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JQuery :: Internet Explorer - Accessing IFrame Contents In IE?

I'm using jQuery to try and access the contents of an iframe WYSIWYG, just to get the character count and update a counter outside the iFrame. Oddly enough, my code works fine in in Firefox, but breaks in all versions of IE. Here's what I have so far:

This is in the onload function:

textCounterWYSIWYG('longDesc_cnt', 2000);

This is the function itself:

function textCounterWYSIWYG(text, limit) {
var len = String($("iframe").contents().find("body").html());
var trimmed = len.replace(/^s+|s+$/g, '');
var length = trimmed.length;


The var len = ... line is what seems to be breaking IE.

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Internet Explorer 8 Truncates Iframe Contents?
the demo is here (can't reproduce it on jsfiddle, since they don't allow ajax to sufficient extent)

Imagine, you have iframe on your page

<iframe id="if1" src="/some/url"> </iframe>

/some/url returns simple text: <form>text</form><br/>

And also, once iframe is loaded, you access its contents from Javascript.

var io = document.getElementById('if1');

Normal browsers, obviously, return content exactly as it is. But internet explorer 8 returns something funny


Even though right-click/view-source on iframe shows correct content:


I didn't try other IE versions.

Did you see this issue before? This is a very simplified version of the problem I've met while adapting webapp to IE. Basically, I do ajax requests through iframe (not xhr, I need to upload files) and html fragments are returned.

Posted: Jan 28 at 15:55

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Accessing Value Of SELECT In Internet Explorer 6?
I am looking for simple and short solution of accessing SELECT value on HTML website in Internet Explorers (6 and 7).


<select id="s1">



Above code do not work. I get empty strings.

I found one solution - I would have to make every option look like this:

<option value="Option1">Option1</option>

That works but my website mostly cosist of forms, so such operation increase its size by 50-70%.

Do you know any other ways ?

PS. I've read that I should use "text" instead of "value", but I am not sure about that. I couldn't find what are the consequences of doing this.

Posted: Aug 11 11 at 17:37

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Accessing Another Internet Explorer Browser Window
I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm looking for a way to access
another IE browser window using JavaScript (assuming the two browser
windows are running in the same instance).

The purpose of this task is so that if a user hits ctrl+n in IE, the
new window is "aware" of the other instance.

Posted: September 5th, 2006

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Jquery :: Refreshing The Contents Of A Listbox With .append() In Internet Explorer?
With jQuery on Firefox and Chrome I can just dynamically change the data in a listbox with $().append() statements or whichever way I need to. The same code doesn't work with IE. The listbox (<select></select>) is just static and none of the elements are added/removed/changed.

I heard IE can be a bit "different" in handling listbox (<select></select>) re-rendering.

How can you make jQuery's .append() work with Internet Explorer?

Posted: Jan 5 11 at 21:24

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Changing The Contents Of A Textarea In Internet Explorer
I'm working on a text editor with simple BBCode tags, like . It works perfectly in firefox and chrome, but not in Internet Explorer.

The js function in question:

Do we even have a selection?

The variable textArea is, of course, a <textarea>.

I call this function with the onclick event of a button, like this:

In Chrome and FF, clicking the button inserts the tags, just as it should. In IE, nothing happens.

I have another js function that formats the text and displays it, which works in all browsers. No idea why this doesn't. Any reason this wouldn't work in IE? Anything I can do to make it work?

Posted: 13 September 2011

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Firefox - Why Does Internet Explorer Prevent Me From Accessing The Parent Window's
I have IFrame with a button in it, and it's onclick is: new window.parent.UI.Image('xyz').addToCart(); In Firefox, I don't have any problems with this code. In IE, however, I get a "permission denied" error. Is there a different way I should be accessing the JavaScript in the parent window?

Posted: Nov 30 09 at 22:51

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Internet Explorer :: Bottom Form Get The Contents Of That Textbox?
Say I have a simple page with a top and bottom frame. The top frame has a form (named "form1") with a single textbox entity in the form.How does the bottom form get the contents of that textbox using javascript? Specifically with Internet Explorer 8?I've tried every rendition that I know of.I have to admit that javascript isn't really my forte.I thought a line like:

value = top.frames[0].document.form1.mytextbox.value; would work, but it is not.

Posted: Jan 5, 2009

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JQuery :: Internet Explorer - Weird Behaviour Of Iframe `name` Attribute Set - In IE
I'm doing an ajax style file upload by posting the file in a form to an iframe and noticed some weird behaviour in IE (seems to happen in both 6 & 8). Basically in IE the form doesn't target the iframe properly so the response appears in a new window (instead of in the iframe).

