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Jquery :: Dialog IE6 And IE7 Hangs

I'm using jquery to show a dialog box, but its causing IE6 and IE7 to hang.If I remove modal:true, the dialog box shows and closes fine in both IE6 and IE7. Its when I add the modal:true line, that causes the browser to crash.Thought I'd post the rest of the javascript and html, just in case somebody would like to try it out.

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JQuery :: Ajax Request Hangs IE6?
XP IE6 virtual PC for test, latest version of jquery the browser hangs after an ajax request. $.get("/myurl", {random: $.random()}, mycallback); I read that IE6 hangs for some cache searching stuff, that is why I added a randomstring with my $.random() but keeps hanging the browser.

Posted: 13-Oct-2009

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JQuery :: UI DatePicker Hangs On Second Call
I'm creating an ASP.NET MVC3 app that uses jQuery Datepicker and Timepicker inside a dialog. The code is pretty simple, just localization:


The $form.serialize() function already returns the html in the data variable, so, I just need to get its content and set as HTML of the maindiv.

Posted: Nov 8 11 at 12:22

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Jquery :: Sometimes Ajax Call Just Hangs
I've got my users entering an email address and doing some validation as they type. It check to see if the email is in the db, and returns stuff depending on the result. Problem is, 1 out of 10 times it just sits there and never makes it to a success so my user is stuck looking at a loading animation.[code]...

I'm wondering if there is something that stands out for you in my code which could be causing this issue of it just getting caught... is there a way that if for some reason it gets hung we can tell it to try again or something? I haven't played much with the fail result... I'm wondering if it is common practice to do something like call the function inside of itself if there is a fail.

Posted: Dec 3 10 at 4:21

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Jquery :: UI Dialog And Sortable Columns #dialog Class - Dialog Shows The Form Inside Page Before Click The Icon?
I succeed to create a sortable portlet system for a excisting cms.I also made a dialog pop where i can change true a form the title and in the future some more content within the dialog ,for each portlet.However my issue is that the #dialog shows the form inside my page before i click the icon.When i click the icon , the form removes from the page and shows nicely inside the dialog.I understand WHY it do that , but i cant solve's my javascript:

$('.column .portlet-header .ui-icon-wrench').click(function(e) {
var portlet_to_edit = $(this).parents('.portlet').attr('id');[code].....

Posted: Jan 9 10 at 20:41

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Jquery :: IE8 Hangs On Window.resize Event?
I discovered a problem that seems to reproduce always when opening a piece of html and javascript in IE8.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>[code]...

Loading this file in IE8 and opening Developer Tools will show that the log message is printed continuously after one resize of the browser window.Does anyone has an idea why? This is not happening in IE7 or IE9, nor in other browsers (or at least their latest versions).

UPDATE: One solution to prevent the continuos trigger of resize() is to add handler on document.body.onresize if the browser is IE8.

var ieVersion = getInternetExplorerVersion();
if (ieVersion == 8) {
document.body.onresize = function () {[code]....

Posted: May 10 11 at 8:38

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JQuery :: Firefox Hangs On DOM Loop Insertion
I have a function that requests some images from a server and returns these in a JSON format. I iterate these pictures (like 150) and insert each image in a div. I want the images to show up one by one, but the browser shows them all in one time. This makes Firefox hang.. In Safari/Chrome, the performance is OK, but they also show up pretty slow and not one at a time.[code]...

Posted: Mar 5 11 at 17:02

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Jquery :: Ie8 Page Hangs Before Load Complete
I am experiencing and issue only in IE. In FF, Safari, and Chrome, behavior is as expected. After running the IE8 dev tools profile on the pages, all signs point to the jQuery .css() function, although the details in the call stack make it impossible to find the culprit. I get no filename or line number whatsoever. The site is [URL]

Posted: Aug 18 10 at 21:13

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Jquery :: Sparkline Rendering Is Slow And Hangs Browser
Sparklines are awesome for doing little inline graphs. However, if the container they are in is hidden, you can't simply draw them behind the scenes and then show them. You must first display the container and then call the $.sparkline_display_visible method.

This is ok, except that it's really slow if you have a lot of graphs. I have a little over 200 graphs (and will eventually scale to more) to render and it takes around 4000ms to render them all, hanging the browser. Does anyone know how to either speed up this process (doubtful) or improve perceived performance by not hanging the browser? I tried to add a timer so each graph would show up one at a time while being rendered, but that still takes a while with 200+ graphs and the effect is a bit distracting to the user.

Posted: May 18 10 at 19:01

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JQuery :: Browser Hangs When User Clicks On Any Link On Page
I've got a jQuery ajax call to a php script which gets aborted when a user clicks on any link on the page.

The ajax call aborts ok, but the php script, which includes a sleep() function is not aborted until after the sleep() has finished sleeping.

Does anyone know if there's any way to make the sleep() function also abort when a user cancels / aborts the ajax request?

Posted: April 12th, 2010, 11:57 PM

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XMLHttpRequest Hangs On ReadyState 3
I'm using the XMLHTTPRequest JavaScript object to fetch updated info
from the server.

The problem I'm having occurs on Windows 2000/IE 6. There is a very
long pause on readyState 3 (close to a minute, maybe more) but it
eventually gets to readyState 4. I have no idea why. The page works
just fine on Windows XP/IE 6.

There is no delay or hang up on the server side as far as I can tell
(if we get to readyState 3 is because the server already sent its

Does anyone know what takes place between readyState 3 and 4 and why
does this happen on Windows 2000 but not on Windows XP? Code:

Posted: August 11th, 2006

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Onmousedown Hangs In Mozilla
I'm trying to make it so when I click a image it prints out the image
again and a load of other stuff. So far i've got this far.

