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JQuery :: Clicking 'OK' On Alert Or Confirm Dialog?

I was thinking of writing some UI tests in backbone.js and jquery. They may not be the best way to do it but it's something that I was thinking about - to automate the tests without record and playback - through plain code.The only thing that made me scratch my head using this approach is this: In some 'use-case flow' (of the execution) confirm/alert dialogs would show up. I'd like to click 'Ok' and continue the flow - is this even doable through plain javascript code? How?

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Dismiss A Confirm / Alert Dialog From A Bookmarklet
I want to use a bookmarklet to fill up a form and click the submit button on a webpage (I have no control over the webpage content). After the submit button is pressed, there is a popup confirmation box where I have to click OK . This last step breaks the automation. How do I automatically dismiss the popup from the bookmarklet (javascript) ?

Posted: Aug 18 11 at 8:07

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Jquery :: Create A Custom Confirm Dialog When Clicking A Link_to With Method Delete In Rails?
how are you? I'm facing the following problem in rails 2.3. In a view I'm rendering an anchor with the link_to helper with method :delete, i.e.: link_to "DELETE!", resource_path(@resource), :method => :delete

This works beautifully! But I want to span a confirm dialog before proceding with the destroy action. I could do this with the built-in confirm option:

link_to "DELETE!", resource_path(@resource), {:method => :delete, :confirm=> "Are you sure?"

But I don't like this dialog style.

I want a custom dialog generated by the jquery dialog. Thus I bind a click event on that link that span the confirm dialog I wanted. The big problem is that when the user clicks the link, the confirm dialog appears but the delete request is executed regardless the OK or CANCEL button is pressed. Inspecting the rendered link I remember that rails adds an onclick event over that link that generates the corresponding hidden form with _method: delete, etc, etc, etc.

One solution is to make the AJAX delete request in the javascript function when the user clicks the OK button. However this approach will introduce some problems, I prefer not to do that.

So what do you suggest in this situation? Is there a way to establish event order? I mean, capture first the event that spans the confirm dialog and depending on that unbind or cancel the future events?

Posted: Jun 10 11 at 18:23

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JQuery :: JConfirm Alert / After Receiving Confirm Alert / Fires Event Of OK Button
i am facing a problem after using jquery jconfirm alert. Issue is that after receiving confirm alert, when user press tab to go on Cancel button and press Enter key there, despite of firing event of Cancel button, it fires the event of OK button. this issue is not produced when user press the cancel button by mouse. Waiting for your replies.

Posted: 13-Nov-2010

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Confirm Alert
How would I go checking if a certain submit button was pushed and if so confirm the user if he is sure. But if he pushes cancle, then it will cancle the operation.

Posted: Nov 13, 2003, 06:55

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JQuery :: Replace Default Alert Or Confirm?
Title doesn't actually reflect what I'm trying to explain. Is it possible to achieve below with jQuery

<a href="#" onclick="alert('test');">test</a>

when users clicks on test link jQuery takes control over default alert function and displays a jQuery modal window or something similar doesn't really matter.

Posted: Dec 19 10 at 13:15

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Confirm Box After Clicking On Hyperlink?
So I have got a hyperlink, which if pressed does a major action ( delete something from the database ) so I want a confirm box once it is pressed so that they dont make mistakes.My code for the hyperlink is:

<a href='*****.php?Number3=1222&AssignedTo=$12331'>[x]</a>

I am unsure on Javascript, and I know this has a major part in itPS The hyperlink's URL is random, and there are many of them so please dont make it so that it only works with one link

Posted: Jan 6 11 at 16:17

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JQuery :: Validate Plugin / Confirm Alert On Submit
I am using the validate plugin to perform validations on a form.I would like to show a confirm message ( alert with ok and cancel ) upon submit and successful vaildation.I have tried the following but it does not work:[code]The form submits even If I click "Cancel". Is there anythingwrong with my code above?

Posted: 04-Apr-2011

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Jquery :: Check If User Has Closed The Dialog By Clicking On Cross Icon In UI Dialog
I have two dialog boxes. User selects some value in first one and it is reflected in DOM of the page. The first dialog box is closed and another is displayed. If user clicks on the cross button in right hand top corner to close the dialog, I want to revert the changes made in previous dialog box. On OK button, I have to do some stuff by setting values. On this button, I'm closing the dialog. On close event, till now I have code to reset the form. But, if user cancels the dialog box, how I would know, how the close event was triggered i.e. from OK button or cross button ?

Posted: Dec 1 10 at 8:55

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Need To Cancel A Javascript Alert/confirm Box
A description of the problem:
1) Go to a page with various settings and a timeout (forces re-login
if over 10 minutes)
2) Before the timeout, make some changes to settings.
3) Press a "reset to defaults" button that uses a confirmation box to
let the user know what is about to be reset (lists items).
4) Walk away while the confirm box is displayed and come back after
the page timeout.
5) My screen now has the page, a confirm popup on top of that, and a
timeout alert on top of that.
6) Press OK to dismiss the timeout alert. The underlying page goes to
the login screen, but the confirm box remains.

How can I clear any javascript alert/confirm popups in this situation

Posted: July 23rd, 2005

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Bypass Mozilla Confirm Alert Box?
When i try to go to last visited page on my website in mozilla i get this message "To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier". Can anyone tell me how to bypass this. This is so frustrating. i have used php on my website

Posted: Oct 8 11 at 10:59

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Confirm Redirects But Alert Doesn't?
i am calling one function after another.

