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JQuery :: Save A Jqplot Chart As Image?

I've been trying to find a topic talking about how to save a jqplot chart as an image (jpg,png,bmp.....) but i couldn't find anything wich was related to jqplot (there was only canvas2image which was close but when i tried it, i figured that it wasn't designed for jqplot...... :s ) ,

I need that function because when i copy/paste the chart from internet explorer 8 the chart is all different (the x,y axis and even the curve isn't at the right place..

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Jqplot Pie Chart Is Being Displayed Without Any Color For The Small Table Inside The Pie Chart
i am using Jqplot pie chart inside my MVC 3 web application , but the problem is that the small table inside the pie chart which contains the chart label are being display without any color. So how i can solve this issue?.

yes i have included these files , but still no colors are shown. here is the code inside my MVC 3 web application(the pie chart shows two values ;the percentage of students who like a test to the students who did not provide any Rating ).

<script src="../../Scripts/jqplot/jquery.jqplot.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="../../Scripts/jqplot/jqplot.pieRenderer.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="../../Scripts/jqplot/jqplot.donutRenderer.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="../../Scripts/jqplot/jqplot.barRenderer.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Posted: Aug 11 11 at 2:19

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Save Google Chart As Image?
I am making an application in which I would need to save the google chart as an image . All I am using is tomcat, servlets and javascript. Is there a way to save the following generated chart as an image? (refer to code at the end of post). The idea is that user would see this chart and then would have the option of uploading it to his facebook profile. I am not sure if this will be uploadable to facebook in its native format or will be needed to be saved as a jpg.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">


Posted: Mar 28 11 at 23:17

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Save Chart Image With Open Flash Chart2?
I am using Open Flash Chart 2 to create some graphs. I want to be able to save an image of the graph, which OFC2 supplies some methods to accomplish this. I used the example on the OFC2 site to directly display the raw image data on the page, but that does not work in IE6, which most of our users are using (I know, I know).

I switched to using the OFC2 method, post_image to post the raw image data to the server. I use a Perl script to receive the image data, save it to a file, and I can view the image. The unfortunate part about using the post_image method is that ActionScript throws an error when saving the image: Error #2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs.

Which apparently is a bug in Adobe - see this page. Because of this error, the post_image method does not complete successfully, so the javascript callback won't ever fire - I basically don't have a way to tell if the image was saved successfully.

So, I thought I would use the get_img_binary method of OFC2 to get the binary data of the image, and use jQuery to post the binary data to my Perl script.

I cannot figure out how to send the binary data correctly, or how to let my Perl script receive the binary data correctly, or both.

Here is my jQuery function:

var chartObj = $("#chart_object").get(0);
type: "POST",
url: '',


You can see from some of my commented out lines that I have tried various contentTypes and other settings of the Ajax call.

The Ajax call is sending some data, but it doesn't appear to be binary. I think it is a base64 representation of the binary data.

how to send binary data from javascript to the server?

The Perl script I have works fine for the post_image method, so I don't think the problem is there?

Posted: Dec 3 09 at 16:16

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Jquery :: Chart Is Not Rendering With Jqplot
Why my chart is not being rendered with Jqplot? I have followed all the instructions, yet it is just blank.[code]...

Posted: Mar 31 11 at 15:28

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Save The Fusion Chart (in A Webpage) As An Image On Client's Machine?
I have an ASP.NET web application. One of the ASCX control in my app has fusion charts displayed in a client side Div tag. I want to provide an option for my clients to download the fusion chart onto their local machine.

I refered this link [URL]

It says enabling "exportEnabled" property will provide an option for download button. I am not using "Javascript charts", instead I am using Fusion charts free. I have tag in my XML file which I give as input to Fusion charts(). And I added exportEnabled='1' to my tag of the XML. But I didnt get any download button. Can anyone kindly let me know if there is any workaround to download the fusion charts onto client's machine from the webpage. I am using FUSION CHARTS FREE.

Posted: Jun 10 11 at 10:20

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JQuery :: Pass Dynamic Value To Jqplot Pie Chart?
I want to create piechart using dynamic content. (jqplot) Here i use static value. But i want to populate piechart for dynamic value.

