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Ajax :: Merge Two Json Objects With Jquery?

I have two json objects:


I have been looking for a way to combine these two objects into one object.

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Ajax :: Script Library Allowing To Get JSON Objects From Server Partially And Than Merge M?
I'm writing single-page web application. Client interacts with server using AJAX retrieving quite complex JSON structures (generation of the values of some fields is more complex than others). Moreover different views display different portions of the data.

I would like retrieve from server only fields that are used by current view and merge retrieved structure with what I have on the client already. [code]...

Posted: Oct 25 11 at 11:46

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JQuery :: Merge Few 3D JSON Objects In JS?
I have to merge 2 (up to 6) JSON objects.

I got this code: [URL]

But with this code, I can only merge the first level of the objects, so the deeper levels are usually overwritten. Check the output.

Posted: Sep 30 11 at 20:34

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Merge JSON Objects Without New Keys?
How to merge two JSON objects but do not include properties that don't exist in the first Object? code...

Posted: Nov 3 at 15:16

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Merge These Objects To Make A Json Object?
How do I merge these two objects. The merge function won't combine them.

var $exID = $('#exDIV input');
var values = {};
$exID.each(function(i, el) {


Posted: Apr 4 11 at 2:14

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JQuery :: Json - Merge The Results Of Two Ajax (or Get) Calls?
I have a jquery-plugin, which can cope with a function as dataSource

var plugin = $element.plugin({
data: function (callback) {

It's pretty straight forward, if I only use one dataSource... But ... I'm in the need of two dataSources

What I've tried so far:

var plugin = $element.plugin({
data: function (callback) {
var path1 = 'foo1.json';
var path2 = 'foo2.json';


How can I merge two json-lists? How can I force a sync. request (or does anyone have a better idea?)

Posted: Feb 2 11 at 10:08

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Merge An Array Of Rectangle Objects (objects With X,y,w,h Properties) Only If They Intersect?
I need a way to merge an array of rectangle objects (objects with x,y,w,h properties) only if they intersect. So for example:

merge([{x:0, y:0, w:5, h:5}, {x:1, y:1, w:5, h:5}])
would return: [{x:0, y:0, w:6, h:6}]
merge([{x:0, y:0, w:1, h:1}, {x:5, y:5, w:1, h:1}])


If two rectangles intersect, a minimum bounding rectangle should be replace the two rectangles. The list will need to be checked again after merging in case the new MBR causes intersection with other rectangles.

Posted: Mar 2 11 at 7:02

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Merge 2 Arrays Of Objects?
Lets have a look an example.

var arr1 = new Array({name: "lang", value: "English"}, {name: "age", value: "18"});
var arr2 = new Array({name : "childs", value: '5'}, {name: "lang", value: "German"});

I need to merge this 2 arrays of objects and create the following array.

arr3 = new Array({name: "lang", value: "German"}, {name: "age", value: "18"}, {name : "childs", value: '5'});

Is there any jScript or jQuery function to do this?

$.extend doesn't suit me. It returns

arr4 = new Array({name : "childs", value: '5'}, {name: "lang", value: "German"});

Posted: Aug 22 11 at 10:37

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Merge Objects In Array By Values?
In Javascript, I have an array with objects that looks like this:

var arr = [
value_1: 0,
value_2: 4,
encounter_bits: {
min_level: 8,


I know I might have to do something with array.sort and array.splice but I can't figure this out. What would be the most efficient way to achieve this?

Posted: Aug 26 10 at 8:05

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Merge Default Options In Prototype Objects?
I'm looking for a simple way to merge an options object in a Prototype Class object. I have a parent "abstract" class like this :

var ParentClass = Class.create({
initialize : function(someattributes, options ){
this.someattributes = someattributes;
this.options = Object.extend({
foo : "foostring",


Posted: Jun 6 at 7:32

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Arrays - Merge 2 Objects, Populating The Properties In One If They Don't Exist In The Other?
If I have a javascript object/assoc. array defined like this:

function somefunction(options) {
var defaults = {
prop1: 'foo',
prop2: 'bar'


and I want to use this as the default values for the function. So when the function gets called I want to populate the options variable with the values in defaults, but only if they don't exist in options.

