Mouseover Issue In Opera - DIV Expands On Mouseover?

Oct 15, 2010

I've tested across IE7,Firefox, Chrome, Safari and the only browser I experience this issue in is Opera. I have 3 icons at the bottom of the page (facebook, rainbow, charity logo) and on mouseover the whole site expands downwards (it's not supposed to do that). I've googled for reasons why it would do this but have found none. [URL]...

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JQuery :: Mouseover Effect - When Mouseover A Div And H4 Within Will Change Properties

Jan 23, 2010


What trying to achieve is to have a div which when you mouseover a div and h4 within will change properties.This is working but when you mouseover the div and pass over either the border of the containing div or the h4 text the animate/fadeTo repeat again. Is someone able to tell what Im doing wrong? Also you may notice the function is effecting more than one container div at a time which is not what Im going for.
Is there a way to seperate them like this or somehow?


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Do While MouseOver

Jan 28, 2003

Can anyone give me some tips on getting a function to loop while an object is hovered?

For instance, I'd like to call a function which increases the size of an image dynamically while the mouse is over it and then have it dynamically shrink again when the mouse is removed.

If I put an endless loop in the function, then it'll just hang however if I don't put a loop in the function then the function will only be called once no matter how long the cursor remains over the object.

I could create a function to run on mouseover which grew and shrunk the image within hard-coded upper and lower limits, but it's the "grow indefinitely" option that I can't suss.

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Imagemaps, Mouseover

Jul 23, 2005

I wonder if somebody could help me with the following: I have a picture
which is divided into parts and clicking on a certain part will open a new
window showing an enlarged view of this part, like this:

<map name="tetzel01">
<area shape="rect" coords="142,13,234,98" href="tetzel_detail01.html"
target="_blank" alt="Ansicht Detail - klicken" title="Ansicht Detail -

I would like to try to alter it so that when someone's mouse is over a
certain part, the enlarged image pops up.

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Mouseover Events...

Jul 23, 2005

I want to make my site more dynamic... but i dont find out how this works...

On my site there is at the left side the navigation bar and at the rigt side
i want to put a photo. The photo should change when someone puts the cursor
over the links in the left side.

Does anybody kno how this works?

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How Get MAP To Work With Mouseover

Apr 11, 2006

The following passes the test as valid, and the mouseover for the six
indicated areas also work.
I need various areas to link to another page, including the six
However either the MAP works by itself, or the below mouseover works,
but not both. Code:

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Mouseover Event For Row

Jul 20, 2005

I have a grey coloured table that displays certain columns in either
red, green or orange to give meaning and emphasis to certain data.

What I want to do now is setup some kind of javascript event so that
when the user mouse's over a row the row changes colour to highlight
it. I've discovered however that I can only change the row into one
specific colour, and then back again into one specific colour using a
mouseover and mouseout event in the row.

I tried moving my event from the row tag into the table cell tags
thinking I was being clever (see below), but had I thought about it
I'd have realised this wasn't going to work either.

Can this actually be done in Javascript as I've exhausted my limited
javascript knowledge and dont know what else to try Code:

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JQuery :: Using .each And .mouseover ?

Jun 9, 2011

I've some trouble when using .each and .mouseover.

This is my code:

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Mouseover With Image Map

Dec 3, 2005

I used an image map because i have 5 bracelets in one picture, all with different styles. I created the mouseover images so that when your mouse is over one of them, that bracelet will highlight and show the name of the style. But the mouseovers are not working at all.

All the .gif have been uploaded into a sub folder named bracelets. I do not want and ALT tag or an onclick, an no link associated to each bracelet. Code:

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Highlighting With Mouseover

Sep 18, 2006

On the symantec site ( there is a neat piece of code where as your mouse passes over four sections in the middle of the page a border is placed around each of the sections. Any suggestions how this is done?

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Mouseover Labels To Pop Up?

Oct 20, 2010

I want to display an image and when a user mouses over the image, i want a label to pop up. I've done this before, but I've forgotten how.

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Mouseover Menu

Jul 10, 2003

The design of the website that I am working on requires mouseover menus that open up instead of down. I don't know much JavaScript yet, so I looked all over the Internet trying to find a script that would allow me to do this. I finally found one here. But when I set it up it wouldn't work properly. For some reason it always opens the menu in the top right hand cornor of the screen. Since, like I said, I don't know much JavaScript yet, I have now idea what the problem is or how to fix it.

I attached a dumbed down version of my page to this post. I removed all graphics and content, and I put my javascript and style sheet into the head section so that it would all be in one file. Code:

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Three-state Mouseover

Dec 13, 2004

I am using the javascript below to produce three-state mouseovers. Each link has three images that look like tabs. Image 1 is the regular image for the link. Image 2 has the rollover effect (glowing text), and image 3 is onClick - it makes the tab appear as though it has moved forward (active).

Now, this javascript works perfectly when the links do not go anywhere. However, when the links are working, the onClick effect is rendered useless - because after clicking the link, a new page loads, and the buttons are reset back to their original state.

