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JQuery :: Animate Moving DOM Element To New Parent?

I have an image tag inside of a table cell, that I'd love to move to another table cell, and have that movement animated. The code looks something like this...
<td id="cell1"><img src="arrow.png" alt="Arrow"/></td>
<td id="cell2"></td>
I'd like to move "arrow.png" to "cell2", and have some kind of transition effect, preferably with JQuery.

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Jquery :: Plugin To Animate Moving One Dom Element Into Another
I want to implement an animation where one dom element is moved into another, scales down and finally disappears. Consider the animation I want to show to user when he adds an item to his shopping cart. Is there a plugin to implement this or a simple jquery script may be? Here the element is being append to another dom element. I don't want to append it, just animate is what I am looking for.

Posted: Oct 25 11 at 4:10

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JQuery :: Moving LI Element Out Of Parent UL And Retaining Position
I need to move li element out of its parent ul and into master parent ul. I tried this:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="[URL]"><head>
<script type="text/javascript" src="[URL]"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$( init );
function init() { .....

I want to achieve this:
* that is, make child li#5child to get out of ul and li and appear right below li.
<ul id="listcomments">
<li>Comment 1</li>
<li>Comment 2</li>
<li>Comment 3</li>
<li>Comment 4</li>
<li>Comment 5</li>
<li>Child comment of #5 is this</li>
<li>Comment 6</li>
<li>Comment 7</li>
<li>Comment 8</li>

Instead I get:
* append drops li outside, but puts it at the very end of ul#listcomments
<ul id="listcomments">
<li>Comment 1</li>
<li>Comment 2</li>
<li>Comment 3</li>
<li>Comment 4</li>
<li>Comment 5 </li>
<li>Comment 6</li>
<li>Comment 7</li>
<li>Comment 8</li>
<li>Child comment of #5 is this</li>

Naming and numbering of list is arbitrary. And child comment can appear within any # li. Content is dynamically generated.

Posted: Sep 24 11 at 10:58

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Moving DIV Element To Bottom Of Parent (as Last Child)
I'm trying to create a continually rotating banner for the top of the homepage of a site I'm developing. The best way that I can figure to keep it constantly in rotation is to take the first DIV (firstChild) and move it to the end of the stack once it's slid out of view.

<div id='foo0'></div>
<div id='foo1'></div>
<div id='foo2'></div>
<div id='foo3'></div>

Should become this:
<div id='foo1'></div>
<div id='foo2'></div>
<div id='foo3'></div>
<div id='foo0'></div>

I use the Prototype framework... and I've tried to do this by cloning the element using my own method and inserting it into the bottom of the parent DIV, but I find that not all of the style attributes are being carried over, and I'd like to abandon this method because I don't want what's being moved to be a copy/clone of the element, but the actual element itself.

Posted: Aug 5 10 at 14:08

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JQuery :: Animate OuterWidth - Wrap Is The Parent Element In Body
Related to: Jquery: animate .outerWidth()? Assuming, wrap is the parent element in body. The following sets the width to the maximum width: $('#wrap').outerWidth($(window).width()); However, when trying to animate this, the dimensions extend beyond the document, most likely because of paddings and scrollbars: $('#wrap').animate( {width: $(window).width()}, 'slow');

Posted: Nov 12 10 at 21:48

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JQueryUI: Animate Parent Element Height On Child Animation?
When I hide a child element using jQuery UI .hide('slide', {direction:'up'}) animation I would like to animate its parent's height as well.Here is an example of what I have. The animation doesn't look so well because parent's height is changed right after its child gets hidden, not in a process, as in jQuery .slideUp() animation.

Posted: Feb 4 at 21:45

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JQuery :: Moving Another <div> With An Animate Event?
Anyways, I stumbled upon a problem. This is the situation: There are 2 huge colored blocks just above each other on the page. Both blocks are div's with a class named "blue" and "red" (red is above and blue is beneath). I would like to make an animation with the red block so it will go down about 200px AND the blue block should be pushed away 200px as well. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?I just want to have an animation on the red block and the blue block will adapt it's position because it got pushed away. (note: I'm not saying that I should make 2 animations, one for the blue block and the other for the red one and both are going down 200px, I want the blue to change it's position according to the movements of the red block).

