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Jquery :: Bxslider Conflict With SlideToggle In Only IE?

I've found this jquery plugin and it works great except with IE.[URL]...If I insert bxslider in my code, jquery slide toggle fails.

<span><a href="#" class="tabbutton" id="tabbtnA">Visual</a></span>&nbsp;
<span><a href="#" class="tabbutton" id="tabbtnB">Keywords</a></span>
<div id="tabA" class="tabcontent">


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JQuery :: Bxslider And Mootols Banner Conflict
I am a student and am currently developing my first wordpress based website. I currently have two conflicting javascripts on my home page (splash.php). The first is a banner that uses mootools and the other is the bxslider jQuery script.

<script src="" language="javascript"></script>


I have been trying for days to find the problem, but I'm not very knowledgeable of javascript.

Posted: 09-16-2011, 08:29 PM

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JQuery :: Conflict Between Wslide And SlideToggle?
I use two jQuery plugins in my page : slideToggle (for a top panel) and wslide (for showing two examples with images and captions).The problem is, the content of my wslide goes down and downer each time we open the toppanel. Is there any way of getting around this problem and make the content stick to where it should be? Here's some code :

<script type="text/javascript">


Posted: 29-Aug-2011

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Jquery :: .slideToggle - .slideToggle Script To Show Big Images When Thumbnails Are Clicked
Recently I've been using a .slideToggle script to show big images when thumbnails are clicked.

However, the <div> that is revealed does not Toggle Up when multiple thumbs are clicked, so I'm left with a bunch of open <div>s on the page.

I'm not sure what to do -- I think it has something to do with the siblings of the class "largeexamples" but I'm not sure. I've also been reading about eq, but I'm not there yet.



Posted: May 11, 2009

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JQuery :: Plugin Bxslider In IE7?
On my homepage I have used the jquery plugin bxslider [URL].. which is working fine in all browsers except IE7. It works fine in all the latest browsers, firefox, ie8, opera, chrome, and safari. However in IE7 it just doesn't seem to initialize and all of my slides are displayed vertically.

Javascript code:
<script type="text/javascript">
prev_image: 'images/left.png',


Posted: 10-20-2010, 01:17 PM

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Jquery :: Padding Jump In Bxslider Css?
I have got a little problem. I got a bxslider running on a website i am making. everything works properly until the slider starts at start again. It contains 3 slides, so after 2 clicks i am at slide 3. Once i click again on the "next button" it goes to slide 1. that is correct allthough it shifts up 30 pixels. I guess this is because i set my UL to padding-top to 30px. This is strange since i tell the whole UL to have a top padding.

I hope that someone can help me, it already took me over 2 hours to fix. the website we are talking about: [URL]...

Posted: Apr 5 11 at 8:45

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JQuery :: Using SlideToggle() With Opera And SlideToggle()
I have a weird problem with jQuery and Opera. When I am using slideToggle(), it runs fine and smooth in Firefox, Chorme, Safari and even in IE, but not in Opera. In Opera the motion is kind of broken: first it moves a little, then it stops and finally it jumps straight to end.


The oddest problem is there: when I add another link (same than the other, expect other id), then Opera loads both intro-spans fine. But with only one intro-span, it isn't smooth. The code is now on jsFiddle too ([URL]).

Posted: Jan 23 11 at 10:30

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Jquery :: Wordpress - Creating Unique Id With To Use In Bxslider?
I guess this is pretty simple but I have no experience with jquery whatsoever. I'm using bxslider in every post I post in my wordpress theme and need the jquery to point to numerous unique id's, not only to work1, but work2, work3 and so on.

The markup is this:
<ul id="work1">


Posted: Sep 26 11 at 10:24

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Jquery :: Html - Centering Bxslider Plugin?
I am having difficulties centering the bxslider plugin within my html page.

Here is my HTML:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">


Posted: Oct 20 at 18:02

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JQuery :: Animation - BxSlider Advanced Configuration
I'm trying to use the jQuery bxSlider to fade in elements on my slides. I'm trying to figure out how i would use currentSlideHtmlObject to get back the H1 inside the slide that animate. Here is my code right now. The animation runs on the first slide, but I can't get it to run on each slide transition. I found the option of currentSlideHtmlObject to add to onAfterSlide: function() but don't know how i would use it to target each h1 inside the slide.


Posted: Sep 9 11 at 20:23

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JQuery :: Hover Function Not Working On 'BxSlider' Loop?
I have 6 images/products on an infinite loop powered by the BxSlider I have then coded in jQuery a function that displays the products name when you hover over the respective product image.The problem I'm having is that the hovering only works on each loop and does not cross over to the next loop. For example if you take a look at the page mentioned earlier you'll notice that the last image in the loop is two back seats of a red car, and if you try and hover between that image and the boat image next to it you will get no change in the product name. But if you move completley into the next loop all of the jQuery works again. And for the life of me I cannot solve this issue.The code is here.

$('.newp-hover').mouseenter(function() {
var imgValue = $(this).attr("name");


Posted: Dec 20 11 at 21:01

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BxSlider Not Working In FireFox?
I have an image slider with thumbnails, and for some reason the thumbnails move when clicked on - only in Firefox though... it works fine in all other browsers.

here is the link : [URL]...

Posted: Sep 15, 2011

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JQuery :: Change The Number In The Pager String Using The Plugin BxSlider?
I'm using a plugin called bxSlider. It's a nice little image slider plugin with a very handy API. I was wondering if there is a way of changing the number of slides that will be displayed in the pager string. I'm looking to add a blank slide at the end, but I don't want it to display in the navigation. EG; I have five slides (four with content and one blank) and I want the pager to display 1/4.

