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Javascript Detect Browser Height...

Is there a way to detect with javascript the height and width of a browser window that's open? Much the opposite of a pop-up where you define the height and width I guess you could say - anyone know if this is easily possible?

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Javascript, Detect DIV Height
I am very new to javascript, it is on my list of things to learn... but I have a wide range of other traditional programming languages so I understand functions, etc

however in the mean time I am looking for a way to detect the height of a specific div.

My goal is that I have a div that is set to overflow: auto ,

If the content of the div goes beyond its set height, I would like to make a div visible. So basicly I need to get the height of a div element, and compair it to a pixel number.

To go a step beyond, it would be cool to make the div that is visible when there is scrolling, to disapear once you got to the bottom of the div.

Any ideas?

Posted: Jun 19, 2006, 12:02

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Detect The Current Version Of JavaScript Supported In The Browser?
Possible Duplicate: To tell Javascript version of your browser With JavaScript is it possible to detect the current version of JavaScript supported in the browser? I'm looking for something similar to navigator.userAgent but for the JavaScript version. EDIT: I'm not asking that to perform feature detection. I'm digging more into JavaScript, and use my browsers' javascript consoles. I would like to know for each of my browsers if they support ECMAScript Edition 5 for instance.

Posted: May 11 11 at 17:41

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JQuery :: Detect If Element Height Is Bigger Than Window Height And Do Something About It
Basically i want to detect if this div's height is bigger than window height and do something about it..

I have done this but i cant get it to work [URL] Why wont it work?

Edit: Fixed a little error in the css code. Jsfiddle link updated.

Posted: Aug 31 11 at 16:08

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Why Browser Is Returning Empty String On Style.height - Get Actual Height Of An Element
Simple one line of html: <div onclick="alert(">sometext</div>

And alert gives:

But it should be like "10px" or sth like that.

Posted: Jan 10 at 11:15

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JQuery :: Html - Dynamic Element Height To Cover Browser Height
I have layout as follows.

Height of resizeable element is to kept such as it will cover entire browser height.

Few points

Layout should work with browser resize. Top elements and Bottom elements are optional i.e. some pages may include them. Using Ajax to load content, which can come at Top elements or Bottom elements header, footer and LeftSide will not change once page is loaded. minimum height is 100px Layout should work with IE 6 :(

I have started writing script based browser resize event. But could not come to suitable logic. Also resize element does not cover event if new content is added in Top elements or Bottom elements

Posted: Aug 12 10 at 20:12

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Jquery :: Detect Option Tag Text Indent Feature Or Detect Type Of Browser As A Fallback
I have a select drop-down that is supposed to represent the hierarchy of pages in a site.

<select id="parent" name="parent">
<option value="">(none)</option>
<option class="inset0" value="home">home</option>
<option class="inset1" value="aboutpage">aboutpage</option>
<option class="inset2" value="about">about</option>
<option class="inset2" value="staff">staff</option>

This is making options of deeper levels display as indented according to the depth each page is in the site hierarchy. However this styling only works in FireFox, and not in Chrome. I know that styling of controls is largely uneven among browsers and operating systems, so I will not go there. Instead I would like to add "-" characters before the text of each option in order to make the hierarchy visible. I only need to do this for Chrome, since I am not supporting IE at all in this project. The manipulation of the object's text will be done in javascript. My question is this: Knowing that browser detection is not recommended and feature detection is favored instead, how can I perform a feature detection for this browser behavior? If this is not possible, is there a quick test that will allow me to know if I'm in Chrome/webkit or Firefox/Gecko?

Posted: Dec 21 11 at 12:37

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Jquery :: Calculate Height And Width Of Inner Browser Without Including Browser Menu Bar ?
I want to calculate height and width of inner body of browser including browser scroll bar but without including browser menu toolbars using jquery.After calculating height and width i want to set some header, body and footer. Also when I re size(expand and minimize) outside and inside scroll appears which keeps my header, body, and footer fixed.So what do I have to do in order to make it work cross-browser?

Posted: Sep 21 11 at 14:52

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JQuery :: Detect Browser And Change Link Based On Browser?
I want to use jquery to detect what type of browser you are using and display a link to a .wmv file if you are on IE or display a link to a .mp4 file if you are any other type of browser.I have this script declaration in my <head> section.

script src=""></script>

In the body section I have the following

<div id="block"></div>
script type="text/javascript">[code]....

Nothing is being output on the page at all. I've tried to patch this together from various example on various web sites. How can I make this work?

Posted: 24-Oct-2011

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Jquery :: Script Detect Browser Close Tab / Browser?
Any cross browser javascript/jquery to detect if browser is closing tab or closed browser ? and should not activate event when go to other link?

Posted: Oct 8 10 at 8:34

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Jquery :: Detect The Browser Tab Switching/ Browser Minimising?
I am trying to code my own versions of popular games such as minesweeper, snake etc using JavaScript. Some of the games require timer, so I wonder is it possible to detect whether user switched to another tab or minimized the browser so I can put the game on pause mode?

