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How To Add Event Listener To Many Items

var input = document.getElementById('thumbimg');
input.addEventListener('change', function() { $("input.imgcheck").attr("disabled", ""); }, false);
I use this code to enable the submit button when the user selects a file to upload. But what If I want to add more than an upload field? I need to know how to enable the submit button only if all the upload fields are filled.

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JQUERY :: Adding An Event Listener To Items In An IFrame?
Given an iFrame with throughout the iframe...

Is it possible to add an event listener with jquery to trigger an ALERT anytime the user moves their mouse over .fineme in the iframe, from the top/parent window?

Posted: Jul 18 10 at 0:19

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Attaching An Event Listener To A Collection Of Items Using Prototype?
I have a bunch of input boxes and would like to attach a single event listener to all of them. My goal is to check if the parent element (span.genre_checkbox) has a class of "active" or not. If it doesn't have a class of active, apply it. If it does have a class of active, remove it.My code looks like this

<span class="genre_checkbox"><input type="checkbox" /> All Genres<br /></span>
<span class="genre_checkbox"><input type="checkbox" /> Alternative<br /></span>
<span class="genre_checkbox"><input type="checkbox" /> Blues<br /></span>


The error I'm getting is "$$('.genre_checkbox input').observe is not a function". I'm not sure why I'm getting the I need to use .each() or .invoke()?

Posted: Feb 2 11 at 20:59

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Adding An Event Listener To The Body Element Called Bodylistener And An Event Listener To The Few Selected Elements?
I'm trying to add event listener to all objects except for a few selected(The selected also have arbitrary child elements in arbitrary levels)? I have asked this question before, but I didn't really got an answer to it. I have came close to solve it. I'm adding an event listener to the body element called bodylistener and an event listener to the few selected elements called selectedElementsMarkTrue. The few selected elements that I don't want to execute some code, the listener selectedElementsMarkTrue performs pior to bodylistener with setTimeout function. selectedElementsMarkTrueset the variable selectedElements to true and bodylistenerchecks if selectedElementsis truebefore execute som code. There is still something wrong with my code

var selectedElements = false;
var bodylistener = function(){
window.setTimeout(function(){//Setting timeout so that the other handler, selectedElementsMarkTrue, always performs first
if(selectedElements == false){

Posted: Apr 12 11 at 9:27

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Remove An Event Listener Inside Of A Listener Definition?
I'm trying to remove an event listener inside of a listener definition:

canvas.addEventListener('click', function(event) {
if(click == 50) {


How could I do that? this = event...

Posted: Dec 9 10 at 19:33

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Remove Event Listener From Within That Listener?
I always wondered how clean is such approach - to remove an event listener from within that very listener. Internally I keep a hash of objects and listeners, so I potentially can remove event listener from any place. I'm just concerned of removing it from within itself. Will such action do a job actually?

Posted: Feb 8 11 at 17:36

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Jquery :: Event Bubbling For Parent Of <a> Which Returns False From Onclick Event Listener?
I try to make a common solution for the following task: onclick event listener for element

<a href="#">Some text</a>

must return false. It can stop page scrolling after click.

$("a[href='#']").bind("click", function () { return false; });

It can stop scrolling but "return false" stop bubbling too! So, if I have the following code


<div class="clickable">
<a href="#">Text</a>

Javascript (JQuery)

$("a[href='#']").bind("click", function () { return false; });
$(".clickable").bind("click", function(){alert("It works!");})

and if I click on "Text", there is no alert.Can I restore bubbling? Or, may be, there is any another common way to return false from onclick event listener of every such "a" tag? Or the only way is to add listener function(){alert("It works!");} on "a"?

Posted: Aug 20 10 at 9:31

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Having Trouble With Event Listener: Detect Iframe Close Event Fromparent
I have an iframe that includes a button:
<input type="button" value="close this window" onclick="window.close();" >

I would like to detect the iframe close event from the parent window, I
was using this code but I did something wrong because the temp function
is fired every time the parent page loads:

function temp(){
alert('the iframe was closed');
function setup(){
var myIFrame = document.getElementById("iframe1");
if (myIFrame.addEventListener) {
myIFrame.addEventListener('onclose', temp(), false);
}else if (myIFrame.attachEvent) {
myIFrame.attachEvent ('onclose',temp);

Posted: April 3rd, 2007

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Jquery :: Intercepting Event Invocations (add An Event Listener To Always Be Invoked First Or Alternative)
I'm looking for a way to prevent an event listener receiving any notification of the event before another event listener has confirmed that it is alright to proceed.