You can reproduce the problem with the following minimal set of HTML/JS:

Now (before you post an answer), I did some investigation (using IE8's developer tools) and it appears that the .attr("name", frameName) is actually adding the attribute as submitName="myFrame" instead of simply name="myFrame". Based on this, I solved the issue by changing the iframe creation code to the slightly nastier:

Making this change makes the form post into the iframe as desired.

My questions are:

Why doesn't .attr("name", ...) work as expected?

Is it a bug in jQuery, a bug in IE (surely not!), or am I missing something obvious? Where does the submitName attribute come from & what's its purpose?

Posted: Jan 20 10 at 23:20

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OnPaste In An IFrame Internet Explorer Not Firing?
So I am adding a little simple clean up function when users paste into an iframe with design mode on.

I have no problems with firing this function with Firefox


getElementById('add_article').contentWindow.document.addEventListener('paste', iFrameClean, true);

but for the life of me I cant get it to fire in Ie I have tried attachEvent in IE only


getElementById('add_article').attachEvent('onpaste', iFrameClean); //iframe onpaste

add an onpaste to the body of the iframe



even the onPaste in the iframes body doesnt fire in IE!!!

I have had a good look around but no one seems to have an answer on this.

note I have successfully attached the onblur and onfocus events to this iframe in IE and firefox

It would be really handy as people are copying html into the iframes. I have a html cleaner firing when they submit but I want the text to be cleaned when/if they paste in.

Posted: November 29th, 2009, 10:01 AM

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Access Denied In Internet Explorer When Using Iframe Within Page With Different Domain Url
I get the error Access Denied. i use iframe with different domain name. I can't touch the code of the iframe src .

Posted: Apr 24 11 at 19:07

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Document.domain And <iframe>s Breaks The "Back" Button In Internet Explorer?
This is a very urgent problem and I'd be forever indebted to anyone who can lend some insight.I'm going to be deploying a widget (called the "ISM") to a third-party site. That site uses the document.domain JavaScript property to relax cross-domain restrictions (e.g., setting document.domain in "" and "" to both "" so they can access each other's DOMs).

This causes problems with my script in Internet Explorer due to the way that I construct an <iframe> that is used to display my widget's HTML content. In Internet Explorer, using document.domain on a page, and then creating an <iframe> with JavaScript, will cause you to be immediately "locked out" of the <iframe> - i.e., you can create it, but it's not created in the correct document.domain, so you're not able to access its DOM due to security restrictions. This isn't a problem in any other browser.


Posted: Dec 22 09 at 22:57

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Internet Explorer Cannot Open The Internet Site Operation Aborted
This code giving error in IE Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted, how to fix this error?

var tip = "<p>Most computers will open PDF documents ";
tip += "automatically, but you may";
tip += "need to download <a title='Link to Adobe website-opens in a new window'";
tip +=" href=''
target='_blank'>Adobe Reader</a>.</p>";

Posted: Dec 15 09 at 14:26

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Detect The Temporary Internet Files Location Of Internet Explorer?
I am attempting to port an Firefox extension to IE. One of the features I need to have is the ability to write to the Temp Files of the browser. In Firefox this was easily done by the following code:

//Create file to store data transferred to desktop app
var file = Components.classes[";1"].
get("TmpD", Components.interfaces.nsIFile);
file.createUnique(Components.interfaces.nsIFile.NORMAL_FILE_TYPE, 0666);
// do whatever you need to the created file

This method was preferable rather than hard coding a path in because it could change on different versions of Windows / IE. I figured out how to create and write to a file in IE by:


Now I am just wondering how to automatically detect the temp file location for IE?

Posted: Jul 14 11 at 18:17

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Internet Explorer Cannot Open The Internet Site
my javascript create new element when it is first loaded.

the code work fine in opera and mozilla and netscape, but it failed in
microsoft IE. message:

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site

I check the google, found some info. But, none related to my problem.

the cause is due to creating new element while the page is loading.

How to do that without problem?

Posted: July 23rd, 2005

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Internet Explorer Cannot Open The Internet Site?
So this works just fine in FF. In IE7 I am getting this error. I can see my content load in the background, when I hit ok it takes me to a page cannot be displayed page. If I comment out:

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/moodalbox.js"></script>

It doesnt present that error, but that is obviously not an option. Here is my code:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />[CODE]......

