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Jquery :: Ajax Call To Get Json From MVC3 Controller?

Im trying to do a very basic thing: use Jquery to get Json from a MVC3 controler. The controller returns the Json fine if I call the URI directly [URL] from a browser but I get an empty result (in Firebug) when I try to do the following:

$.getJSON( '', null,
function(data) {


In firebug i get a 200 code but the resonse is empty.

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Ajax :: Mvc 3 - MVC3 - Debugging The Controller Action Called By A Call?
I am attempting to populate a dropdown based on the value selected in another dropdown. I am using this guy's example, but have not gotten it to run successfully yet. I have a successful Ajax call that is fired on the change event of the parent dropdown. I've verified that the data passed to the Ajax function is correct. However, the result is an error (200; unexpected character in JSON result). I've been trying to figure out how to debug the a) controller action that is called in the Ajax call and b) the function that feeds a list of results to the controller action. Can anybody help me figure out how to debug a) and b)? Visual Studio 2010 doesn't offer a lot of help for debugging the targets of Ajax calls, it seems.

Here's the code I have:

1) The controller action (BreedController) that calls a list helper class function to supposedly return a JSON object back to the Ajax successful callback.


Posted: Dec 2 at 19:54

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Jquery :: MVC3 Ajax Post Mutliple Checkbox Values To Controller?
Using MVC3 I am trying to accomplish the following. I have a table which has a number of values, using ajax I want to be able to select the remove checkbox (for any number of rows) which is part of the table.

The using ajax post the result to the controller for processing. The issue I currently have is I cannot get the controller to accept the data coming from the ajax post. I am making use of jQuery and json to make the ajax call.

function removeRooms() {
var jdata = { 'mRooms': [] };
$('input:checked').each(function () {
jdata['mRooms'].push($(this).val()); })


EDIT:: One extra thing. I am getting through a IEnumerable object but there is a parameter an item in position one of the list with the value 'on' strange as there is only numbers in my checkboxes.

Posted: Jul 12 at 15:20

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Jquery :: MVC3 - Post Files Via AJAX & JSON Without A Form
I have an Action Method that receives a complex JSON object from the client. I serialize this object on the client side and because of the complexity, I can't (don't want to) use a form submit to post the data.

I also need to be able to send files along with this ajax request. My action method works perfectly and binds the JSON object (actually List of objects) just fine using jQuery.ajax(). When I move to the ajax form plugin so that I can send files the object binding breaks. I attempt to submit the form with the plugin and send my object along as additional data. The action method no longer sees my object.

how to post JSON and files together to the same action method?

Here's the jQuery.ajax() method that works. No form submit here, this is just sending JSON data to the server

url: "/Controller/Create2",
type: 'POST',
data: JSON.stringify(model),


I need to retain the functionality of binding to JSON objects in the Action Method, does that mean I have to give up posting files?

Posted: May 20 11 at 21:05

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Ajax :: C# - ASP .NET MVC3 - Call Same Function From Various Pages?
How can I call the same action using ajax from different pages?

type: 'POST',
url: 'Notification/GetRecentNotifications/'

I'm currently using the code above to call my action. It works for my application's home page, but when I change to other page, this doesn't work.

Posted: Dec 1 at 14:26

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Ajax :: Posting Array Of JSON Objects To MVC3 Action Method Via JQuery?
Does the model binder not suport arrays of JSON objects? The code below works when sending a single JSON domain object as part of the ajax post. However, when sending an array of JSON domain objects, the action parameter is null.

var domains = [{
DomainName: 'testt1',
Price: '19.99',


Posted: May 17 11 at 13:08

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Jquery :: MVC3 Controller Returning JsonFile
I am having a problem with a json result. When calling from the jquery it is returning a file to be saved instead of executing the success function. The get jquery request occurs in the document.ready function. [code]...

