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JQuery :: DatePicker Plugin For Hijri Calendar?

I woner if there any jQuery DatePicker plugin for Hijri calendar?

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Hijri (Islamic) Calendar Date Picker
I am working on Hijri(Islamic) calendar date picker.

Posted: 08-11-2006, 02:13 AM

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Jquery :: Show Custom Calendar Using Datepicker Plugin
We are using jquery date picker extensively. Now, we want to show custom calender. In our organization we have month starting in different way. Say we start october from 23rd of november. Is it possible to do with jquery UI datepicker plugin ?

Posted: Sep 15 11 at 14:59

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Jquery :: Add Extra Line Text Within The Calendar Control Of The Datepicker Plugin?
How do I add extra line text within the calendar control of the datepicker plugin.

Datepicker opens on the
focus of the date field
click of the date field
click calendar image

I need to add a p tag just below the calendar..

Posted: Oct 5 11 at 17:24

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JQuery :: Add Calendar Datepicker On Dynamic Table?
I am trying to add a Jquery calendar picker to a text box at the time of creation, but I cant find how.

When I press a button, it will create a table, the element I want to attach the Jquery calendar picker is:

var txtDate = createTextInput(i, "txtDate", 8, 10);
txtDate.className = "datepicker";


Posted: Apr 13 10 at 9:52

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JQuery :: Calendar - Get One Datepicker Input To Integrate With Value Of Another?
I have a form with 3 input fields that use jQuery's DatePicker plugin. The fields are #startdate, #enddate, and #raindate. I am using DatePicker's event function to get the #startdate and #enddate to work together so the #enddate cannot be before the #startdate. Both those fields are required, by the way. The #raindate field is not required. However, if the user wants to add a date here, I want it to be after the date selected in the #enddate. How do I do this? Here is the code I have for getting the startdate and enddate to work together:

function getDates() {
var dates = $("#startdate, #enddate" ).datepicker({
defaultDate: "+1d",
changeMonth: true,


Posted: Sep 27 10 at 13:51

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JQuery :: Datepicker Popup Calendar Positioning - Below / Above Textbox?
If the screen resolution is small enough, or the window is small enough the calendar that appears when a user clicks the textbox for the datepicker appears on top of the textbox - usually it appears below.

I have some text links at the top-right of my page, and if the window is small enough, the datepicker calendar goes underneath these text links.

Is there a way to have the popup calendar ALWAYS on top of every element on the page? If not, is there a way to have the datepicker popup calendar ALWAYS appear below the textbox?

Posted: 15-Jul-2011

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JQuery :: Error Placement After Calendar Icon For DatePicker
I am using both the jQuery Validation plugin and the datePicker plugin. I would like to get the error message for this showing after the calendar icon for the datePicker plugin. I have tried this and cannot get it to work and so far not found a solution on any website I have checked.

jQuery Validation code
$(document).ready(function() {
submitHandler: function(form) {
rules: {
date: {
required: true,
date: true
errorPlacement: function(error, element) {
if(element.type == 'input') {
} else {
Trying the sibling thing was my last probably silly attempt at getting this working.

HTML output when the field fails validation
<legend>Update Date</legend>
<label for="date" class="admin">Date of Run: </label>
<input type="text" class="date-pick dp-applied error" size="7" value="" name="date" id="date">
<label for="date" generated="true" class="error">This field is required.</label>
<a title="Choose date" class="dp-choose-date" href="#">Choose date</a>
As you can see the label for the error is placed inbetween the input field and <a> for the calendar image. How to get this label to show after the <a>.

Posted: 18-Jul-2010

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JQuery :: UI Datepicker: How To Bind An Event AFTER The Calendar Was Rendered
I am using datepicker. The usual way to bind an event, lets say for example, beforeShowDay, would be:

beforeShowDay: function(date) { ... }

What I need is to bind the beforeShowDay event after the calendar was rendered. So, let's say first I render the calendar:

//in this moment, for some reason, I am not allowed to bind nothing (that's not me who renders the calendar, that's why I am not allowed)

And then, if I try to bind something in the usual way:

beforeShowDay: function(date) { ... }

The calendar will be - of course - rendered again inside '.mySpecialContainer', instead of just binding the event. I have tried:

$('.mySpecialContainer').bind('beforeShowDay', function(date) { ... });

Posted: Mar 5 11 at 3:05

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JQuery :: Datepicker - Limit MinDate According To Previous Calendar
I have 2 datepickers as following:

$(function() {
$( "#datepicker1, #datepicker2" ).datepicker({
minDate: 'today',
maxDate: "+90D",


I want datepicker2 have the minimumdate value selected in the first calendar + 1 day.(i.e. if first calendar date was May 16th, 2nd calendar should have the min date set to May 17th)

Posted: May 16 11 at 14:37

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JQuery :: UI Datepicker - Add Static Text Underneath The Calendar?
This is on the one that pops up when you click the linked input element. I want to be able to insert some static text underneath the table of dates that will appear and stay even if the user scrolls to different months.

I managed to sort of getting working by, with jQuery, using


on the .ui-datepicker class. The problem with that was, it didn't work when the user scrolled to the next month. I managed to fix that as well, by constantly clearing and re-adding the text with setTimeout. That was really hacky, but worked.

The next problem came when I had multiple calendars on the page, each with different texts. I tried targeting specific instances on .ui-datepicker with the above method, but I discovered there is actually only one instance of the datepicker that is shared between all calendar fields on the page.

Posted: Jun 16 10 at 15:40

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JQuery :: Datepicker / Events Calendar Widget Not Working Internationally?
I've got this page: [URL].. displays events via an xml feed, but no one in the UK or any other country other than the Americas can see the events.