My initial thought was to bind my event listener that determines whether all other event listeners for that element should be triggered, as the first event listener in the chain. Having investigated this - it doesn't seem possible (at least not with my combination of ways event listeners are bound to an element).

To provide some context: I have a list of items on a web-page. When a user clicks one of these 'item links' another area of the page is populated with a form where the user can then modify some of the item's properties. For the modified item's properties to be persisted, the user must click an 'Update' button that relates to the form.

My aim is to ensure that if the user modifies an item's property without clicking 'Update' but then clicks on another 'item link', they must confirm that they are happy to disregard the changes they have just made.

My attempted solution: Bind a change event listener to all form elements that sets a JavaScript 'hasChanges' field to true. Add a class to all 'item links' that identifies them as links that will cause the user to loose changes. Using jQuery, bind click and keypress event listeners to all elements with this class to display a confirm pop-up if 'hasChanges' is true. If the user wishes to save their changes, by clicking cancel, stop propagation of the event.

Issue with this is that the 'item links' elements already have a (Java) Spring AJAX decoration click event listener to update the section of the page that allows the user to modify an item's properties, and this is always invoked before the event listener that displays the confirmation. Realistically I don't think I can bind the event listener for the confirmation to proceed before the AJAX decorations to ensure that the confirmation is displayed before the item properties form section of the page is updated.


Posted: Feb 2 11 at 23:05

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Html - Create Event Listener On Window.Blur () Event?
Javascript: How to create event listener on Window.Blur () event?

Posted: Dec 3 10 at 20:34

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Bind An Event Listener To A (hypothetical) OnChangeInnerHTML Event?
In my app, I have an OL tag whose contents are changed by various other dynamic events. Is there some way to put a listener on that OL so that I can execute a function whenever its contents are altered in any way? In this example I need to update a count of items in the list which appears in another spot in the interface.

The contents of the OL are being changed with OL.append() and LI.remove(), in case those methods have some special events that I don't know about

Posted: Jun 9 10 at 19:21

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Attach Event Listener To Array For Push() Event?
Is there a way to know when a user has pushed (via push()) an item onto an array? Basically I have an asynchronous script that allows the user to push commands onto an array. Once my script loads, it execute the commands. The problems is, the user may push additional commands onto the array after my script has already run and I need to be notified when this happens. Keep in mind this is just a regular array that the user creates themselves. Google Analytics does something similar to this.

I also found this which is where I think Google does it, but I don't quite understand the code: Aa = function (k) { return Object.prototype[ha].call(Object(k)) == "[object Array]" I also found a great example which seems to cover the bases, but I can't get my added push method to work correctly:[URL]...

Posted: Mar 15 11 at 2:25

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Passing The Event Via An Attached Event Listener?
After spending so much time in jQuery, I'm rusty on my old fashioned JS. The question: When attaching an event to an object that you want to trigger a function, how do you pass the event to said function?

Example function:

Example event attachment:

document.getElementById('blargh').onkeypress = function(){myfunction([what do I put here to pass the event?])};

Posted: Jan 12 11 at 21:20

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Custom DOM Event Not Reach Event Listener?
Here's my code, it's based off the example provided at MDN:

window.onload = function(){
var element = document.createElement('div');
var event = document.createEvent("HTMLEvents");
event.initEvent("myClick", true, false);


When I run this, nothing happens, indicating something went wrong in the creation, sending or catching of the event.

Posted: Aug 14 11 at 15:22

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Event Listener
I've got a really simple function I want to create, a confirm delete function that is applied to all links with a class of delete. A confirm message appears when the link is clicked, returning false if cancel is clicked.