Posted: Oct 4 11 at 0:16

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AJAX :: Json - ASP.NET MVC3 - Redirect To A View When A Post Was Made
I have a search view which uses AJAX to send a request to the server. Depending on the response object returned by the repository, a dialog should be shown (populated with data using a Json object) on the search view (the view from which the request was sent) or the user should be redirected to a results view (populated with data from the response passed as a view model).

Now I have been told (and experienced) that one cannot redirect when a post was made using AJAX. So is there some way to redirect to another view and pass the view model if that response was obtained from the repository and to just post back the Json object if the dialog result should be shown.

My controller action that gets posted to by the search view currently looks somethings like this:

Posted: Apr 11 at 9:21

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Jquery :: C# - Open Modal Dialog From Controller In MVC3?
In my _Layout.cshtml I write javascript code, that allow me to display modal dialog on the page with form for user login when I click on link, and that is work. My problem is that I want do something like that:I click on ActionLink, that run code from controller, i.e:

public ActionResult Create()
if (Session["UserID"] != null)


Posted: Sep 7 11 at 14:23

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Jquery :: Script Takes Data From A Controller In MVC3?
I am using vs 2010 and making mvc3 project. I have some data in database. I can make a controller that takes the data from data base and send these to the view. That is ok. What I want to do is to use these datas in the script.

Ex: Controller sends an image list that includes Info,Url,Date information. I want the script show this images one by one.

1-How a script take data from controller? (data is image list)

Posted: May 21 11 at 18:12

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Jquery :: Pass Hashtable {} From Script To Mvc3 Controller?
How can I pass the following back to an mmvc3 controller ActionResult?[code]...

Posted: Dec 10 11 at 5:18

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Jquery :: Modify Text In A <div> And A Callback To Mvc3 Controller
I'm using a jquery function to get some information from an mvc 3 controller to my view using a json.


So heres the problem: When i come on the Site my IDE throws following exeption: Laufzeitfehler in Microsoft JScript: Objekt erwartet Runtimeerror in Microsoft JScript: Object expected And line: appendUnit($("#factor"), units); is highlighted. I realy don't get what the problem is becouse the debugger finds the correct <div>. I know that becouse when i mouseover the function appendUnit(factor... it shows me innerHTML: "Umrechnungsfaktor:".

So this was the Problem and now what i am trying to do: I simply want to render my <div class="editor-label" id=factor> Umrechnungsfaktor + units </div> where units comes from my controler GetUnit. Function appendUnit(factor, unit) is empty for testing becouse i couldnt find the error it should be something like that:


Posted: Feb 12 11 at 1:58

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Ajax :: Call To Monorail Controller JQuery
I could really use an example of this. Can anyone provide me with a sample implementation of a Javascript function using JQuery (not totally necessary) to make a Castle Monorail call?I have Monorail configured to intercept all HttpRequests with "*.ashx". Using an Ajax call I would like to pass a parameter to my Monorail Controller and get back a string.Can someone give me some pseudo code or point me in the right direction?

Posted: Aug 27 09 at 22:05

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JQuery :: Mvc 2 - Can't Get $ajax To Call .NET MVC 2 Controller Method
just can't seem to get this to work! See my related question: Use Json and AjaxLink to Toggle Link Values in ASP.NET MVC 2

Here's my jquery:

$(function () {
$("div[id^=add]").click(function (ev) {
updateMe('_')[1], "AddRequirement");


All the success function needs to do it update the innerHtml of the target with the contents, and change the id to match.

Posted: Dec 17 10 at 20:48

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Ajax :: Mvc 3 - Controller Being Called In Jquery Call?
My issue is for some strange reason it seems stuck in the page controller so instead of getting out and going into the ajax controller I have it trying to go down that route in the page controller[URL]...

Posted: Sep 22 11 at 7:54

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JQuery :: Mvc 3 - Ajax Does Not Call Action In Different Controller?
I m in a situation where i need to call a action method of different controller

I mean I am currently in controller 'Wk' action -History's On this view when i click any link then an ajax call will call the action method of different controller. But the ajax call calls the action method of the same controller.

the jquery is -

$.get("History/20/5/2", function (data) {
opacity: 0,


Posted: Nov 23 11 at 9:28

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Jquery :: Pass Values From View To Controller Using Function In Mvc3?
I have to pass values from view to controller, controller having action method that will call webmethod to set values into database. how can i do that?

need not to create a view of using model.