<%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>
<%@taglib uri="" prefix="h" %>
<%@taglib uri="" prefix="f" %>


Posted: 08-Dec-2010

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Jquery :: JQplot : Blank Chart When Print IE
I have some problems using Jqplot with IE. All graphs I try to print are blank. When i click on "preview before printing", the graph is displayed correctly. But when I really print the graph, there is no graph printed. Sometimes I can see some numbers on left or right borders of the graph, like if there was a white div above the graph, but no graph.

I have the same problem with any version of IE (6,7 or 8). I have no problem with Firefox.

I have the problem even with examples files. You can download it at : [URL]

Then go to the "examples" dir, then choose a .html file, like "test2.html".

One strange thing is that when i try to print graphs from the jqplot site, i do not have this problem...

Posted: Nov 8 10 at 15:39

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Jquery :: Jqplot Pie Chart Not Rendering Correctly
Getting the log message: Diameter of pie too small, not rendering.

Then, it seems when I hover or click inside the page I get: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined

Posted: Jul 28 11 at 15:04

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Jqplot Tooltip On Bar Chart?
I'm using the jquery plugin jqplot for plotting some bar charts.on hover, I'd like to display the tick for the bar and its value on a tooltip. I've tried

highlighter: { show: true,
showTooltip: true, // show a tooltip with data point values.
tooltipLocation: 'nw', // location of tooltip: n, ne, e, se, s, sw, w, nw.


Posted: Feb 3 11 at 17:29

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JQuery :: Tooltip X-axis Label For Bar Chart JQPlot?
I need to add a tooltip label in the each bar of the bar chart indicating what is name in x-axis. I try using highlighter but what is showing is the index numbers

Posted: Nov 15 11 at 1:23

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Display Tooltips On Jqplot Pie Chart?
I have a jqplot pie chart with a legend and I would like to get the legend text to appear as a tooltip when the mouse hovers on the pies.

example code:

var data = [['Heavy Industry', 12],['Retail', 9], ['Light Industry', 14],['Out of home', 16],['Commuting', 7], ['Orientation', 9]];
var plot1 = jQuery.jqplot ('chart1', [data],


Posted: Nov 21 11 at 9:08

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Dynamic Data From Xml Into Jqplot For Pie Chart Options
I have been trying to create a pie chart using an array that extracts data from an xml file. It does display the pie chart but the size of the sectors do not correspond to the values in the array. Surprisingly, the code works if I use a static array.

This is the xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>


Posted: Mar 28 at 10:25

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Show Y Axis On Right Side Of Chart With JqPlot?
I am using below code to show Y axis of jqPlot at right side but its only showing me at left side:

$.jqplot.config.enablePlugins = true;
var test2 = readXML(posi);
plot2 = $.jqplot('chart2', [test2], {


Posted: Sep 24 10 at 11:17

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Jquery :: Assigning Data To JQplot Chart Getting Data Dynamically
I'm trying to do the following: Get some data from the backend and bind it with a JQplot candlestick chart. What i've accomplished: The data is being generated in the backend The data is being procured by using the $.get() function of jQuery. So heres the problem: The data , if i bind it to a variable by doing:


Posted: Sep 5 at 9:16

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Show Area Chart Behind A Column Chart - Extjs (multi-chart)?
Im working on ExtJS 4 charts.

I want to have a column chart and area chart together. I did render these together, but the problem is - the area chart is placed over the column chart.

I'm looking for some attribute/hack, that will render the area chart BEHIND the column chart!

Sorry, I cannot place the actual code here, as i've implemented fusebox framework, so many things had to be configured.

Posted: Sep 13 11 at 7:53

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JQuery :: Save The Background Image Of The T-shirt With The Image They Dropped In The Correct Spot?
I am building a simple t-shirt creator app for my shop and I am using the interface.js library: [URL].. docs/drag to drag/drop and re-size the graphic on the shirt background image.

Once the user has chosen a spot to put the graphic, how do I save the background image of the t-shirt with the image they dropped in the correct spot? Like, to merge the two graphics in place?

Posted: 15-Jul-2011

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JQuery :: Make An Image Selection, Display Same Image On Page In Unique Id And Save To Hidden Input All In One Click?
Using a UI dialog I'd like to load in 10 or so images. Each would be unique and after you click on one the following needs to happen:

1. Image appears on the parent page in a specified ID.

2. A "hidden" field is updated so that when the user submits the db is updated with their selection.

3. Dialog closes automatically.

That's it. Basically it would work similar to "datepicker".I'm using the latest 1.4 and ui and been making great progress as learning basics. I need to do the above and it seems like such a no brainier and or it should already exist but after 2 days of searching and trial and error...

