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Jquery :: JS Bind "paste" Event Handler To Input Textbox?

Allright, SO i have an input box and I need to do things everytime it changes, I am having trouble doing it for mouse paste. Here is the code I have

$("#attack-navy"+unit.ID+"-number").bind('paste', function(){
alert("paste detected");

the getMaxCapacity() function return number entered * 30 for now;

Here is the scenario when

1: I paste 3, it will not change (i still see the alert)

2: Then when i paste 5, it will be 90(3 * 30)

3: Then if i paste 10 it will be 150(5 * 30), and so on.

I think its doing the handler before the paste actually occurs. what I can do? (.change will not work, it must happen as soon as u paste)

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return false;


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JQuery :: Determine What Event Triggered An Event Handler If Bind Multiple Ones
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$('button').bind('click focus', function() {
// Did I click or focus?

Is there a way to work that out when binding multiple events to one handler?

var eventType;
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eventType = 'click';


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That's code doesn't complete my solution.

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I render some new content with .html() after ajax call into my site.How can I bind an event handler to div tags in that replaced html without including the script again?I want to get rid of the <script> Tag because it's e redeclaration and if I load the same content into that tag again 2 scripts gonna be loaded.

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Specifically I'm looking to bind lightbox to a specific element. Normally I would just do this: $('a.lightbox').lightBox(); but that isn't working since I'm doing some loading with AJAX. Looking at the jQuery API I found .bind() and .live() but I'm not getting anything when I do $('a.lightbox').bind('lightBox') after the AJAX .load() call.What am I missing?

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I've done some experimenting, but can't seem to successfully bind one event handler to multiple elements using jQuery. Here's what I've tried:

$('selector1', 'selector2').bind('click', function() {

I've tested all my selectors, and they are all valid. Is what I'm trying to do even possible? If so, can I do it with .live() as well?

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Event Handler On Link With Bind?
I am working on a project that takes links on a page (Not all, depends on if they are Merchandise links or partner links), and passes some parameters to a tracking js call.The problem is, I don't want to put 'onclicks" on every href as there could be a hundred on a page and many of the links are dynamically generated on the backend.So, I was thinking of creating a function that took in parameters from each of the links that are pressed. we have two links (there will be many more, but for an example sake).

<a href="somelink.html" id="linka">link a</a>
var cu = new Linktracker({


Should I use just "bind" or "bindAsEventListener"?Since each link on the page is unique and will pass different values, what is the best way to do this without putting "onclicks" on every link?

Posted: 02-19-2010, 08:17 PM

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Jquery :: Bind An Event Handler To The "change" Event, Or Trigger That Event On An Element?
I do not understand how to get change event to call a function.

$(function () {
function foo() {


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Bind Event Handler To Element Being Created?
In my page,I have to create some elements dymamiclly according use's operation,for example,when user click a button,I will create a new div,but I want to add a click handler to this div [code]...

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Capture The Input Value On A Paste Event?
On my site users can paste text (in this case a url) into an input field. I'd like to capture the value of the text that was pasted using jQuery. I've got this to work in FF using the code below, but it doesn't work in IE (I don't think IE supports the "paste" event).

how to make this work across all modern browsers? I've found a few other answers to this on SO but most are FF-only and none seemed to offer a complete solution.

Here's the code I have so far:

$("input.url").live('paste', function(event) {
var _this = this;
// Short pause to wait for paste to complete
setTimeout( function() {


Posted: Aug 1 11 at 18:02

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JQuery :: Adding Event Handler To A TextBox Inside A TabContainer?
I have a TabContainer on my page, and I want to add a keyup handler to the textbox, but somehow I counldn't find the textbox in my jquery function using $('#TabContainer1_TabPanel1_TextBox1'). Here is my code:

<html xmlns="" >
<head runat="server">
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery-1.3.2.min.js" >


Posted: 14-May-2010

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JQuery :: Bind An Event Handler To A Double Click Instead Of Single Click?
Is there a way to bind an event handler to a double click with jQuery instead of single click?

Posted: Feb 18 10 at 4:20

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Jquery :: Why Paste Event - Fires On Pre-paste
I am trying to make textbox similar to the Twitter, for this i have written code for Word CountUsed Events Change, Keyup and PasteKeyup and Change Events are working fine but paste event is little bit strange, when i paste something in textarea the word count doesn't change at that moment, after some debugging i found that paste event fires up before pasting something on textbox. I don't know how they handle this in Twitter.

Here is my code:

Due to pre-paste nature of paste event the work count doesn't changes on that instance.