Posted: 04-03-2009, 05:25 AM

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Internet Explorer - Debugger Doesn't Show Any Errors (Firebug Lite And The Internal Explorer Debugger)
My script works everywhere except in Internet Explorer. Actually no big deal.. but my debugger doesn't show any errors (Firebug Lite and the internal Explorer Debugger). How can I find out which errors occur, if the debugger doesn't tell anything? Is there a documention for the JavaScript standard of Internet Explorer?

Posted: Dec 18 11 at 15:53

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Jquery :: Accessing Text/template Contents?
I'm trying to access the html contents of an script block with the type set to "text/template". I've heard of template engines using such tags, but my application is very simple and loading an entire engine is unnecessary. Can someone shed some light on how I select that element? I think jQuery's .html() function will get me the content but I can't seem to find the element.


Posted: Jun 3 11 at 21:46

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Accessing Contents In A Remote Web Page
Im wondering if there is any way to access and traverse through a remote web page. im trying to traverse through a remote web page from a diferent domain so i can display some text from that page to users. is it possible to do it using javascript if so how else what is the best way to do this with out keeping the user waiting for long.

Posted: July 19th, 2009, 10:45 PM

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Scripted IFrame Loads Contents Over Current Page Instead Of Within An IFrame?
I'm trying to load a webpage into an iFrame while keeping a content bar on top, but for some pages that I try to load into the iFrame the contents is loaded as if I navigated to that page.I use the following code to dynamically load an iframe:It looks like there is a script on these pages that checks to see if it is being loaded into an iframe and changes the document.location to it's own url if so.Is there any way around a hack like this so that I can load that site into an iFrame?

Posted: Mar 30 10 at 22:56

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Accessing Contents Of A File In A Web-application Without Uploading?
As far as I can tell, it is impossible to access the content of files on the user's computer in a web application without first uploading to the server, then re-downloading to user, unless some sort of plug-in is used. (Flash, etc.) Ideally, the user would upload the file directly to localstorage and then scripts would have a chance to process/display/validate/filter without the user having to wait on an upload.

Are there any features in upcoming web standards such as html5 that will allow this? If not, why has there been no effort to make this possible, and how can I work around it without getting stuck with plugins?

EDIT: DO NOT assume that I want to let JavaScript access arbitrary files on the hard drive without any user intervention. We already have the ability to prompt the user for a file and upload it, I only want the ability to prompt the user for a file to be loaded into the browser's memory. I was only hoping HTML5 would have support for something you can already do with both Flash and Java applets.

Posted: Jun 14 10 at 3:35

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Html - Accessing The Contents Of A Table Cell?
I've got a checkbox nested inside a table cell element in HTML. How can I access the inner checkbox from Javascript? All of the examples I've seen alter the inner HTML itself, or the visual properties, which is not what I'm interested in. I've tried the childNodes array, but it's empty, apparently.

Posted: May 16 11 at 3:51

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Resize Iframe Depending On Height Of Iframe Contents
Is there a way to resize an iframe dynamically so that you never get the scroll bar and essentially hide that there is an iframe? Better integration really.Basically I want to iframe a forum into my site so that the design down the sides and top which my friend does using iweb are not messed with.We have a central area which can be longer or shorter depending on the forum.

Posted: 08-02-2009, 10:05 PM

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Jquery :: Does Not Become Available In Internet Explorer?
the following works in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, but of course not in MSIE 8 or MSIE 8-compatibility view:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>[code]....

MSIE claims that $ is undefined, whereas the other browsers display the $-function of jQuery.I have tried deleting all temporary files and restarting MSIE, setting the internet options > security > local internet to "very low" but it does not help.Jquery from [url]... used to work for me a few days ago,

-- Edit: I have tested the following, which also does not work except for Link1 which does not depend on jQuery and otherfile.js' alert which also does not depend on jQuery.

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />[code].....

Posted: Mar 2 at 10:18

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JQuery :: Is() In Internet Explorer 7?
I unfortunately do not have the choice of using a different browser.I have the following code running against some HTML. The problem, I think, is line 4. Internet Explorer 7 doesn't do anything at all when I click the row with id "yellowOne" (or any other row). If I take out .is('tr.grayheading') than IE opens all the rows with the yellowX class. However, I only want those that have both that yellowX class AND the grayheading class.

function showTheGray($yellowSection) {
$theYellowClass = 'yellow' + $yellowSection;
if ($($theYellowClass).is(':hidden')) {[code]...

Does IE7 have problems with multiple classes being assigned an element? ie, class="yellowOne grayheading"Have I written out my selectors wrong?Does IE7 not like .is()? (I ask because the line $($theYellowClass).is(':hidden').show('normal') threw an error, hence my switching to the if block)

Posted: Dec 2 11 at 20:36

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