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Ajax :: Update MYSQL Field Without Refreshing Page In PHP?

I wish to update MYSQL data using text instead of using submit button. Admin will choose option from combobox and then click at save to update the MYSQL records. How to do this using AJAX or jquery?

My coding:
$per_page = 9;


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Update Form On Same Page Using Ajax, PHP, MySql
I have a form being displayed on let's say index.php containing many different fields i.e. drop-down, textfields,.. On the same page, I have a drop-down list containing values coming from my database. I need to fill in the form based on the value selected from the drop-down list.

Posted: Aug 7 11 at 12:06

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JQuery :: Post Form To Mysql Without Refreshing Page Or Click Button?
My programme is to let people play roulette wheel, record their choice of bet, amount of bet, result of bet, number of bets, bet limit. I would like these data being posted to myqsl each time the person bet, without the disruption of page refreshing. I have code as below, but it does not work. There is no error msg, just no data could be inserted.

input name= "spin" id="spin" type="button" value="spin"onclick="spin();postRecord()">
function postRecord() { $.ajax({ type:


Posted: 08-Aug-2011

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JQuery :: Update Page Without Refreshing?
I came across this product page at nordstrom that allows users to filter products by certain criteria (size, fit, price, etc). [URL]..

They use ajax to update the page with any new criteria that users select, but with each page update the page url also changes and the browser history shows the new page. This is done without refreshing the page.

how this is done: creating a new page in browser history but without refreshing the page?

Posted: 02-Jun-2011

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Java - How To Update A Value Displayed In The Page Without Refreshing
I have this 3 fields in a JSF page

And i also have a backing bean with this attributes:

I want the outputText element to change its value automatically when some values are inserted in the fields val1 and val2 without the page being refreshed.
The result variable should be calculated this way(It is calculating a percentage): (val1 * val2) /100

I know that for doing this i need something like javascript or AJAX.What do you think should be the best way to do it?

Id love to know how could i do it with AJAX, could you give me some tips?

Since i need the fields to be of type String, how will my validation should be implemented?

Can i just avoid characters that are not digits to be typed in the fields(If the pressed key is not a number, don't appear at all in the input field)?

Posted: May 2 at 2:03

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Jquery :: Update Output Without Refreshing Page?
I have a query and a php loop that outputs all the rows from a database.

If there is a new entry in the database, how can I use jQuery to update the output without refreshing the page?

Posted: Jul 20, 2011

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JQuery :: Update Database Without Refreshing The Page?
How do I send this display_false() function to the server with jQuery so that the database is updated without refreshing the page?


Posted: Oct 8 11 at 11:38

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AJAX :: Update Same MySql Table Each Second Using It?
I have a lobby page that goes to the MySql database every second and checks each timestamp variable(belongs to the users) from a table and if the timestamp is older than (NOW() - 3) seconds, it sets the 'connection'(bool) variable to false. Basically it checks all currently connected users.

I haven't tested on a real server yet, but I have a feeling that it's going to be really intensive process. Because every user has access to the lobby area and each user will send a request to the MySql database and update the table. That means if I have 1000 users in the lobby area that means 1000 requests per second.

My question is, is there any other way to do the same thing without sending so many requests? I looked into Cron jobs, but cron doesn't let you to run a specific script every 1 second. I think the minimum is 1 minute.

Posted: Nov 18 11 at 12:17

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Php - Auto-update A News Feed Without Refreshing The Whole Page?
How can I automatically update just the news feed of my site without updating the whole of it every 10 seconds?? I am creating a php code that pull information from an rss feed but I don't want the user to keep having to refresh the page.

Posted: Apr 1 11 at 7:28

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Jquery :: Update Portlet Without Refreshing Portal Page?
I'm trying to create a simple agena portlet. Now I've developed a basic one using spring-portlet-mvc, it allows you to navigate to the next and previous month with thusly named links that invoke a previousMonth or nextMonth function in my controller. Now the problem I'm having is that this navigation causes my whole page to refresh.

Now I was wondering what the best way to fix this was. I've been looking around a bit and it looks like jquery/ajax will do the trick, but since I don't have any experience yet with that technology I was wondering if anyone had any pointers/better ideas to solve my problem.

Posted: May 20 10 at 21:48

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Update MySQL Without Page Reload?
I'm trying to make the ubiquitous "like button," and update a MySQL table after its clicked without loading the page. I imagine this would use javascript, but I'm not sure how to access MySQL with javascript. Please answer for pure javascript only as I dont use JQuery

Posted: Jul 15 11 at 16:30

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AJAX :: Update Mysql Table With Two PHP Variables?
I am attempting to update a mysql table with PHP variables using AJAX.