So lets say that this was called

somefunction({ prop1: 'fish' });

How can I make it so that options gets merged with defaults such that I get this

prop1: 'fish',
prop2: 'bar'

Posted: May 22 09 at 1:32

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Ajax :: Combine 2 JSON Objects In JQUERY?
how to combine the below Result1 and Result2 JSON objects into single JSON such that i have Name,No,Avg,Subject1,Subject2 into single JSON object. I am using it in JQUERY AJAX.

{"Result1":"[{"NAME" : "Mark","No" : "23544","Avg" : "49"}]"}
{"Result2":"[{"Subject1" : "Maths","Subject2" : "Computers"}]"}

Posted: Nov 29 11 at 11:49

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Ajax :: Convert Objects To JSON And Send Via Jquery?
I've 1 object:

var myobject = {first: 1, second: {test: 90}, third: [10, 20]};

and I want to send it as JSON string via jQuery ajax.

How can I do it? (i test JSON.stringify(), but it doesn't work in IE)

Posted: Sep 29 11 at 8:50

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Ajax :: Get The Json Objects As It Was Send?
I make a xhrget request to my servlet in dojo. Response is a json object or json array.

But when print the response it gives as Object[] object. How to get the json objects as it was send?

Posted: Aug 23 11 at 17:44

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JQuery :: Mvc - Passing Multiple Json Objects As Data Using $.ajax()
I am POSTing data to an MVC controller and I'm attempting to maintain state as well for optimistic concurrency. I'm currently posting back a JSON request, but would be open to workable alternatives? I am already posting a name/value collection with the following command:


I also have an (encrypted) array of id's and timestamps that I want to pass back so the server can decrypt it, then validate that data is still fresh before it saves it. It is very important that the data object are separate and are not a child of one or the other or in a wrapper array (because of reflective deserialization at the server end). It is also important to note that I want to do this asynchronously and not as a form submit. My question is: Is there any way I can post back 2 JSON objects using 'application/json' as the content type?


Posted: Oct 9 09 at 18:17

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Ajax :: Cannot Parse Array Of JSON Objects
I damaged my brain by parse of JSON objects. I have this js:
function get_cities(id) {
$.get('/emprego/index.php/add/get_cities/'+id, null, onAjaxSuccess, "JSON" );
} function onAjaxSuccess(data) {
$.each(data, function(key, val) {
data.push("<option value='"+key+"'>"+val+"</option>");

This code returns:
<select id="cities" name="cities">
[object Object],[object Object]
<option value="0">[object Object],[object Object]</option>

But server response is (I mean response of function with parameter):

How to parse this response to this html:
<select id="cities" name="cities">
<option value="1">Lisboa</option>
<option value="2">Cascais</option>

Posted: Jun 9 11 at 22:29

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Ajax :: Access JSON Array Of Objects?
I'm starting with JSON/Ajax development with Javascript and right now I have a scenario where I'm receiving a JSON string from the server and I want to build an object on the client side.
My server output is this:

[{"username":"user","mine":"[{"id":"1","artist":"Pearl Jam","name":"Rival"},{"id":"2","artist":"Pearl Jam","name":"Lukin"}]","default":"50"}]

On the JS side I'm doing this:



I can print window.User.username and window.User.default. However I was expecting I could do something like lert(window.User.mine[0].id) as well, but it prints [ (the first character of the songs array, so I'm assuming it is being interpreted as a string).

Posted: Dec 13 at 18:56

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Jquery :: Return Multiple Json Objects From Java Servlet Using One Ajax Request?
I am building web application using jsp and servlet, I send ajax request from jsp and I want to return two json objects from servlet. I tried to do the following but the code did not work.