Posted: Oct 10 at 13:36

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Jquery :: Fix -1.4.1 And Json-2.0 Conflict In Json.parse Regex Conflict With "$" Character?
After upgrading to jquery 1.4.1 i noticed there was an error anytime i tried calling json.parse. The issue is part of the regex used in json. it uses a $ in the pattern that conflicts with JQuery's $ shortcut.I don't want to use the non-conflict option with jquery because i have tons of places i'd have to replace the $ with the new corrected shortcut.Is there a way to wrap a regex pattern in single quotes or something so the pattern string is handled as literally a string?Broken section in json-2.0.js: (fails on the $)

if (/^[],:{}s]*$/.
test(text.replace(/\(?:["\/bfnrt]|u[0-9a-fA-F]{4})/g, '@').


Posted: Feb 7 10 at 15:42

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JQuery :: Two Scripts Conflict With One Another When Used Together?
I have two different scripts I am using on a web form, one which highlights the field when the mouse focuses on a field and another which checks the info and submits. They work fine separately, but together there is a to resolve the conflict?Here are the two scripts.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script language="javascript">


Posted: 19-May-2010

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Jquery :: Css - Conflict But Cant Find It
[URL]Now, on the top right of the site there's a search box. On this page the normal and desired behavior can be seen: [URL] (click on 'advertenties' to see the jquery effect).What is going wrong on the first page? It looks like the css is not correctly loading and there's a jquery issue as well since the effect is not triggered on click of 'advertenties'.

Posted: Jul 27 at 11:14

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JQuery :: Php - Conflict Between Scripts
I am using CakePHP and am using 2 javascript scripts one of which relies on jQuery. On one of these javascripts the $ variable is used which conflicts with jQuery and thus I had to include the following bit of code in cakephp:

$this->Js->JqueryEngine->jQueryObject = '$j';
print $this->Html->scriptBlock('var $j = jQuery.noConflict();', array('inline' => false));

This made the javascript + jQuery inclusion work fine. I then wanted to add another javascript which requires jQuery - which I have however I get the following error:


I am not a massive javascript buff. But this confuses me and obviously there is a conflict

Posted: Oct 4 11 at 23:37

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Jquery :: Conflict Between Ui Widgets?
I'm using ipod style menu with breadcrumb from this page [URL]..and Now the problem is they're conflicting. Ipod style menu with breadcrumb works well but combobox doesn't. The combobox giving bunch of errors. I suggest both using same var names. Is there any way to fix that problem?

Posted: Oct 18 11 at 10:52

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Regarding Jquery Conflict Mode?
I have read that if i have to use jquery with other libraries then i have to use jquery in no conflict mode.I understand that and and it works. i use$j = jquery.noconflict()so that $ of jquery does not mix with $ of other librariesNow my question is that i use any jquery plugin , and i include that JS filee,g plugin.jquery.jsI am not sure whether i am correct or noti think that plugin is coded by using $ sign not the $jnd i think it will conflict with other libraries.So it means i have to chnage the plugin code as well or there is no need to change plugin

Posted: 09-30-2009, 01:55 AM

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JQuery :: Css - PIE - Htc And Animation Conflict?
I have a series of bullets that will appear in succession. I'm using jQuery and jQuery UI in the animation of the bullets. The top bullet needs to have rounded corners which I am using CSS and to accomplish. This works great in all non-IE browsers as well as IE8, but in IE7, the first bullet appears with it's background about 80% to narrow and about 95% to short (or perhaps it is extremely offset to the top left).

Interestingly, if you resize the broswer window at all, the background snaps into proper place (not the bullets are in a fixed width container so I am not resizing the bullets here). If I comment out the line in my CSS the bullet shows up properly, but I need the rounded corners. See this image.


Posted: Jan 5 11 at 15:42

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JQuery :: Conflict Between Cluetip And JdMenu?
First off, I'm a noob, so, hopefully I won't offend anyone with my ignorance I am attempting to integrate both of these plugins into a single web page, but I seem to have some conflicts.

When I use the following script that is required for Cluetip, <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>, it disables jdMenu.

And when I use the functions.js javascript file that is required for jdMenu, it disables Cluetip.

Posted: 28-Nov-2010

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JQuery :: Conflict Between Loadmask And Maskedinput?
I found 2 jquery plugins that are useful to me Masked Input and Load Mask However, when I use both on the same page, masked input quits working

Posted: 19-Feb-2011

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JQuery :: Conflict The Ready In Fumction?
ASP.Net with Vb.Net - i am using lightbox related scripts( prototype.js ,lightbox.js and scriptaculous.js) for images view , Banner refresh purpose referenced jquery.min.js and using this code the same page


Posted: 19-Jun-2011

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JQuery :: How To Handle Conflict With Prototype
I am using protype for valadation and Jquery am using for calendar, Here is my script ,


Posted: 10-Apr-2010

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JQuery :: Conflict Between Masonry And Lightbox?
ifmasonryworks,lightboxdoesnt. if masonry doesnt, lightbox works. The scripts seem to be in conflict.I've already tried Jquery.noConflict and using another version of lightbox. i found a sample site from masonry: [URL].. that managed to put both jquerys together and it works. But i don't know what is the problem with mine.[URL]...

Posted: 13-Oct-2010

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