I have a view that get the values from database and having one link that is comment. on click of comment one textarea box will open and after providing some input. will click on ok button.

on click of button ok i am calling code...

now what can i do to get getpId and comment_text values to the controllers SetComment action?

Posted: Aug 29 11 at 10:24

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AJAX :: Call A Spring Controller Method With Jquery?
I have the following Spring Controller code...

why the Spring method is not being called even though the ajax method is being called when I click a button. I have stepped through the script with firebug and it definitely hits the ajax function.

Posted: Feb 5 11 at 20:53

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Jquery :: Ajax Call To Controller Loses Authentication
My MVC app has a few AJAX/JSON response methods in one controller, and the calls get to destination but it doesn't work in IE or Chrome, and in mozilla it does, but Firebug returns a very strange set of 3 attempts (all return 401 error) but the last one does actually work!My App has windows authentication, how can I extend this to my Ajax methods? the rest of the app works fine. I've tried bypassing the 401 by returning 200 Status from Global.asax (Application_EndRequest) but continues to do the same.

Posted: Feb 15 11 at 14:18

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Ajax :: Rendering Partial View Dynamically In ASP.Net MVC3 Razor Using Call To Action?
I'm trying to create a single page form to create a 'work item'. One of the properties is a drop down for 'work item type'. Depending on the work item type, the user may need to provide additional information in a name-value-pair style attributes grid (property sheet).

I would like to dynamically render the property sheet as soon as a work item type is selected or changed.Once the user provides all information, he would click submit to create the 'work item'.


Posted: Nov 17 11 at 8:48

View 1 Replies!   View Related Mvc - ASP MVC Ajax() Call - Doesn't Get To The Controller
var token = $('input[name=__RequestVerificationToken]').val();
url: '/Account/TryRegister',
type: 'post',
data: { '__RequestVerificationToken': token,
firstName: $('#FirstName').val(),
lastName: $('#LastName').val(),

If I remove firstName, lastName, email and password from both, it works, otherwise, it just doesn't get to the controller. What am I missing here (all fields really exist)?

Posted: Aug 29 11 at 16:03

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AJAX :: Mvc - MVC 3 Controller Not Recognizing JSON Passed Back By JQuery?
I have an MVC 3 app that is using jQuery AJAX to fire off a controller action to return a partial view.

The client side code:
function getCustomerList(searchCriteria) {
url: 'Home/GetCustomerList',
type: 'POST',
data: '{searchString:"' + searchCriteria + '"}',


Posted: Jul 23 at 22:03

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Jquery :: Valid Data For Ajax Call To Aspnet Mvc Controller?
I am using jquery with mvc.... Is my data option valid or am i missing some thing code...

Posted: May 5 10 at 5:01

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AJAX :: Mvc - Constructing Controller Action URL Within Call?
Using JQuery's ajax() or get() methods we can make an async call to the ASP.NET MVC controller action, for instance like this:

$.get('<%=Url.Action("TitleToSlug", "Services", new { title = "Some title" }) %>', function (data) {

What if we wanted the URL parameter (in the above case "title") to be dynamic e.g. read it from somewhere on the page? Let me say that using Url.Action() helper within ASP.NET MVC code block inside javascript does work but I'm having trouble figuring out how to make the concatenation.I want to insert value of the Title textbox there where the "Some title" is.

Posted: Jul 16 10 at 22:42

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AJAX :: ASP.NET MVC Call Returning Value To View From Controller?
During AJAX call is it possible to return ViewData, TempData or a session back to the view? does these variables are included in the cycle? please comment

function submitForm(frm) {
var tdata = $(frm).serialize();
url: "/Organization/EditOrganizationMeta",


Posted: Sep 4 10 at 5:32

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