Posted: 25-Feb-2011

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JQuery :: Animate() And Jamming Image While Moving?
How to make sleek animation with jQuery of image moving right or left.It's working much better in Firefox than in Chrome or IE. Especially bad is jamming when duration is set to 2000 or more.Here is a sample of my demo page:

Code is:
if (e.pageX > winWidth - moveAtX) {


Posted: Oct 18 10 at 9:15

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JQuery :: Animate() Issues, <p> Tags Are Moving?
I am using jquery .animate() to change the width of an <li> tag. I have text in the <li> encased in <p> tags so that I can center it, however, when the animation happens the text is moved down by 50% of the <li> element, i do not know if the 50% is releated or just coincidence.

my HTML:
<div id="about_nav">


Posted: Apr 27 11 at 21:57

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Jquery :: Inline-block Anchors Moving / When Changing Size With Animate
So I have several links lined up using inline-block. When I hover over one, I want it to be made bigger. I'm doing this using jQuery's animate() function.The problem is that when the link's height gets changed, all the links next to it get move down, and then back up when you leave the link. I'd like for the links to remain vertically aligned at the top.[code]I created a jsFiddle: URL.... Although the animation doesn't seem to be working for some reason.

Posted: Oct 13 at 20:48

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Animate DIVs Moving From A Central Point To Off-screen?
Is it possible to have divs located around a central point and then on hover for them to whisk off screen and return when the mouse is gone?

This what the layout:


is looking like, the idea is for the green "leaves" to whisk off to show the branches and the menus. Would this be possible with JavaScript and PHP?

Posted: Jun 11 10 at 17:26

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JQuery :: Animate On Window Scroll: Moving More Object In Parallel Problem And Unwanted Delay On Objects With Fixed Css Position
I want to move 4 objects of the DOM when a user scrolls the page. you can check the page i'm talking about at this address: [URL] as the user scrolls - i'm using $(window).scroll(function() - i check if the window.scrollTop is more than 10 pixels to move some objects. This seems to work fine. but on the ELSE statement (i mean when scrollTop is minor than 10 pixels) - and theese objects should move back to the original position - i have a strange behaviour, especially on two of the 4 objects i move (two fixed objects that i move together calling their class).

maybe it's a bit complicated to explain with my poor english, but if you have a look at the address i posted above it's quite easy to understand, just try to scroll the page. The objects i want to move are:

- a link (a) object contained inside the #header div = $("#header h1 a")
- the left sidebar menu called with his id = $("#sidebar")
- and two fixed divs, the main horizontal menu and his background, called by their class = $(".moveMenu")

One important last thing: with Firefox it seems to be ok, with all other browsers i have a variable delay that looks like some error on my code. speaking about my code, here it is:


Posted: Jul 14 10 at 18:30

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Jquery :: Moving Content Inside Of Parent To Active DIV?
The parent div (#container) must have a fixed height. I just want to shift the content in it so the active div is at the top and all overflow is hidden. I am working on a webpage where a parent div has a fix size and will have several child divs in it. Each of these child divs will have an anchor tag that is always visible and it's own child div that will only be shown when it's sibling anchor tag is clicked.

I have this much working but I am running into the issue that when the sibling div is shown it sometimes goes out of the parent div and it's content is hidden. I would like to have the contents of this div repositioned to the top of the parent div so that it's content is never hidden. How would I accomplish this using jQuery? You can see what I'm talking about by clicking Item2 in this Fiddle: [URL].

<div id="container">
<div class="item">
<a href="#">Item1</a>
<div class="desc">A bunch of stuff about item 1!</div>
</div><div class="item">
<a href="#">Item2</a>
<div class="desc"> .....

$(".item a").click(function () {
$(this).siblings(".desc").animate({ height: 'toggle' });

What I have tried so far: [URL]
But this only moves the active div, what I need to do is shift all of the content up and hide the overflow...

Posted: Aug 30 11 at 18:21

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Moving The Parent Window To Another Place

<a href='child_as_newWindow.htm' target='_blank'>
If a user clicks the link above, a newWindow will pop.

I like to write some code in child_as_newWindow.htm.

The code has a button named "close."

If the user clicks the button "close," child_as newWindow.htm will be close.
At the same time, the parent.htm will go to another_parent.htm.

Posted: Jul 21, 2006, 15:55

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Cleaner Way To Write Element.parent().parent().parent().parent().parent()?
If I need to select 10-th parent, is there a cleaner way, then repeating .parent() 10 times?


Posted: Jan 12 11 at 20:09

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JQuery :: UI Draggable - Constrain Inner Element Within Parent When Inner Element Is Larger Than Parent
I am trying to achieve this effect with jQuery UI - very much like the way you crop an image on Facebook: [url]

Here is a very simple test case in HTML (an img within a div):

And here is the logic that seems fit for the purpose - however it is unfinished:

My first attempts were to modify the offsetLeft & offsetTop variables, in all their multiple access points, but nothing seems to be working for me.