I need the active button to keep it's "forward, active" appearance. Code:

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Javascript Mouseover Help

Jul 27, 2001

I am using an external .js file to control the mouseovers on the page. And before anyone says anything, I think yes, I did borrow it from Sitepoint!

Anyway, this is the code for the .js file:

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Two Mouseover Events

Sep 2, 2001

Basically I have a rollover effect that I would like to cause a hidden layer to become visible (currently I have this as a click event)?

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Mouseover Customised Alt Tag

Apr 8, 2006

Im looking at having an image on my website, which when the mouse pointer is placed over the image, a simple label appears next the pointer (similar to that of the alt tag with a standard image). The label will contain no links, just a small paragraph of text. I understand this must be done in javascript.

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Raise A Mouseover

Dec 30, 2007

i have a link and just beside an image.
when my mouse is over the image, it displays a <div> that covers the <a> (link).
Basically the link and image should perform the same action (display a hidden div).

however, when my div is displayed, the link should be "like" the mouse is over the link (it should change the color).

so how can i raise the mouseover (or simulate it) on the link (when the div covers it) ?

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Getting Mouseover To Pop Up Elsewhere On Page?

Jan 31, 2003

i am working on a page with a lot of photos and would like to have a strip of thumbnails across the top but when the mouse is over them i would like the enlarged photo to be displayed further down the page.

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Changing URL On Mouseover?

Mar 20, 2011

I'm working at masking my fantasy football site hosted by my provider onto my own subdomain, since they can't allow me point a dns at their servers.I did manage to mask the webaddress to my sub doman with a php script. But it also only masks the initial visit, and th link name.

And now i'm trying to learn how mask the various url/links in the menus.As I little about javascript, can someone show me a way to mask the url address when a user mouses over them? The links themselves wont' change, I'm just trying to mask the link names on the mouseover to look like their on my own domain.

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Mouseover, Mouseout And Onclick In A <TD>

Jul 20, 2005

I am trying to accomplish a task that i thought would be easy -
and at this point - i'm starting to wonder...

I have a table setup, one column, ten rows

All the cells start off with a white background,
as the mouse passes over the cell, the background color
changes to a nice light blue. I have that working ok -

but the trick comes in as - when a user clicks in the
cell - i would like to change the background color to silver,
and when the user moves the mouse off of the cell - the background
will stay silver, until the user clicks another of the cells,
then that cell switches to silver, and the rest of the cells turn
to white

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JQuery :: Target A P Tag In A Div On Mouseover?

Jul 7, 2009

I have the following code

function(){ $(this).css('background-color','#6bc6f2'); $("p").css('color','#fff') },
function(){ $(this).css('background-color','#fbf9f9'); $("p").css('color','#000') }

I have the .box class applied to a div basically I what to hover over the div change the background color of the div and at the same time change the text color of any text wrapped in p tags.

I am getting close but with this code every instance of the p tag gets swapped out I need to know how to target only p tags in the div that I am mouseing over

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JQuery :: Animation Only When Mouseover?

Sep 20, 2009

I'm trying to use scrollTo in oder to scroll vertically a div. I want to use 2 anchors, one to go up and the other to go down and I need that the effect works ONLY when the mouse is over the anchor (when I move it out the animation has to stop).How can I achieve so?


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JQuery :: .mouseover On Various Divs?

Mar 28, 2011

Code below makes hovering a div in another div to appear, and when the mouse leave the div disappears. But as you can see, the div "visualizar" this in a loop and when I move the mouse in a div appears in all, I wonder how I can make a div to appear at a time, I could modify the code?

script jquery:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = inicia;
function inicia() {


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JQuery :: Using If Else Statement With Mouseover

May 14, 2010

I'm trying to stop my script running if someone mouses over a link with the class .focus.
The code:
$(document).ready(function() {
window.setInterval(function() { //Every 3 seconds do this function
if ("a.focus").mouseover(function() {
//Do nothing
}) else {
$(".list li:nth-child(3)").children().toggleClass('focus'); //Remove class from <li> #3
$(".list li:last").css("height", 0);
$(".list li:last").prependTo(".list").animate({ //Put last <li> to the top of the list and animate the height from 0 to 48
height: 48,
},200, function(){
//Animation Complete
$(".list li:nth-child(3)").stop().children().toggleClass('focus'); //Add class to <li> #3
}}, 3000);});

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MouseOver And Show File?

Feb 25, 2009

I would like to create a link where you mouseover and it pops up a powerpoint slide. I know a powerpoint slide would take up the whole window so I would need the powerpoint to pop up near the link and take up half the window and show up next to the link. On mouseout the powerpoint would disapear.

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Exlude The First And Last Td From A Mouseover That Highlights The Row?

Dec 6, 2010

What I am trying to do is exlude the first and last td from a mouseover that highlights the row.


onMouseOver="this.className='stylehilight';" onMouseOut="this.className='stylehilightreversed';"

I'm aware that above code line does the whole row but I'm not sure how I can exclude tds from a row highlight Current.


<table align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="98%">
<td class="menuboxleft" align="right"></td>[code]......

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