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Jquery :: JqGrid Checkbox Column?

I have a fairly complex grid with two columns formatted as a checkbox. Those columns are defined as follow:

{ name: 'Alert_A', index: 'Alert_A', width: 22, align: 'center', sortable: false,
formatter: CheckBoxFormatter, editable: true, edittype: 'checkbox', editoptions: {value: "True:False"},
formatoptions: {disabled: false}, classes: "Alert_A" },


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JqGrid With An Editable Checkbox Column?
When using jqGrid how do you force a cell to load in its editable view on page load as well as when it is clicked?

If you set up 'cell editing' like below, the check box only appears when you click on the cell.

{ name: 'MyCol', index: 'MyCol', editable:true, edittype:'checkbox', editoptions: { value:"True:False" },

Also on clicking checkbox, is there a way of sending a AJAX post to server instantly rather than having to rely on the user pressing enter?

Posted: May 30 09 at 3:21

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Jquery :: Get The Current Sort Column In A JqGrid After User Clicks A Column Header?
I'm in the beforeRequest handler, and would like to know what the current sort column is. How can I find that?

Posted: Oct 27 10 at 20:39

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Jquery :: JqGrid Column Not Aligned With Column Headers?
I'm using jqGrid 3.6.5 and IE8When setting shrinkToFit: false the columns are clearly not aligned with the column headers.If I turn on shrinkToFit: true the problem disappears, but I lose the absolute sizing of the columns.Resizing the columns (in code, or dynamically by the user) does not affect this problem.

Posted: Jul 12 10 at 23:23

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Radio Button Column Mutually Exclusive Within All Grid Rows For This Radio Column Using JqGrid?
How to create a grid with one special column of radio buttons in such a way if user click on this column of a particular row then only this radio button gets selected like if there is a radio group spread across this column of grid vertically

Posted: Sep 13 11 at 11:40

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Jquery :: Jqgrid: When Mouseover A Column Heading - Column Heading Will Expand
In jqgrid,when i am keep a multiple column,scroll bar is coming in browser.i dont need a scrollbar.i have to fixed width for jqgrid.when i mouseover column heading will expand.below is screenshot of jqgrid.

Posted: Sep 16 11 at 10:02

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Make A Column As A Checkbox Column?
Can i make a column as a checkbox column?

Posted: September 12th, 2009, 01:19 AM

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Jquery :: Image Column In JqGrid?
I want a image column in my jQGrid,I have used a formatter,but doesnot work,please give me the solution for code is as follows:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
var TheGrid ;
var resp;


Posted: Feb 18 10 at 11:00

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Jquery :: Display Different Values In A JqGrid Column?
I have a jGrid with an editable column some_other_id that has a select dropdown with keys/values of 1:A,2:B,3:C. I want the selected choice in each row to display the text value of the choice (e.g. 'A', 'B', 'C'), not the ID (1, 2, or 3). It currently displays the ID. code...

How to make it display the selected text value from editoptions instead?

Posted: Mar 1 10 at 22:13

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Jquery :: Hyperlink In Jqgrid On Each Cell Of A Particular Column?
I have a treegrid where there are 10 columns like id,parentid,name etc.

Suppose 'parentid' is a hyperlink then when i select a cell on 'parentid' the control should go to the cell of 'name' column corresponding to that 'parentid'.

For eg. if ' name' abc corresponds to 'id' 2 then on clicking 2 on 'parentid' column,the control should go to 'abc' in 'name' column.

Posted: Jul 28 11 at 5:49

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Jquery :: Make Column Visible In Jqgrid?
I have a grid with 50+ columns. I would like to enable the user to select a column they want displayed (with a dropdown or some such).

Is there any function to make a certain column be visible [to the user] e.g. scroll the grid to the column location or move the column?

Posted: Sep 13 11 at 20:53

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Jquery :: Add Multi-column Sorting To Jqgrid?
I can add single column sorting to jqgrid, no problem. How can I add multi-column sorting to jqgrid?

That is, sort by column 1, then sort by column 2, the final sort order is: column 2, column 1

Posted: Sep 3 10 at 1:44

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Jquery :: JQGrid MultiSelect Getting The Column Data
Is there a way for the JQGrid to return an array of column Data for using multiSelect as opposed to just an array of rowIds ? At the moment I can only return the last column data that was selected.