<script language="JavaScript" type="">
document.onmousedown = onmousedown;
function onmousedown(e)
<body bgcolor="FFFFFF">

<img border="1" src="iecadaptor.jpg">


but in Mozilla it prints out hello then hangs looking like it's doing
something then I have to press back. In Explorer it works doesn't hang.
Any ideas anyone why it's hanging in mozilla(linux)?
Also if I change the document.writeln("hello"); to

document.writeln("<img border="1" src="iecadaptor.jpg">");

it doesn't print out an image just hangs in mozilla. Any ideas?

Ideally I would like it so document.writeln doesn't have to reload to a
new page and just uses a layer using <div stuff but that's next.

Posted: July 20th, 2005

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IE Hangs When Accessing Clipboard / Cause Of It?
We are using a javascript code which is setInterval("window.clipboardData.setData(' ')",20)in our application for managing clipboard content. While accessing our website via Internet Explorer 7, system will prompt a warning message �Do you want to allow this web page to access your Clipboard?�. This confirmation message will have two buttons �Don�t Allow� and �Allow Access� . Suppose if I click the input field in the Application, system will prompt this confirmation message , and I can continue by click on any of the button. but sometime it happens that the CUSTOMER NOT ABLE TO CLICK ANY OF THE CONFIRMATION BUTTONS, AND BROWSER WILL HANG ON. customer will not allow to disable/enable clipboard access properties via IE Tools->Internet options. THIS IS VERY VERY URGENT FOR ME.. Can anyone give a solution for this.

Posted: Jul 28, 2009

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Hangs In IE Unless In Debug Mode
I'm building web a javascript application using jquery, knockoutjs and less (for css).Works fine in all browsers, except IE 9 (only tried IE 9).It simply never starts. Nothing from the templates are shown. Unless i press F12 for debug and refresh. Then everything works fine, also works if I close the debug window and refresh. Right until next IE restart.

Posted: Nov 23 11 at 21:57

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Script Regex Hangs (using V8)
I'm using this regex to get the contents of a tag in a file.[code]...

This causes the v8 engine to hang indefinitely.

Now, if I use new RegExp("<tag:main>([sS]*)</tag:main>"), all is good.

Posted: Mar 9 10 at 9:25

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Window Hangs In Loading
In one of my project I require to open new window on button click which uses images and CSS. After clicking on the button it shows all the things perfectly the only problem is the progress bar on on the window never show 100%. [code]...

Posted: 03-02-2010, 06:29 AM

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Browser Hangs As If It Is Loading Something

I added the next() function and the browser hangs as if it is loading something, never does. Without the next() call the display function works. I am trying to do a variation of this.

Posted: Mar 5 09 at 21:31

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IE8 Hangs When Loading A Page
Possible Duplicate:

ASP.NET treeview performance issue with IE7,8

I have a page with a treeview with 2000 nodes in it. When opening that page, the IE8 hangs. Other browsers(Chrome, FF) works fine. The browser hangs (Not Responding) and then reopens and then the page is loaded.

Posted: Aug 3 11 at 7:32

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Long-running CGI Script Hangs / Fix It?
I have a CGI script that takes a few minutes to run. I want to keep it very simple. Currently, it prints some information about the process and then starts running it. When complete, it shows the result of the job.

It works perfectly when I load it in telnet. However, Firefox doesn't show the header information until after the process is complete. Is there some JavaScript call or DOM setting that I can use to tell the browser to load the information it already has and hold tight?

Again, I just want something simple as the script already works quite well as-is.

Posted: Sep 15 10 at 22:49

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Get The Form To Validate - It Hangs Up On Password
[URL]how I can get the form to validate it hangs up on password.

Posted: 05-28-2011, 08:49 AM

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Menu Hangs When Cursor Is Still Nearby

This code allows me to make a drop down menu when the cursor hovers over a link.

I have a horizontal menu, so when I hover over a certain link, I get a drop down menu, but the problem is that it won't go away if my cursor is still around the horizontal menu. It will go away if my cursor is outside of the menu.[code]...

Posted: Jan 27th, 2011

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Debug Script Which Hangs Browser?
I'm working on a substantially large rich web page JavaScript application. For some reason a recent change is causing it to randomly hang the browser.

How can I narrow down where the problem is? Since the browser becomes unresponsive, I don't see any errors and can't Break on next using FireBug.

Posted: Sep 2 at 22:49

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Sidebar Hangs When Reopens Pop Up Window
I have a sidebar application, I am using an IM functionality inside this sidebar. When a user is logging in, the connection with chat server will generate on this sidebar.The sidebar itself acts as a parent window. When a user click on the IM icon inside the sidebar, a child Pop up window will open. The child Pop up window uses the connection objects from the Parent sidebar. When closing this child Pop up window, the sidebar hangs. When I tried to reopen the child Popup window, the Pop up window also hangs for a long time. But I can not find the exact reason behind this hanging of sidebar, after closing the Pop up window.

Posted: Sep 9th, 2009

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SetTimeout Function Hangs My Browser
I an showing times using java script.[code]...

Posted: Feb 24 11 at 20:26

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C# - IE Hangs On Second Time A Value Is Passed To A Parent Window?
I've got an ASP.NET 3.5 web app where I am trying to return a string from a child window to a parent window.It works in FF, Chrome, and Safari, but IE is a different story. In IE, it works the first time through but when reopening the child and passing another string, the parent page hangs in the middle of the PostBack.For the parent window ascx, I have the following:

<script type="text/javascript">
function openMediaManager() {
// This is called to open the child window.


Posted: Aug 21 09 at 19:14

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