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Jquery :: Mobile, Accessing Detail Page From List (dynamic Data)?

I'm building an html5-app for work using Jquery Mobile which will be built like an app with phonegap later.The app loads a list of items first from a included json-file but later from an external url (it checks if new items should be added to the list) and inserts it into the built-in sql-db in modern html5-browsers.So far I have it working. I also have it brining out the data and presenting it in a list. However - the next step has me a bit stumped. When a user clicks on a item in the list it should open a page with the info about that item, taken from the db.I usually work in php and there it is of course easy to do. Just add a variabel to the url with the id and then get the querystring and usi it in the php codeDoes anyone have a good idea how to do it best in JQuery Mobile? One idea I have it to simply use the locale storage and do a click event that stores an id into the local storage and then use it on the details page.

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JQuery :: Mobile - Dynamic A To Z Content List
I'm looking to build an A to Z content list in jQuery Mobile where data is read and grouped dynamically. Is this possible? I want something like this grouped dynamically from their documentation (which is static): [URL]. But what would be really awesome is if I could get the grouping to be with collapsible content...

Posted: Apr 30 11 at 13:21

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JQuery :: Data - Mobile $.mobile.changePage Post To Page
I'm using jQuery Mobile to create a mobile (obviously) website. I have a list of items which are created dynamically based off an AJAX request. This works well! The next thing is that these list items need to link to another "page" which would require a parameter being sent to it. The code I'm using is:


Which does change to the cwCountrySpec page as you'd expect. As you can see I'm using the second parameter in $.mobile.changePage to pass the data through that I want my already-existent page to be able to receive and make use of. I can intercept the change to cwCountrySpec with this code:


Posted: Jul 15 11 at 16:38

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Jquery :: Php - Mobile Logging In And Accessing / Rejecting Page
I know this site isn't asking for people to work on a specific code, but I'm having a real hard time looking for examples/tutorial on jquery mobile login. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but I'm trying to get a user to login based on mysql database (if user is in my database), but I'm trying to figure out what to write up when user logs in? How do i set up so it will redirect to home page?


Posted: Nov 19 11 at 5:37

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Dashcode Mobile Web App Dynamic List Row Labeling?
I'm trying to put together a mobile web app using Apple's Dashcode.I would like to use a Rounded Rectangle List as a menu interface for my users, however, I cannot seem to change the various rows' labels in a dynamic list.Here is the javascript for my list:

var dayController = {

/* categoryList will display these items */
_rowData: ["iPods", "Macs", "Applications"],[code].....

I want to be able to assign the rowData[] as the labels for the rows in the lists, but I can't seem to get it to work.I'm guessing I need to change something with the prepareRow function, right?

Posted: Aug 17 10 at 2:33

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JQuery :: Mobile Select Box Dynamic Data Population?
I am using JQuery Mobile . I have populated Select box with dynamic data, The UI shows just one item populated, rest does not get rendered , here's code. The option loop iterates 5 times but the select box just show one item when renderd. Is it Jquery mobile the select box cannot be populated dynamically?

var options ='';
$("#select-choice-1").empty().append(function() {
$.each(data.maps,function(key, value){
options += '<option value="' + i + '">' + value + '</option>';


Posted: 13-Dec-2011

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Jquery :: Accessing A Dynamic Content Switcher From Another Page?
I want to be able to access the dynamic content on the Menu page from every other page on the website but with the code below, it doesn't even leave the current page when clicked on. I'd like it to display the exact content that was clicked on. The contents to be displayed are all on the menu page. The URL is [URL] I can't tell what the problem is.

<script type='text/javascript'>
$(document).ready(function() {
jcps.fader(300, '#switcher-panel');

Posted: Dec 5 11 at 17:04

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Jquery :: Mobile - Assigning Different Data-heme To Options While Adding Them To Select List?
assigning different data-heme to options while appending to select list?

// in a for loop - adding options to a select list...
if (tempstatus == 'DONE')
{ selectlistVar


Posted: Aug 31 11 at 19:52

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JQuery :: Mobile - How To Refresh A Page With List
I'm developing a simple website using Java Struts2 and jQuery Mobile, where I have an options page which has a link to a page with a nested list. The navigation is as simple as clicking the list option (on the options page) and move to the that page with the list. I'm able to draw the nested list exactly how I want it dynamically on the JSP, however the list content will keep static even if something changes on the database.