Posted: Feb 19 10 at 14:54

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Jquery :: Linking From A Column Value In JqGrid To A New Page Using GET
I have created a jqGrid that contains some fields such as:

job_id, name, etc

What I am trying to do is make so that when the click on the value in the job_id column, it will redirect them to:

job.php?job_id=(value that they clicked on)

I started by trying to use the following as my colModel:

{ name:'job_id', index:'job_id', edittype:'select', formatter:'showlink',
formatoptions:{baseLinkUrl:'job.php'}, width:50, align:'center' }

But what this results in is a redirection to:


I did some searching, and found a post by the developer of the open source version of this software who suggested using the following colModel and additional JS:

{ name:'job_id', index:'job_id', edittype:'select', formatter:'showlink',
formatoptions:{baseLinkUrl:'#'}, width:50, align:'center' }
loadComplete: function() {


But this is not compatible with IE. In addition to this, when displaying a large number of rows in the jqGrid, it takes a extremely long time to load, say 5 seconds + for 500 rows.

Posted: Feb 15 11 at 23:30

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JQuery :: JQGrid And Dynamic Column Binding
How to bind jqGrid dynamically?. The columns are not available at design time but will only be available only at runtime. In the current jqGrid design the colmodels and other properties needs to be pre-populated for the grid to work correctly.

Posted: Feb 17 10 at 2:35

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Jquery :: Send Only Two Column Values From Jqgrid?
I have a jqgrid and on button click I just want to send two column values instead of sending the whole can I achieve is using getRowData .

Posted: Jun 3 11 at 18:14

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Jquery :: JqGrid Error On Sorting Datetime Column?
When I set [ sorttype: "datetime", datefmt: "d/m/Y H:i:s" ] to a jQuery grid, I get a message error when sorting a datetime column.The message is: undefined. But, this only happens in IE 8/9, on Firefox it works fine.I have some tables created dynamically. One table created is like this:

<table id="files_1">


Posted: Apr 6 at 20:16

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Jquery :: Hide Id Column From Displaying In JqGrid Table?
hide the id column in jqGrid, I am assuming in order to select current row i will be needing this id column but dont want it to be flashing in my table

Updated with ospatches

var ospatches=[];
var row={};$(this).attr('name');


Posted: Jun 18 11 at 11:19

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Jquery :: JqGrid On Column Header Click Event?
I am using jquery and jqGrid and I am looking for an oncolumnheader (or something similar) click event. I have used the "onSortCol:" property of grid but it is not giving me the DOM object on which the click is done. Is there a function or any way to hook click event to a column header in jqGrid?

Posted: Sep 20 at 10:20

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Jquery :: Does Jqgrid Frozen Column Work With Treegrid
I am trying to use the new frozen column feature with a treegrid and it doesn't seem to work.

Posted: Dec 19 11 at 14:47

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Jquery :: Change The Column Sort Icons For A Jqgrid?
I need to change the default sort icons for the jqgrid. Currently it has an up and down arrow shown for each column. How can I replace it with a single icon that changes as it is clicked on?Basically, the icon should toggle between ascending, descending and unsortedUsing Oleg's answer I changed the default double arrow icons to be a single red up or down arrow that toggles when sorted.The jqGrid is wrapped in a div with a searchResults class.This makes the header icons red:

.searchResults .ui-state-default .ui-grid-ico-sort.ui-icon
background-image: url("../images/ui-icons_cd0a0a_256x240.png");


Posted: Sep 1 10 at 5:04

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Jquery :: Jqgrid Change Column Title Attribute?
When I hover over a particular cell value, the hover value is same as the cell value. Can I change the hover text different from the cell value?

Posted: Jan 20 11 at 16:38

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Jquery :: JqGrid Drag And Drop Column Reorder
I've seen example of jqGrid does drag & drop column reordering [URL]. However, the feature is not documented anywhere in the jqGrid Wiki, or maybe I overlooked or something. Does anyone knows how to implement this in jqGrid?

Posted: Oct 21 10 at 14:57

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Jquery :: Perform Sorting On Any Column In ClientSide JQGrid?
I want to sort my records by Column, I am using Clinet Side verson of JQGrid. Can anybnody tell me, how can I sort records in my JQGrid.

Posted: Mar 9 10 at 13:45

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Jquery :: Set Display Text On A Link Column In JqGrid?
How do I set the display text on a link column in jqGrid. I want the text in every column to just say "View" with the link containing the specific Id. Here is what I currently have, but the Id get displayed in the column instead of the text "View". I was hoping to do it without passing the link html in the json returned data.[code]...

Posted: Sep 3 11 at 16:42

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