Posted: 11-May-2010

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Get Image From Open Flash Chart 2?
I have tried tutorial from their homepag [URL], but that doesn't work at all. My server side is working ok, but when I try to get instance of ofc and call post_image, Firefox gives following error "ofc.post_image is not a function". Is there any workaround for this problem ?

Posted: Jul 13 09 at 12:24

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Google Chart: Altering Height Of Chart Dynamically Based On Total Rows
Google have recently provided the ability to filter the graph results using some native controls. Some of the code I provide below is taken directly from the new 'Dependent controls' in the Google Chart API playground. My problem is directly related to limitations imposed in this new dynamic functionality. I have a large dataset of 4000+ rows, which I want to display in one hbar graph. I don't know how many rows there will be but I can use the following code to find out. var initialHeight = data.getNumberOfRows() * 60

The problem I have is that the chart height needs to be very tall in order to display all of the 4000+ records. But the chart height does not change when the dependent controls are applied. Instead of resizing, the data 'grows' to fill the original graph height. The bars in the chart just become taller within the same space. Therefore, when my 4000+ records are filtered down to just one record, that one record is as tall as the initial 4000+. To combat this I am using JQUERY to alter the size of the DIV surrounding the graph, which in turn alters the graph size. This works because the graph inherits its size from the surrounding DIV, if its not explicitly set.

** THE INITIAL RESPONSES BELOW REFERRED TO CODE I HAVE NOW REMOVED, BECAUSE THE DEVELOPMENT HAS PROGRESSED. ** Part 2. Following kind help from Oli, I have further developed this script and it is almost working ... I hope. There are two caviats to that statement. The first is that it has to 'draw' the chart twice, the first time in order to calculate the number of rows it needs to display, the second time in order to stretch or shrink the size of the chart to the equally sized Div. This is not as concise as I would like it but can't find a way around it?


Posted: May 13 11 at 10:43

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C# - Display Axis Labels For Stacked Column Chart ( Chart Control)?
I'm using ASP.NET Chart Controls for displaying some data. I'm not pulling any data from the database through a dataset. I'm adding them manually. I don't know how to add AxisLabels to X-axis or Y-axis. I've tried using Axis.title, customlabels.Add() etc.. but I couldn't display anything. And I've this stacked column chart which has columns added through a for loop.. how to add different AxisLabels to it??

for (int i= 0; i< 10; i++)

How do I add AxisLabels to these 10 columns ??

Posted: Jul 6 11 at 17:24

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Remove Hover Tooltip From Google Visualization Pie Chart (core Chart)
How to remove hover tooltip from Google Visualization pie chart (core chart)? Need to make it work cross-browser, eg, IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera

Edit: I need the slices to be be clickable too. enableInteractivity : false removes the hovers but doens't throw 'select' or other interaction-based events.

Posted: Nov 22 at 7:02

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Open Flash Chart 2 IE Doesn't Load New Data For Chart?
I have OFC2 chart in my page and when user selectes choice, then it will make another request to server with parameters and OFC2 should load new data from server, but IE won't load new data, but it shos old data instead. It works well in other browsers, but not in IE. What could be the problem here, and how can I solve it?

Posted: Aug 6 09 at 8:14

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Yui 3 Chart - Format Dates In Chart Axis (YUI 3.3.0 Preview Release 3)?
I'm trying to use the YUI 3.3.0 preview release 3 charting solution as it does not use Flash anymore but the browser canvas. So far I gobbled together this peace of code (as I’m new to YUI this is the mainly the result of copy and paste work from several examples found in the YUI 3 charting examples).

YUI().use('charts', function (Y)
var myDataValues = [
{category:"5/1/2010", values:2000},
{category:"5/2/2010", values:50},
{category:"5/3/2010", values:400},

Posted: Jan 9 11 at 20:41

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Load Image, Create Texture, Render, And Save Image Asynchronously With WebGL?
I am attempting to write an application that uses very large textures. The idea is that you work on a scaled version of the texture in realtime modifying shaders and when finished the application would apply your changes to the original unscaled (large) texture. The problem is that profiling shows something like the following:

img.src = filename (500ms)
texImage2d(...) (1500ms)
bind/rendering (100ms)


Posted: Sep 2 11 at 18:24

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