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JqGrid Display Own Error Dialog With Celledit

I'm using jqGrid for displaying tables in my PHP application. This all works fine but for one grid I want to make one specific column (called 'price') inline editable.

What I want is that, I want to issue my own Jquery-UI dialog screen when something is not okay. I think the best to do this is in the afterSubmitCell event but the problem is I can't prevent jqGrid from displaying the default dialog with the server response message.[code]...

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JqGrid Celledit Under Certain Conditions
I want the cells to be in edit mode when a certain condition is true. I'm using cellEdit true and editable in the column but in some occasions the user shouldn't be able to edit some cells of the same column even though the column is editable=true. I need to use cell editing not inline editing.

Posted: Nov 12 10 at 19:59

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Display Success Messages In Add , Edit And Delete Dialog Boxes In JQGrid?
Am using JQGrid in my application,I want to show success messages or errors on the dialog boxes after inserting/updating/deleting in the database.

Posted: Jul 12 11 at 9:21

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JQuery :: JqGrid Trigger ReloadGrid - "Syntax Error: }); B.fn.jqGrid = Function(f) {"
I'm using a jqGrid to display the results of a search. When the search button is clicked it does this: $("#Search").jqGrid('setGridParam', { url: url }).trigger("reloadGrid"); Where url contains the search params, for example: var url ="/search?first=joe&last=smith" The web server is receiving this URL and responding appropriately. But on the client side it throws this error in jqgrid.min.js line 21: Syntax error: }); b.fn.jqGrid = function(f) {. What can I do to fix this? I'm using jqGrid sucessfully in many other places, but this is the only one where I'm changing the URL and reloading.

Posted: May 25 10 at 2:23

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JQuery :: Got Any Error "Error: $("#form-dialog-join").dialog Is Not A Function Source File: Http://localhost/vs/js/join.js Line: 9"?
I don't understand ..

$("#form-dialog-join").dialog() is a valid function which I copied from Jquery demo. What's wrong with it?

btw, all the jquery library is loaded correctly.

Posted: 29-Oct-2011

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Php - Display A JQuery Dialog/Popup, Then Set A Hidden Field Using The Result Of The Dialog
I have a page with a form on. It has a hidden field called: generic_portrait

I want the user to click a link "select portrait"

This will open a Dialog/Popup using jQuery, based on a dropdown completed earlier in the form. If the value of the dropdown called "gender" is "male" then show male options, if "gender" is set to "female" show female options.

Each portrait has a radio button, each with a name assigned "male1", "male2" etc

Depending on the radio button selected in the popup, I want the hidden field to be set to match this.

The Questions

What is the best way to show a dialog/popup using jQuery, different depending on a dropdown box on the page. Use Javascript to see what is selected, then show a corresponding Div?

I can do the check to see what the dropdown is set to using jQuery, but how can I then shown a specific popup based on that?

Once i've popped it up, how do I take the value assigned to the selected radio box, and set the hidden field called "generic_portrait" to this value.

Why i'm asking

Normally I would figure this out myself, as i'm sure it's not that difficult, but I don't use Javascript and/or PHP very often, and this is due for a client urgently.

Posted: Jan 4 at 15:47

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Display An IFRAME Inside A Modal Dialog Using JQuery-ui/dialog
The web application that I am upgrading uses jQuery and jQuery-ui. I have replaced most instances of and <a target=_blank/> with jQuery.dialog. For example, the terms and conditions used to open in a new window; now I use jQuery.dialog with AJAX. For consistency I plan to use it wherever possible.

One such place is a page where I'll have external links to videos. Something like:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>

In certain situations I might use target=iframe1. Now instead of opening the content in an iframe or a popup window, I want to display the content inside a popup dialog. How can I use jQuery dialog to achieve this?

Posted: Apr 14 at 8:05

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JQuery :: UI Dialog - Dialog Not A Function - Error
I am developing a site using pinax. In one of my templates I am trying to open a simple jquery dialog box. However I keep getting the "Dialog not a function" javascript error. I am using jquery 1.2.6 and jquery-ui 1.6. My javascript and HTML are as follows:

<link type="text/css" href="/site_media/smoothness/ui.all.css" rel="stylesheet" />


Posted: Dec 27 09 at 3:05

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Php - Delting Of A Row In Jqgrid And "error Status: 'Not Found'. Error Code: 404"?
I have a problem concern the delting of a row in JQGrid. I have a table editable where it's allow to modify all row in the client side and then save all at the end of modification, It works fine but I have some problem with deleting of row, because it send by post method to a dummy page by default functionality of JQGrid and I have the error:

error Status: 'Not Found'. Error code: 404
Delete selected record(s)?

I imagine that is because it wait a status rensponse of the delete operation. some one know how I can delete row without send anything or to force a status return with some code?


Posted: Jan 14 at 17:50

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Jquery :: Add Datepicker In The Add Row Dialog In JqGrid?
I'm using jqGrid and I'm wondering, how do I add jQueryUI's datepicker to some of the input fields when in the add row dialog?

Also how do I check if the input entered are valid?

Posted: Jan 28 10 at 6:39

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JQuery :: UI Dialog With JQGrid And Navigation Bar
Problem description: I have a listing with Jqgrid and a navigation bar

When I select a row and click edit, a dialog pops up, with the fields editable in it. For one field I registered an event handler:

When I click in the gps_coords field in the edit dialog, opens the google_map dialog,
autoOpen: false,

But the focus or whatever is on the (now background edit dialog), so the cursor blinks
in that form instead of the newly opened one. I have tryed (at dialog setup):
open: function(event, ui) {
I have a text-field on the newly opened dialog but can't click in, or change it's value. So what can be done, to have the focus on the newly opened dialog?