Posted: Jul 1 11 at 0:23

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How Can I Detect The Height Of A TD Tag?
Is there a way to detect the height of a TD tag?

Posted: July 20th, 2005

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Detect Height Within A DIV?
Can someone show me how to detect height within a DIV tag, and redirect? For example if the height is 0, redirect to some other specified site

I've read this but still no idea how to implement to redirect

Posted: Feb 4, 2010

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JQuery :: Detect Browser Type Without Using $.browser?
$.browser is being deprecated however I still need to know what browser is hitting the page. In some cases I need to modify a layout or position an element by some pixels. The number of pixels is different for different browsers.How can I detect the browser using jQuery without using $.browser?

Posted: 30-Nov-2011

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Detect Height Of One DIV And Apply Same On Second
I've been looking around all day for a script that would detect the height of one div (can't be predefined because of dynamic text content), and set a second div as that same height.

Posted: Mar 17th, 2008

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JQuery :: Css - Setting Margin On An Element According To Browser Height And Another Element's Height?
I'm coding for a site with a title in a div that is tilted at 270 degrees and is fixed to the page bottom; this title changes for each page and I'd like the content to begin at the same vertical height as the title starts on page load. So say the browser is 900px high and the title is 500px I'd like the top-margin of the content div to be 400px. Is there an easy-ish way to do this with JQuery? I know you'd have to get both heights first and then form an equation, but I'm too amateur at JQuery to do so.

Posted: Jun 19 10 at 19:55

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Any Way To Detect IFrame Content Height Change?
There are plenty of examples showing how to dynamically set an iframe's height to its content. This works perfect for me. The problem I'm now having is that the content can change size without triggering onload (think hidden/expandable divs). Is there any way to detect when the size of the iframe content has changed? This is on the same domain and no jQuery, please.

Posted: Dec 22 10 at 20:08

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Detect FULL Height Of Window In Script?
How can I detect the full height of a screen in javascript? This includes the Y-Overflow. So far, I haven't been able to find a script for it.

Posted: Jul 12 11 at 14:21

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Detect Height Of Page Inside Iframe?
I have a iframe in a page

<iframe src="page.aspx" >

I don't know how big the thing is going to be. How to get the height? May be jquery would be good here beacuse of browser indifferences. [code]...


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Detect Picture Width And Height In A Page?
i am using jquery to detect picture width and height in a page. if the size exceeds a specified value, then a maximum size will be assigned to the <img > attribute.

this jquery is run with $(window).load, because when $(document).ready the pictures may not be loaded and the script may fail

this theory is good. however, if the internet speed is slow, or the picture link is dead, user would have to wait for a long long time before the jquery executes.

is there any way to do the resizing job wisely? for example, resize each picture once each of the pictures is loaded?

Posted: Nov 17, 2009

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Find Out The Size Of A Browser Application Window Including The Border - Header And Footer - Browser Size (width And Height)?
Possible Duplicate: How do I find out the size of a browser application window including the border, header and footer? Browser size (width and height) How to get real browser window size (width and height) using JavaScript/jQuery? The matter is, $(window).width() returns width without browser borders (status panel, address panel, window title etc.). By another words, $(window).width() == $('body').width().

Posted: Sep 12 11 at 10:54

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JQuery :: How To Detect If Document Body Height Changed
I'm trying to do this:
But doesn't work on firefox or chrome, only work fine on IE (WTF!) I'd tried $('body').resize... but happen the same. $(window).resize work fine but I need to detect when the body's height has been changed by ajax.

Posted: 25-Sep-2009

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Detect Pdf Properties Using Javascript
I would like to generate a page of links including some of the pdf properties (title, author, version, etc.) for a folder full of pdf's. Is this possible from Javascript?

Posted: July 23rd, 2005

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Javascript To Detect Textbox
I am wondering if any of you Javascript experts can enlighten me on
which event to call. The use situation is that the tetxbox field is
populated from the DB and the add/update and delete will work only when
a textbox for reason for change is entered. This mean if a user simply
type in the same value as before, the ASP.NET textbox will be marked
with changed. But it should not limit that a user can not change the
whole value in the textbox at all.

I have looked at keyup, mousedown, etc. but it will calling the
function after every key is entered and that is what I don't want to

Posted: August 29th, 2006

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JQuery :: Facebook - Modify Function To Detect Iframe Height?
I use facebook commenting plugin on my website. It is hidden in a div.

<div style="display: none" id=cmbx(id) class="comentBox">
<div class="fb-comments" data-href="" data-num-posts="5" data-width="520"></div>


The problem is as follows. Once a hidden div get's expanded there is a lot of space under facebook comments that is not suppose to be there, I guess this is caused, because jquery function doesn't know the height of facebook iframe.

You can see the problem yourself here: [URL] (click on several comments links under the posts to oppen hidden divs.)

NOTE: I tested it in several browsers, FireFox works normaly, the problems are present in chrome, safari and IE, not sure about opera.

Posted: Nov 5 at 10:02

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