// in jquery I wrote this code
var id = $(this).attr('id');
var paramenters = {"param":id};


Posted: May 7 11 at 19:54

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Ajax :: Posting Array Of JSON Objects To MVC3 Action Method Via JQuery?
Does the model binder not suport arrays of JSON objects? The code below works when sending a single JSON domain object as part of the ajax post. However, when sending an array of JSON domain objects, the action parameter is null.

var domains = [{
DomainName: 'testt1',
Price: '19.99',


Posted: May 17 11 at 13:08

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Ajax :: How To Convert JSON Strings To Native Objects
I have a string at a java server application that is accessed using AJAX. It looks something like the following.
var json = [{
"adjacencies": [{
"nodeTo": "graphnode2",
"nodeFrom": "graphnode1",
"data": {
"$color": "#557EAA"
"data": {
"$color": "#EBB056",
"$type": "triangle",
"$dim": 9
"id": "graphnode1",
"name": "graphnode1"
"adjacencies": [],
"data": {
"$color": "#EBB056",
"$type": "triangle",
"$dim": 9
"id": "graphnode2",
"name": "graphnode2"
When the string gets pulled over, is there an easy way to turn this into a living Javascript object (or array)? Or do I have to manually split the string and build my object manually?

Posted: Jun 26 11 at 22:35

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Ajax :: Call To Get A JSON Message With Set Of Person Objects
I am using Spring MVC and I want to do a AJAX call to get a JSON message with a Set of Person objects.I have this jQuery code:[code]The type parameter Set is hiding the type Set<E>Cannot make a static reference to the non-static method getAllPersons() from the type IPersonService.The type Set is not generic; it cannot be parameterized with arguments <Person>.

Posted: Dec 7 10 at 12:08

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AJAX :: Request + Pass Json Objects To The Server? - Firefox Error: No Element Found
I'm making this ajax call:

url = "/GeoAdaptaApp/geoLogger/logGuiEvents?json="+aLotOfJSONStuff;
encUrl = encodeURI(url,"UTF-8");
new Ajax.Request(encUrl, {
method: 'get',
onSuccess: this.sendQueueToServerSuccess( this,logConsole ),

The JSON string seems correct (I checked it with a validator) and it worked on an Ajax.updater (but i need a request now). Firefox keeps telling me:


The call always end up in the onFailure block. Full request here: [URL] It's very strange, Is there a better way to pass json objects to the server?

Posted: 02-08-2010, 10:36 AM

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Ajax :: Windows Service Hosting WCF Objects Over SSL (https) - Custom JSON Error Handling Doesn't Work
I will first show the code that works in a non-ssl (http) environment. This code uses a custom json error handler, and all errors thrown, do get bubbled up to the client javascript (ajax).

// Create webservice endpoint
WebHttpBinding binding = new WebHttpBinding();
ServiceEndpoint serviceEndPoint = new ServiceEndpoint(ContractDescription.GetContract(Type.GetType(svcHost.serviceContract + ", " + svcHost.assemblyName)), binding, new EndpointAddress(svcHost.hostUrl));


Now, with this SSL endpoint code, the service starts up correctly, and wcf hosted objects can be communicated with just fine via client javascript. However, the custom error handler doesn't work. The reason is, the AddServerErrorHandlers() method never gets called when webServiceHost.Open() is run.

So, can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture? And why, is AddServerErrorHandlers() not getting called automatically, like it does when I'm using non-ssl endpoints?

Posted: Jun 9 10 at 19:51

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Creating New JSON Objects By Accessing Variable Keys Within Another JSON Object?
I'm trying to take an existing JSON object and create smaller JSON chunks out of it specific for creating separate graphs. Here is my code which uses jQuery:

function updateStationGraphs (bsid) {
$.getJSON("includes/system/ajaxDataInterface.php", {format:'flot',target:bsid}, function(data) {
var graphOptions = {


Posted: Jun 5 09 at 22:01

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AJAX :: Merge Server-side Templating And It To Maximize Reusability?
Consider the following general issue before I go to the specific problem: You use server-side templating (e.g. Smarty) to generate a page in a particular way depending on a particular state. However, you can also change the state and update that page dynamically using Javascript. How do you construct such a system that does not involve replicating one's work in both Javascript and PHP?

Now, for the specific question that relates to the above. I have a navigation bar for an educational website. Depending on the URL provided by the user, you can be at various levels of navigation: field, subject, course, section, lesson. For example, if the user accesses the following index.php?[code]...

Posted: Sep 27 11 at 21:30

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