This is my code and for whatever reason that I just don't get (coz I'm a bit confused by all this stuff), clicking cancel when the confirm message appears seems to return true regardless. Code:

Posted: Aug 24, 2007, 04:19

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Add Event Listener For IE 7?
I want to make list of menu by using images. Each menu has two images (filename.jpg & filename_active.jpg). Everytime i put the mouse over its image, the image will change to the other one. It works okay in Firefox and chrome, but i have problems in IE 7 and lower. The problem is, javascript will only read the last part (in this case, he will read third menu only). The code that i will show below is only part of javascript code for in IE. Let me show my code :


<li class="caresoul_menu active" id="menuli_first"><a href="first.php"><img src="img_first_active.jpg" /></a></li>
<li class="caresoul_menu" id="menuli_two"><a href="two.php"><img src="img_two.jpg" /></a></li>


Posted: Jul 21 11 at 12:44

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Possible To Add An Event Listener To An Iframe?
Is it possible to add an event listener to an iframe? I've tried this code, but it doesn't seem to work code...

I've also just tried using getting the element by id and adding my listener via the JavaScript framework I'm using, like this code...

Posted: Sep 8 09 at 14:11

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Passing A Value From One Event Listener To Another?
The html part:

Code HTML4Strict:
<div id='data'></div>
<form action="">
<input id="nomeInput" type="text" name="nomeInput" value="" autocomplete="false"/>


This is the entry point for doing an autocomplete, but for know, I would just like to ask:

What should we do so that, the text that is typed, appears on that alert box?

Posted: Aug 25, 2010

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How To Create An Event Listener?
How do I add an event listener to a few text boxes that prevents the user from typing anything but digits. I use the numbers entered in the text boxes in calculations afterwards so I don't want the user to enter "one" instead of "1" etc... Also, the range of possible numbers is too big for a drop down menu.

Posted: Jan 5, 2007, 06:48

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Add Event Listener - Not Working In IE6
I'm writing a custom script to collect attributes from links and concatenate them to pass as a string to another function. I'm using a readily-available 'addListener' function so the click event doesn't overwrite others on the page. All this seems to be working in all browsers except IE6, and I suspect it may have something to do with event bubbling. Can anyone see my errors and any other ways I could improve the script? Code:

Posted: Mar 22, 2007, 11:53

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Can't Get Event Listener To Work
I'm trying to use the addEventListener function to set an event listener but I don't understand why it won't work. Before i was using another method to handle events, but I needed more control over which event handlers get run and when.


<script type="text/javascript">
function runMe(){


I'm using Google Chrome, but it won't work in Firefox either. Obviously it won't work in IE, since IE doesn't support that method. The script gives no errors at all. The runMe() function does get executed, I tested this with alerts.

Posted: September 4th, 2010, 07:57 AM

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Object Method As Event Listener
I want each instance of an object to be able to listen for input events.
When the event occurs, a method of the object should be called, such
that "this" is in scope and refers to the object instance.

Is this possible? Example:

function MyConstructor(element)
//element is some HTML element
this.addListeners(element); = "Bar";

return this;

MyConstructor.prototype.addListeners = function(element)
element.addEventListener("keypress", this.doSomething, true);

MyConstructor.prototype.doSomething = function(e)

alert(; //Error: has no properties

//shows the HTML element that triggered the event

Is there any way to get "this" to refer to the object in the event listener?

Posted: October 16th, 2006

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Prototype Add Event Listener - Value Does Not Stick
For some reason, when I try assigning a actionlisetner to the list elements the value does not stick. Here is what I mean:
Event.observe(window, 'load', function() {
for(i = 1; i <= $$('ul#review_list li').length; i++) {
$('cover_' + i).observe('click', function(event) {
So there are 7 list elements in #review_list and for some reason whenever any of the li elements are click I get an alert with value 8 for every element clicked. I want each to alert its respective i value.

Posted: Aug 16 09 at 12:35

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Registering An Event Listener On An Element?
This is the structure of HTML. I have to add an event listener when user click on div with className "next_button". I try to add an event listener by using prototype.

<div id="horizontal_carousel2">
<div class="previous_button"></div>
<div class="container" >


The problem is "calling me" alerted as the window load completes. I am not able to figure out the problem. What i missing. I have to show alert message when user click on next button..

Posted: Dec 2 09 at 22:18

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Remove An Anonymous Event Listener?
Is there anyway to remove an event listener added like this:

element.addEventListener(event, function(){/* do work here */}, false);

without replacing the element?

Posted: Jun 24 10 at 1:04

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