The problem here is that I want to be able to refresh the list content when: at least when I enter that list page from the options OR when returning from the nested list screen to the main list screen OR by using an explicit button on the list screen to refresh the content - or eventually a timer How can I achieve this behavior? I don't know how/where to apply or invoke this piece of code from the jQuery Mobile documentation:


Posted: Aug 23 11 at 13:25

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Dynamic Drop-down List - Create A Dynamic Menu Where A User Selects One Item And Another Select List Is Shown
I've been beating my head against a wall for a few days trying to get this working. I'm trying to create a dynamic menu where a user selects one item and another select list is shown, then another and another (and so on). Here is my JS, it *should* be taking the ID of the div, comparing it to the selected value and then showing another div by settings it's class property to visible:


Posted: 06-30-2009, 10:14 PM

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Accessing Server Data From Within Page
what I am trying to accomplish is done through javascript, but I think that it is.

I would like to access server-side data without refreshing the entire page. Is this done through layers somehow?

Posted: 02-03-2011, 05:07 PM

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Create Dynamic Drop Down List - Retrieve Data From Database
i am currently working on aptana studio nokia wrt plugin to develop a mobile widget where i need to retrieve data from database. i've created a java servlet in eclipse to connect and execute query to the ms sql server 2005 database. in aptana, i am using js file and html file, i'm able to connect to the servlet to retrieve and process the data (split the data) into an array and display the retrieved value (array) on screen. but now i need to put the retrieved value (array) into a drop down list for selection, how could i do that?

for the drop down list, i cannot define the list, it need to be able to read from the servlet as the database is updated, it need to reflect.

Posted: Oct 7th, 2009

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JQuery : Getting Back From The Detail To Result Page?
I have a result page loaded with jquery/ajax in a div, when i clicked the details of one of the results it load the details in the div. But now when you hit the back button it doesn't go to the previous results?? Or a simple go back with javascript:history(-1); doesn't work.How can i fix this??

Posted: Mar 10 10 at 22:14

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AJAX :: PHP - Populate 3 Textboxes With Dynamic Data Based On Select List?
Im trying to find a tutorial or something that will allow me to populate 3 textboxes with data from a mysql database based on whats clicked on in a select dropdown box.For example, my select looks like the following:

<select name="imaselect">
<option value="USA">USA</option>
<option value="AUS">AUS</option>
<option value="NZ">NZ</option>

Then under that i have 3 blank textboxes.If i click USA, it will go to the database, ask for 3 values, return them and then put them in the 3 text boxes, same if i click AUS and the same if i click NZ.

Posted: Mar 1 11 at 14:51

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Ajax :: Result Page To Detail Page And Back Again?
I am trying to get the back button or just a go back to work with an Ajax div? here's a minimal ajax enabled but i want it to be ajax enable with the back button and for this i am trying BBQ


But i can't get back to a resulting page after filters have been selected?

Posted: Mar 18, 2010

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JQuery :: Mobile - Update Data Theme After Page Load
I have a couple of buttons in a control group to represent on/off and I want to switch their themes when clicked. I am able to change the theme when I click on one of the buttons, but once I move the mouse so it isn't hovering over it, it changes the theme back to what it was before. How can I make the theme stick?

Here is my buttons and javascript:
<div data-role="controlgroup" data-type="horizontal">
<div title="lights.MyLight.ON" data-role="button">ON</div>
<div title="lights.MyLight.OFF" data-role="button" data-theme="b">OFF</div>
$("div[title]").click(function() {
var action = this.title;
url: 'do.php?a='+action,
cache: false
var cls = this.getAttribute('class');
var pcs = cls.split(" ");
var color = "";
cls = "ui-btn " + pcs[1];
if(pcs.length > 3) {
color = pcs[3].split("-");
cls = cls + " ui-controlgroup-last"
} else {
color = pcs[2].split("-");
} cls = cls + " ui-btn-up-b";
this.setAttribute('data-theme', 'b');
this.setAttribute('class', cls);

Posted: Jan 18 11 at 5:55

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Jquery :: Stop Loading Detail Grid At Page Load?
How can I stop DetailGrid from not loading at page load. Because I have button in master grid to load Detail Grid. Below is code for Detail Grid.

jQuery().ready(function () {
height: 100,
url: '/JQSandbox/MyFullSubGridData?id=0',


Posted: Dec 24 10 at 4:28

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Accessing Jplayer Instance Throughout Page To Load Data Based On User Clicks
I'd like to be able to use a $("#audio_2ndplaylist").click(function(){ to allow users to exchange the src="" data that jPlayer is using (i.e., the JSON formatted data containing the source URLs). I think my main issue is that i'm not sure how to reference this jPlayer object outside of where I initialized it. The jPlayer site documentation says to use $("#jplayer_id").data("jPlayer") but this has not worked for me so far.