Posted: 14-Jun-2011

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JQuery :: Prevent Blur Of Input When Calendar Of Datepicker Is Open?
I've created a form using datepicker to choose the birthdate, now I'm trying to control what's in my inputs, but I have issues when it comes to the input of my datepicker

When I have focus on my input I diplay a message to guide the user, when the event blur happens I check if the input contains a valide date and display an alert when it's wrong, but the blur is launched even when the user clicks on the calendar of datepicker, so the alert message is displayed which isn't supposed to happen

I'm looking for a way to wait for the user to select a date before executing the blur, or at the blur event check if the calendar is open or closed before doing any control

Posted: 01-Jul-2010

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JQuery :: DatePicker How To Disable Auto Day Selection While Browsing Calendar?
In jQuery DatePicker there is one annoying thing, if you using it as a calendar and depend on selected date. While navigationg from month to month it keep selected day activated for all months. I know that this issue exist for more than 6 months and I have reported it to jQuery Team.However I would like to know is there any workarounds on hot to disable this behaviour?

Posted: Oct 1 10 at 14:33

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Jquery :: Display Calendar In DatePicker When User Select Option
Displaying calendar in jquery if user clicks on a certain option in dropdown list? Here is my code:
function OnChange(dropdown){
var status = dropdown [dropdown.selectedIndex].text;
status = dropdown[dropdown.selectedIndex].value;
if (status == 01){
$(function() {
("#datepicker").datepicker({ minDate: 0, maxDate: "+5M" });
alert ("Success");
}return true;

My Html
<select id="schedule" onchange="OnChange(this.form.schedule);" >
//I used jquery here to get the value of select option from database and works ok. There is corresponsing value on the options. If 01, the calendar will be shown, the will not be shown

I want to display a calendar beside the dropdown list if 01 is selected. The problem in jquery is, it needs id before the calendar will display like #datepicker. I don't need additional textbox or anything, and after the date is will be displayed below the select field.

Posted: Dec 8 11 at 8:54

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JQuery :: Datepicker Calendar - Call To Function Updates Database?
So I'm using the datepicker plugin to make an availability calendar. Here is my javascript [url]...

When dpSetSelected() is called it is also calling dateSelected() which triggers the AJAX call to my PHP script. I need a way to only update the database if the date is clicked on and not pre-loaded. When I pre-load the dates they are sent to the PHP page and subsequently removed.

Posted: May 14 10 at 18:46

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JQuery :: Datepicker - Set Display Position Of The Calendar When Displayed As An Overlay
Is there any way to specify where will the calendar be displayed when the related input gets the focus?

I didn't find a way of doing this in the doc.

Posted: May 7 10 at 18:36

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Datepicker Be Used As A Month Calendar Picker?
I wonder if it is possible to user Jquery ui datepicker to only show the month/year part and not the days.I know I can get the month and year with changeMonth and changeYear options, but how can I prevent the days from showing at all?

Posted: Sep 27 11 at 10:39

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HardCode The Month For DatePicker Calendar?
in my application i use "DatePick Calender".i want to hardcode for "Month".supose
i select"06/30/2011" then i want to get "12/30/2011" like this. .My Trying Code is

<script type="text/javascript"
> src=""></script>
> <script type="text/javascript"


Posted: Aug 6 11 at 7:15

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Jquery :: Change The Datepicker Calendar To Able To Select Multiple Date At One Time?
Im currently working on a project that requires me to use jquery that i have never learnt before. I have downloaded the library online. How can i change the datepicker calendar to able to select multiple date at one time?

Posted: Dec 5th, 2010

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Format Year Of JQueryUI Datepicker Calendar?
I can format month which is on the top of calendar by monthNames option.But I don't know how to format year.I want to covert "June 2011" in the following demo calendar to like "June 2011y".

Posted: Jun 24 at 2:36

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Script Calendar Datepicker Not Working In IE 9 / Sort It Out?
Actually i am using this javascript for calendar works fine in the Mozilla firfox and in Chrome.In case of IE 9 it works for the first time and in this page if any server side events occurs.this it is not working.I dono what is the reason. code...

Posted: Sep 12 11 at 5:43

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Jquery :: Internet Explorer - Ui Datepicker Give Focus To The Input Without Loading The Calendar Again In IE?
I know that jquery ui datepicker loses focus if the date is selected with a mouse. I want to able to give focus to that input field. So i did something like this

$("#patientDob").live("click", function() {
onSelect: function() {
// selecting a date moves the page, so remove the href attribute
$(".ui-datepicker a").removeAttr("href");

This does gives the focus to the input field, but in IE it keeps on loading the calendar again. It does not do that in firefox or chrome. How can i be able to give focus to the input field without loading the calendar again and again in IE?

Posted: Jan 12 at 0:01

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Toggle A Calendar Or Datepicker In An Overlay When Clicking A Link?
I'm trying to attach the jQuery datepicker to a hyperlink vs the conventional input element. I know this has already been talked about here and there which led me to this implementation:

var picker_link_id = "datepicker_link"
var picker_div_id = "datepicker"


Even though the above works, it seems like I'm re-creating some jQuery logic. Is there a better way to do this?

Posted: Sep 26 11 at 15:07

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JQuery :: UI Calendar From A Clone Opens Up Calendar From Initial Textbox - Open Up The Cloned Calendar?
I have a table (has more info than this, but to save space I removed the extra fields) and inside this table, I am using jQuery UI calendar datepicker.

<table class="formInfo" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" id="newShowToVenue">
<td><img src="img/information.png" alt="help" width="16" height="16" class="help" title="Date" /></td>


I am running into the issue where the cloned table's datepicker opens up the original datepicker and will not let me add the date to the new cloned table.

I have tried several options that I found here, and none seem to do the trick.

Posted: Nov 19 10 at 15:22

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