Here is a jsFiddle with what is explained above: [url]

Posted: Mar 28 11 at 19:50

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Moving Page Elements Between An Iframe And Its Parent?
I have an instance where I do some work in a page contained in an iframe and then need to either outright move or just copy the resulting page elements into the parent page. All of the back end stuff works fine, but the Javascript just runs and doesn't produce anything. The script in question:

var AddressListDiv = parent.document.getElementById("AddressListDiv");
var ListPanel = document.getElementById("ListPanel");
for(var LPC = 0; LPC < ListPanel.childNodes.length; LPC++)


I think I'm running into a restriction in Javascript, but I'm not 100% sure.

Posted: 01-12-2010, 01:48 PM

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JQuery :: Html - Animate The Parent <div> When Using Class
+More Each block will have an article summary in it.

<div class="contentBlockTwo">
<span class="moreButton">+More</span>
<br /> Or new flashes.</div>

As you can see I have my "spans" as the same class so I can apply the following jQuery to them:

$('.moreButton').click(function () {
$('.moreButton').parent().animate({ width: '98%' }, 800);

But no matter which of the "span" items I click, ALL of the "Divs" have the animation applied to them. How can I apply the animation to the parent of the sender/ clicked "span" without giving each "div" an ID?

Posted: Oct 4 11 at 12:46

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JQuery :: Why Parts Of Parent Elements Sliding With Animate Function
I'm having a bit of an issue with IE. For some reason on this page: [URL]. When the right panel #content slides in, the background of the parent div #bgfield also slides in with it. I can't find anything linking the two. The line of code for the slide looks like this:
$("#content").css({'margin-right' : '-651px' }).animate( { marginRight: "0px" }, 1200 );

The associated CSS looks like
/* Styles for Div holding the bg image */
#bgfield {
position: relative;
width: 900px;
height: 448px;
border: solid 10px #FFFFFF;
/* background-image: url(images/transparent.gif); -- set this in each page */
background-position: center top;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-attachment: scroll;
text-align: center;
padding-top: 112px;
overflow: hidden;

/* Styles for main Content */
#bgfield #content {
float: right;
position: relative;
background-attachment: scroll;
background-image: url(../images/rightbg87pc.png);
background-position: right top;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
overflow: hidden;
height: 275px;
width: 651px;
text-align: left;
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
color: #000000;
margin-right: 0px;

Posted: 30-Jun-2009

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Jquery :: Can't Animate The Height Of The Closest Parent Of A Toggle Button
I'm trying to animate the height of the closest parent of a toggle button:


.review-item {
background: #E8E8E2;
height: 26px;


For some reason, when i click the link nothing happen.

Posted: Nov 25 11 at 10:35

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JQuery :: Element Overflows Containing Block When Parent Border/padding Change - Not When Parent's Margin Changes
Demonstration page: [url]

Adjust the CSS margins of the BODY element with the first slider. The yellow P (paragraph) element resizes to fit its smaller containing block, as I would expect.

Then, adjust the CSS border or padding of the BODY element with the second and third sliders. The P element does not resize, though its origin changes. Instead, it overflows its containing block.

Finally, adjust the margins again. The P element snaps back into its containing block.

As you can see from the source, this is jQuery 1.6.4 and jQueryUI 1.8 pulled from

Edit: Client is Google Chrome16.0.889.0 dev-m.

Posted: 24-Sep-2011

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Jquery :: Get Inner Element Using Parent Object Without Using Parent And Children Function?
I am having

<div id=test>
<div class="a"> </div>
<div class="b"> </div>
<div class="c"> </div>

i have to get third div i.e class name with c using parent obj.For eg if i do $("#test .c") i am getting element.But i am unable to get element using parent element as object for eg

var obj = $("#test");

is not giving me output.It is giving me error "Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [object Object]"

Posted: Sep 8 11 at 7:38

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JQuery :: Dom - Moving An Element To The Body?
How can I move an element to the end of the body?

Using jQuery, I want some given element to be moved to the body, preferably to be the last element contained by it.

Imagine the following would be valid:


Posted: Jun 7 10 at 14:17

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Jquery :: Moving A DOM Element With Append()?
I have a div element like

<div id="move">Something</div>

...that I'd like to move from one position to another in the DOM. Can I do this with appendTo(), like so:

$('#move').fadeOut(500, function() {

...or will this duplicate it?

If it's being duplicated, there would be two elements with the same id in the DOM. How could I avoid this?

Posted: Nov 24 11 at 20:45

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JQuery :: Way To Highlight Element Inside Parent Element / When Mouse Hovers Over Child Element?
i have a menu generated by a list with nested lists. i want the parent link to stay highlighted when the mouse hovers over the sub menus. because those sub menus are also generated by jquery (qtip), CSS alone won't do it (triedul.topnav li:hover a {background-color: #F00;}).is there a way to do this using jquery?

Posted: 04-Oct-2010

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