of binding the value
source: ingredients,
select: function (item) {
return item.IngredientName;
What is the right way I should be binding to the autocomplete?

Posted: Sep 27 11 at 10:33

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Jquery :: Autocomplete Applying Value Not Label To Textbox / Sort It?
I'm having troubles trying to get the autocomplete to work properly. code...

However when I select an item from the dropdown the value is been applied to the textbox instead of the label.

What have I done wrong?

If I look at the source using firebug I can see that my hidden field is being updated correctly.

Posted: Oct 4 at 3:02

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