Posted: Jun 22 11 at 10:47

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Change Size Of JQGrid's Edit Dialog Box?
In a JQGrid grid, when you select a row and press the edit button, a dialog box pops up to allow you to enter information in the fields of that row. How do you specify a default height, width, and location of the dialog box that pops up?

Posted: Aug 9 10 at 18:55

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JqGrid Add Button To Advanced Search Dialog?
I'd like to add the ability to save a complex query built up in the advanced search dialog.Saving the generated SQL is no problem, but I'm not sure how to add buttons to the advanced search query dialog to give users the options of saving / loading a query

Posted: Sep 13 10 at 20:27

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Jquery :: Jqgrid Set A New Css Class For A Errors In Dialog Box
For checking server side validation errors, I am using "afterSubmit" property of jqGRid.

afterSubmit: checkForErrors

And my checkForErrors is something like this:

The only thing i need to fix is change the default error class/style used by jqgrid (ie. ui-state-error), to my custom css class. How can i do that.

Posted: Aug 8 11 at 17:00

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Disabling A JQGrid Dropdown In An Edit Dialog Form?
how through either javascript or jquery know how to disable a select (dropdown) control within a Jqgrid edit dialog form?

Posted: Dec 15 09 at 22:11

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Jquery :: JqGrid Inline Editing Confirm Box Dialog?
I'm doing some inline editing on the jqgrid. The client wants a confirmation dialog to appear that the user really wanted to save the changes made (similar to how delete works). In looking at [URL] I've noticed that the editRow command takes these parameters.

table.jqGrid('editRow', id, true/keys/,
function(){alert('1.5'); return false;}/successfunc/,


when i start editing the oneditfunc gets called. after the post to the server successfunc get's called and then afterrestore gets called. It seems that there should be a beforeSave or something like that?

These parameters get used and sent to the saveRow function. It doesn't look like there is anywhere where I can inject a method to abort the sending of the data or popup a the modal window to confirm the changes being made.

Is this oversight on my part or is this some functionality that I'll have to bake into the jqgrid?

Posted: Oct 19 10 at 17:09

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Disable/hide Confirm Dialog Box When Deleting Row From Jqgrid
I am new to jqGrid and am looking to remove the confirm dialog box when deleting a row in jqGrid. I have looked through the jqGrid code and documentation and don't seem to see anything that allows this behavior. Is this something that would be posssible?

Posted: Jul 16 11 at 3:13

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JQGrid, Make A Column Editable In The Add Dialog But Not During (inline) Edits
I have a jQGrid with a column that I only want to be editable when adding a new row.

I've seen examples of how to do this when edits and adds are both happening in a dialog but is there a way to do this with in-line editing?

I've tried using grid.setColProp() in beforeShowForm:, but this doesn't work ( the column remains read only and is not present in the add dialog).

Example of dialog based column enable/disable:[URL]

Posted: Nov 29 10 at 19:13

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Jquery :: Open Search / Find Dialog In JqGrid From An External Button?
I have a jqGrid which has a "find" button - this brings up the jqGrid's filter dialog where I can filter stuff - cool. How can I trigger that dialog to open from a button that is not a part of the jqGrid control?

Posted: Apr 12 11 at 2:31

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Jqgrid Can't Display Rows
I used this link to build a basic jqgrid:[code]...

Posted: Mar 17 11 at 6:05

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Jquery :: JqGrid SaveRow With An Error Function?
This might be a 2 part question. First one is "what am I doing wrong" and 2nd is "is this the right way?". Anyway..I'm attempting to save an edited row with jqgrid and for some reason I've yet to identify, I can't get the error event to fire using inline editing.



Posted: Jan 6 11 at 20:53

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Conditionally Display Links In Jqgrid?
I have a jqgrid and I have a custom formatter for it which formats and displays links as per my needs. This does work fine but I have a problem. I want to display links conditionally. How can I do that?

For Eg. If the person is Admin then show him all links like edit, delete etc (these links map to action methods in controller). But if the person is NonAdmin user then only show View link and hide all other links.

I just need a general strategy of how to accomplish this. One of the strategy would be I add a boolean field to my json data which would signify whether the link of edit, delete etc is to be shown or not. Then in my formatter and I can look at the row data and decide whether to return show link or not.

Is there any better way of doing this?

Posted: Sep 28 11 at 13:56

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JQuery :: Toggle JqGrid Display Using It?
We have two jqGrid grids - we only want to display one at a time based on a user's input.

Each grid, when displayed, should appear on the screen at the same location.

Posted: Oct 8 10 at 19:38

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Jquery :: JqGrid Error On Sorting Datetime Column?
When I set [ sorttype: "datetime", datefmt: "d/m/Y H:i:s" ] to a jQuery grid, I get a message error when sorting a datetime column.The message is: undefined. But, this only happens in IE 8/9, on Firefox it works fine.I have some tables created dynamically. One table created is like this:

<table id="files_1">


Posted: Apr 6 at 20:16

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Jquery :: Jqgrid Catch Server Error When Deleting Row/s
Got this code:

When a deletion fails a modal dialog appears even if I have loadError set in the jqgrid options. I tried an alert in the loadError function and it turns out the event is no triggered.

Posted: Dec 10 09 at 0:55

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