The below code shows a confirmation box and redirects to [URL]

<script type="text/javascript">
function todo(){


Posted: Jul 9, 2009

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Get Text BOLD In Alert Or Confirm Box?
How to get BOLD Text and change color of text in Alert or Confirm box?

var conFrm = confirm("Following List(s) already Sent...!
<strong>List Name: </strong>"+ss.replace(",","
<b>Name: </b>")+"

Posted: Apr 11 11 at 11:19

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Jquery :: Confirm Dialog In MVC 3.0?
Is there any way to show JQuery Nice Confirm Dialog Box in MVC, which shows:

1. All the input fields content that user has filled.

2. Selected radio button value and name

3. Selected Checkboxes value and name

Once the user confirms 'Yes' commit to database else return back to form.

Posted: Mar 26 11 at 4:00

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JQuery :: Dialog - Close If Clicking Outside Dialog Area?
Is it possible to have the jquery ui dialog close when clicking outside the area of the dialog? Like facebox?

Posted: 02-Jun-2009

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Javascript Alert/Confirm Dialogs And I18N
I'm pretty sure after reading this board and many like it that it is
impossible to change the ok, ok/cancel buttons that appear by default
in the alert and confirm javascript dialogs. Now for question one why
not? And question two why do they still say ok and ok/cancel when
viewed in a non-english browser install?

I have installed Chinese IE 6.0 and these buttons still say Ok/Cancel.
the rest of the browser (buttons, menus, etc...) is in Chinese except
for these two stupid buttons. No one final question, whould having a
reginonal OS installed make any difference. Right now I'm using an
English OS but with the Chinese browser mentioned above.

Posted: April 3rd, 2006

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Confirm A Radio Button Selection With An Alert Box?
So i have this code...

... This code basically represents a form for a user to fill in and at the end select one of three option provided via the radio buttons. What I wanted to find out was that how do I get the selection from one radio button which the user will need to select, displayed within the alert box after they press submit.

Posted: Nov 9 11 at 21:04

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Confirm Type Alert Loading A Page If OK
This confirm alert works except I want when the user clicks on OK that the newwindow.html page loads.

onClick="if(confirm('Are you sure you want to exit?'))alert('The program is still running in the Taskbar...');location='../newwindow.html' target='_blank'else alert('YOu chose not to leave - good!')"

That bit in red doesn't seem to do the trick. Neither does document.location.

Posted: 11-25-2006, 07:05 AM

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Alert Box Popup To Confirm Before Deleting Entry?
I am working on a PHP web application for my company and have run into a problem with Javascript. In a list I am displaying from a Mysql database, I have the option to delete certain entries. Before someone deletes an entry though, I want them to have an alert box pop up and asked then if they are sure. I have this simple javascript function in the head of the page, but whether cancel or ok are pressed, the page refreshes to the link. How can I fix it so that if you press cancel, nothing happens, other then the alert box goes away, but also allows the link to process if OK is pressed?

HTML Code:
<script type="text/javascript">
function show_confirm(){
var r=confirm("Press a button!");
if (r==true){
alert("You pressed OK!");
alert("You pressed Cancel!");

Posted: 01-25-2010, 11:55 AM

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Response.Redirect AFTER Call To JS Alert Or Confirm
I am working on a VB.NET web application. When someone successfully changes their password I want to show a popup message that lets them know it was changed successfully. After they click OK I want to redirect them to the main page. Code looks like this:

ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType(), "confirmScript", "ConfirmNewUser();", True)

Why does the redirect happen and the alert popup never displays?

Posted: Apr 13 11 at 15:36

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Detect If An Alert Or Confirm Is Displayed On A Page?
Is there a way using javascript or JQuery to detect if a confirm or alert box is being displayed??

Posted: Feb 1 11 at 19:19

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C# - Clicking On Cancel On Confirm Box Does Not Stop The Grid From Refreshing?
How to stop the page from rendering the .cs code on click of cancel button on javascript confirm box?I have a button click event and in some IF condition I am asking the user to confirm. Now when the user clicks on OK button, I have to bind the new data in a grid. but if the user clicks on cancel button, it should not refresh the grid with new data.Question: On click of cancel button on JavaScript confirm box, how can I stop the following code to be executed, or how can I just return/break from JavaScript?

<asp:Button ID="btnCopy" runat="server" Text="Copy" Enabled="false" OnClick="btnCopy_Click" ValidationGroup="Copy" />


Posted: Dec 19 11 at 19:37

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Call Onclick Event On Confirm Message Alert Box?
I am using a javascript code...

this Java script i am calling on OnClientClick="return ValueChanged();

I have a Save button on the same page i want to save the data when client click on OK button of confirm alert OK btn. Means my onclick="btnsave_Click" event also call and my data get save on confirm message OK btn.

Posted: Jul 14 11 at 5:00

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Possible To Display ASCII Characters In Script's Pop Up Confirm() / Alert()?
Is it possible to display characters like <, >, ', etc in Javascript's pop up alert() or confirm()?

< is automatically changed to &lt; etc.

The same still occurs if I change the symbols to their unicode like < to u003c etc.

Posted: Nov 4 11 at 10:28

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JQuery :: Popup Script Confirmation On Clicking Accordion Header To Confirm Change Of Section?
Is there any way to popup a javascript confirmation on clicking an accordion header to confirm the change of section?

Posted: 05-Oct-2010

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