Posted: Dec 19 11 at 6:46

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JQuery :: Events/live And Default - Method To Bind A Handler To A Click-event For All Links With Class "userDiv"
I use the live - method to bind a handler to a click-event for all links with class "userDiv"

When I DON'T use this and use instead the "normal" click handler

I can still use the middle Mouse-Button in Firefox to open the link in a new tab without any jquery-stuff

But when I use the live-method (and it would be nice to use it) the middle Mouse-Button behaves like the left one.

Posted: 10-Jun-2009

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JQuery :: Paste Event - Get The Value Of The Paste
I am trying to fix a bug in WYSWYG (NicEdit). When I copy and paste from a site it pulls the styles and elements that are in that copy ~ all I want is just the plain text.

So I am starting a script that can be used to override the paste in the textarea and strip the copy to plain text.

This is what I have so far (it's just a start):

So, when I paste in a texarea right now there is an alert that says "paste". What I want is to get the data in the paste and then strip it to plain text - then paste it in the textarea.

Posted: 22-Feb-2009

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JQuery :: Hook A Keyboard Event Handler Onto An INPUT Element With It?
I want to attach my own key event handler to an INPUT that already has another event handler attached to onkeydown. Essentially, I want to receive a key event before all the other handlers and check if the user pressed a certain key -- if yes, I want to perform some functions and discard the event, if no, I want to pass it along to the other handler(s).

How can I do this with jQuery?

Posted: Dec 1 10 at 16:34

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OnClick Event Handler Not Executing In <input> Tag
I have a button on a page that is created with the <input> statement - this statement also contains the event handler onClick. The button displays correctly on the page but the event handler is not working - I know this as I put a simple alert at the beginning of the function PrcsBtn1.

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
function PrcsBtn1()
var data2 = new Array();


Posted: Feb 8th, 2010

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How To Set Event Handler In Django Form Input Field
How to set a JavaScript function as handler in the event onclick in a given field of a Django Form. Is this possible?

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C# - Bind OnTextChanged Event TextBox Inside Gridview Inside Update Panel?
I have a GridView containing a TextBox in <asp:TemplateField /> and The GridView is residing inside an AJAX Update Panel. I want to register the TextChanged Event for the textbox inside the GridView but only for the first row inside the Grid.

Is there a way to do it? I tried binding the OnTextChangedEvent and AutoPostBack = true for TextBox, but it is firing for textbox in each row. How can I limit that TextChanged Event to only the TextBox in first row in the GridView.

Posted: Sep 9 11 at 12:48

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Click Event Handler For Dynamically Generated Input / Button?
Can I use exactly the same code to handle clicks for static and for Ajax-generated buttons? The reason I ask is that I can't get a click handler to work for an Ajax button, but if I write the equivalent static HTML, the click does work. This code is the static version, which does work:

// in JS file:
var f = $.farbtastic('#picker');
return false;

In the "static HTML":
<div id = "inputArea">
<label style="white-space: nowrap; line-height: 14px; height: 14px; vertical-align: bottom;">
<input id="sButton1" class="sButton" type="button" style="background-color: rgb(113, 16, 232);">

The normal "dynamic HTML" looks like this:
<div id = "inputArea">
The Ajax code loads the buttons into 'inputArea'. I derived the static version of this code from Firebug. I ran the Ajax routine, then got the HTML view in Firebug, which included the server output, and cut-and-pasted it exactly into my static test code, which is reproduced above. In other words, I know that the static and dynamic HTML are equivalent. But - the static code works, and the dynamic one doesn't. Firebug shows the JS click handler being entered for the static version, and the farbtastic colour picker pops up, but this doesn't happen in the dynamic code.

Posted: Dec 17 11 at 0:33

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JQuery :: Populating Dynamically Created Input Element Values Using Datepicker And .live Event Handler
I have a table with a date field in each row:

The table, and the input id element, are dynamically created from database records and I use jQuery live to initialize the datepicker for each field, like so:

The idea is that when I click in the input field, the datepicker pops up and allows the user to input a date. While the date shows in the input field in the table, the value attribute of the input field is empty. I can't use the getDate() method on the datepicker, since I can't programmatically connect the datepicker element in any particular row with the input element in that row. I tried the onClose method shown below, but that doesn't work either. Has anyone done this successfully?

Posted: 15-Nov-2010

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JQuery :: Bind Action To Parent Form, Determine What Child Triggered The Bind Event?
I have a form that has multiple input fields. I'm applying a bind() to this form as so:

$("#form-id").bind('keyup change', function(e) {
//Run some other code

I would like to determine the ID of which form field triggered the bind event to fire. I've tried working with the Event object sent on the function, however the information doesn't seem to reside there. For example, e.relatedTarget is null.Is is possible to determine what child element of the form triggered the bind event to be triggered?

Posted: Sep 7 11 at 13:56

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