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Jquery :: Convert A Div To Image?

I have a div containing images like so:

<div id="Created_Design">
<img src="images/image1.png" style="position: absolute; left: 8px; top: 172px;">
<img src="images/image2.png" style="position: absolute; left: 20px; top: 144px">

I want to export this div to be an image cause im creating something like a design generator. So far what i have done is place the newly created design on new window using like a preview of the design.

Can I convert this div and save it directly as an image?I was thinking of exporting this to a canvas so that I can save it as an image. How can I export this to canvas?

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User uploads image of the sky

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Get image data in Javascript? How to encode image data within an HTML file?

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Jquery :: Convert Image Into Bytes Using Script In Palm WebOS?
In Palm WebOs I need to convert an image into bytes (like byte array in .Net) to pass it as a parameter to a web service, where I can convert back this bytes data to image and save on server.

convert image into string variable or any other format to send it to the web service using javascript or jquery in palm webos.

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JQuery :: Find All Image Links And Convert Them To Some Default Thumbs?
So I want to find every image link/path and replace it with some default thumb, where user can click and that image will be shown in modal window. I'm using qTip, but that will be my part of the job :)So if there is:They will be "converted" to something like:

<a href="http://OriginalPathToImage" rel="tool_tip"><img src="/SomeDefaultImageThumb.jpg" /></a>

So, how to find all images? What is RegExp for finding .jpg, .gif, .png.... or some other solution?

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Convert Image To Base64
I'm trying to convert an image into base64 using javascript, however if I request the URL with jquery, and encode with javascript, the results are different than what I receive from here [URL] when saving and uploading the image..

Is there any reason for this?

I'm just using $.get and base64 encoding function data()

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I need to convert my image to a base64 string so that i can send my image to a server. Is there any js file for this... ? Else how to convert it

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Convert Image To Base64 On Firefox?
I need to convert image that are in a webpage to base64 over greasemonkey or firefox .xpi extension. How can i do it? I know that i have btoa() function, but i only can use it with strings, not with images.

Posted: Aug 28 11 at 23:07

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Convert Image Into Html Sections?
I want to convert image into HTML sections ( see image below marked as red , blue , orange , green and yellow). That means when i click on these parts they will appear as a separate section in a separate window just like online news paper.

Well one can do this by using photoshop slicing tool may be m not sure.. but don't want to use photoshop rather i want to implement such functionality where i can select the section over image and then later on it will get convert into html page or part.

Posted: Feb 4 11 at 17:15

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Convert An Image Or Datauri To Canvas?
How do I convert an image or datauri to canvas? I see the other way at [URL], but I also want to find out how I can create a canvas at the first place.The reason I ask this question is because I would like to create a little app that lets user create a canvas 'image', save it as something and be able to reopen it for canvas modification in the future. I figured that datauri is a good way to save a canvas, but I am not sure how I can do to reopen the datauri and use canvas to modify the drawing.

Posted: February 16th, 2009, 07:11 PM

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Gwt - Take Convert A Webpage To A Image In Google Web Tool Kit?
I have a requirement to convert a webpage into a image. When a user clicks a button the new window need to display the webpage as a image.

IS it possible to do in Javascript or Google web tool kit?

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Convert Raphael SVG To Image - Png Etc - Client Side
I have a small project where users construct a diagram using Raphael and then export the composed diagram to an image to save.

Problem is it has to run offline. [url] will not work as it requires a canvas, not the Raphael generated SVG.

Is there a way (javascript) that I can export an image from the SVG?

Posted: Nov 3 10 at 11:47

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Php - How To Convert A Text Into Image And Then Rotate It Vertically
how to convert a text into image and rotate it vertically? Or do you have a code on how to do that?

Any web programming language would do (PHP, Javascript, etc..)

I writing a program in php and javascript wherein I let people type in their name in a text input and it will be converted into image, and that image will be rotated.

Posted: Sep 14 11 at 3:00

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Convert Canvas To Image And Open In New Window
What I'm trying to achieve is upon clicking a link, button or image, which ever seems simpler, I convert canvas into image using toDataURL. After that a new window containing this image is opened. How do I pass the data url generated from toDataURL to a new window using ruby on rails?

Posted: Mar 23 11 at 10:19

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Convert Image To Jpg From A Html In Client Side?
I have an html form where users insert an image (input). My users may be not advanced users, so they may want to insert many different types of image format. However, I only want the user to send jpg/gif/png files. One option is just block other file types, however, I was wandering if I could convert the files in the client side (I don't want to send a very large file, and convert it on the server). Therefore, the only way I can think of is using javacript.

how to make image format conversions in javascript? And put this image result as the value of an html:input?

Posted: Jan 24 11 at 10:31

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Html5 - Convert Image To Binary Data Or String?
I am working on uploading image file to TWITPIC using XMLHttp Request on a Chrome Extension . I need to send the image as payload. Is there a way to do this ? I found this link Convert an image into binary data in javascript. But that works on image tags. i need a way to specify image file path and upload image to TWITPIC.

I came to know about FileReader API with HTML 5. Is there any way to work using that??. It should work on a local file.

Does Chrome Extension support FileReader API without running a localhost server ??

Posted: May 11 11 at 10:18

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