Here's my code for the initializing the jPlayer:

var data= [ {title:"Cro Magnon Man",
artist:"The Stark Palace",


one might have for switching the JSON object this jPlayer is using from "data" with "data2"

Posted: Sep 16 at 14:07

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Ajax :: Html - Refresh A Detail Select List When Master Select Changes?
I'm looking for some pointers. I have one select list with a list of topics;

<select class="editor-select" id="TopicDescription" style="width: 99%">
<option value="test1">test01</option>
<option selected="selected" value="test2" >test02</option>

and another list of sub topics:

<select class="editor-select" id="SubTopicDescription" style="width: 99%">
<option value="sub1">sub01</option>
<option value="sub2">sub02</option>

When the first list value changes I would like to be able to refresh the second select list.

Posted: May 6 11 at 17:37

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Ajax :: Errors With JQuery Mobile Using A Single - Dynamic .html Page Which Links To N JQM "pages"
I have a mobile site, which consists of a single HTML page (Mobile.html). The content is loaded dynamically into JQM formatted divs of data-role="page". The only static content on the page is the body tag; everything else is built up and torn down as the user interacts with the page, which is building the DOM from web service calls. This all works very well, with one major exception. Link handling is broken. Once JQM has appended to the url hash, refresh and navigation breaks. I have been testing various solutions to this problem, and none so far really work. Using both JQM nightly build and 1.0A4.1, I've simplified the problem into this test code:


Posted: May 18 11 at 2:17

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Hide/Remove Button From Salesforce Detail Page?
I am working on application and want to have a standard button named "Save and Send Update" placed on Event object detail page to be hidden.I followed some sample codes shown on net utilising style.visibility/style.display attributes of Javascript. However, I am not able to still remove/hide the standard button.

Posted: 09-23-2010, 03:14 AM

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Clickable Thumbnails - Closeup Product Detail Page
I have a thumbnail page created dynamically by using javascript onload. Now I need to be able onclick have that take you to a closeup product detail page. This is made using classic ASP

Posted: January 22nd, 2010, 07:24 PM

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Php - Dynamic Web Page - Filling In Data On The Page When A Link Is Clicked?
I want to implement a web page (using HTML/PHP, whatever else), that will populate data int the top half of the page (seem image below). The top half will contain links. When the user clicks on the links, I want to populate the bottom half of the page with detailed information about the item clicked on in the link in the upper half of the page. Also, when I populate the upper half of the page, if there is more data than will fit on the upper half of the page, I want to be able to allow the user to scroll the upper half of the page while the lower half of the page remains static. I know frames are very old school. I'm experienced at general programming, software engineering, and databases, but my web development experience is limited. However, don't limit your response based on my lack of experience in any technology...I can always learn. I'm just wondering the following:

How would I implement a "split window" (upper and lower half)?

How would I implement scrolling of data in the upper half without reloading the page everytime?

How would I invoke populating the bottom half of the page when a link is clicked on in the upper half of the page?

Posted: Jun 4 10 at 21:45

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Jquery :: Changing Text On Page Based Select List Selection And Data Without Reloading Page
I have a Select list on my page, and based on which item is selected (each item is a part number), the text on the page that describes the part's dimensions should change. Each part's dimensions (Diameter, Height) are in a db. I'm calling the query using cfquery.

The values in the Select list are the part numbers in my query. I guess what I'm having trouble with is getting the info I need from the query without reloading the page.

I'm looking for a way to say "I clicked 'Option 2'. Get the Diameter and Height for 'Option 2' from my query, and put those dimensions in my P tag."

I think JQuery could update the text just fine once I have the new dimensions, but I'm not sure how to get the dimensions I need without reloading.

Posted: Nov 2 10 at 23:33

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JQuery :: Not Refreshing Page - Form That A User Selects Item From Dynamic List
I have a search form that a user selects item from dynamic list hits the submit button and it returns each matchingresulton same page in an update form, i have 2 checkboxes in update form that updates the DB when 1 is checked, this all works fine until i check the checkbox the data updates ok but allremainingupdate forms are removed because the page refreshes.

So i need to update formstwith out page refreshing but i cant get it to work with multiple forms on same page.

Posted: 26-Mar-2011

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