Here is the PHP code that echos my variables:

<input type='button' name='button' class='bluebutton' value='Overnight Stay' onclick='callAjax($id1&$newName);' />

Here is my jquery:

var xmlHttp
function callAjax(id) {
if (id.length==0) {


this error corresponds to the lines 'function callAjax(id)'

Posted: Jun 26 11 at 5:56

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JQuery :: Update A Div On Page Without Refreshing The Page?
I'm trying to make some Post Application which has to show messages like the Mail in Mac OSX.

I wan't to have headers shown in a div on the left of another div. The 'other div' has to show the message according to what header is selected.

All in all, I want the script to show some postContent matching postHeader, without refreshing the page - but still it has to add an URL statement like: post.php?id=1.

Is this even possible and how would you do that? :)

Posted: Oct 31 11 at 16:17

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Populate The Updated Data In A Repeater With Out Refreshing The Page/using And Update Panel?
Is it possible to populate the updated data from the database to a repeater with out refreshing the page and with out using an update panel? This is my requirement.

I have an option to save Name & Age to the database eg: Name <*textbox accepts name> : Age <*textbox accepts the name> Save Button i have a repeater which displays first 50 items displayed below save panel.

Name Age
Rahul 30
Sameera 32
Manju 28

On click of the Save button I am calling Jquery to insert my data into the database. After this i need to update my repeater as well. I don't wanna refresh the page or to use update panel. Is there any option to do so???using some jquery or some thing like that????

Posted: Nov 29 10 at 8:10

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Php - Update A MySQL Table Each Time A Page Loads?
I am trying to debug some things going on within a particular page on my website. To do this, i have set up a table in my database called '404'. I would like to write a few values to this table each time the page loads but i'm not having success. Currently have the following php code at the top of this page:

<?php include_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/incl_func/env_constants.php"; ?>
//check 404 visits
$date = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");


I think this issue requires that i do this via ajax but I keep running into walls when trying to get this to work.

Posted: Sep 20 at 23:06

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Ajax :: Form Field Validation Using PHP, And MySQL?
Ajax and jQuery is something I'm new to, but PHP, Javascript, and MySQL I'm pretty well seasoned with.For starters, I want to create a simple form where there are these fields:Name (text field)E-mail (text feld)Zip Code (text field)Cell Phone Number (text field)Phone Carrier (dropdown menu)Thing is, I want to check the database to see if an e-mail address has already been entered. I'd like for that to happen after they enter the email address and tab or click out of the e-mail text field. For instance, after they enter an e-mail address and tab to the Zip Code field, the script queries the database to see if that e-mail exists already. If it does, it notifies the user and greys out the submit button. If not, they're allowed to finish filling the form out and submit. It'll be a huge time saver if this Ajax script is in place.

Posted: Nov 25, 2011

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Ajax :: Saving ENUM Field To MySQL Using Symfony1.4 / Doctrine Using Jquery Call
I'm currently on a project that receives applications and the part I'm currently on has a grader that assigns a manual grade for the application. The possible scores are enum values stored in a MySQL field. For whatever reason I cannot seem to get the value to actually be save to the database.

I have tried Doctrines Rawsql and I have tried the method below (that I would expect to work). I have done testing to ensure that the values received on the server side to match the SQL enum field. I've tried to include as much code as possible that I see as pertaining to the issue, but if there's more needed just let me know!


Posted: Apr 20 11 at 22:35

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Ajax ::Refreshing The Page Using
How to refresh the page using Ajax? I mean pure Ajax, without any libraries used

Posted: Oct 26 10 at 8:39

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Ajax :: Refreshing A Page With PHP?
The user enters their info, the info is sent to the php page through ajax, the php checks if the input fields are empty and checks if the info is correct.If fields are empty or the info is wrong, it updates a div layer with an error message telling them what is wrong.

My problem though is if the user enters correct info. If the user enters correct info I want the main page (index.php) to be refreshed (This is the page with the original form on it).This is my java script:

function createRequestObject() {
var ro;
var browser = navigator.appName;
if(browser == "Microsoft Internet Explorer"){


I've tried various things with the meta tag, including updating multiple parts of the page (using ID|<blah> instead of just a plain echo) and a couple other things. None of them will get the original page itself to reload.

Posted: 14 November 2008

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Jquery :: Using Ajax But Page Still Refreshing?
I have the below on a search form but the Ajax portion seems to still refresh the entire page. My search results come back just fine however, I would like it NOT to refresh the page each time.

showLoader() appears before refresh but the results show after refresh. Do I just have the success pointed in the wrong DIVs? Or is the submit occuring at the wrong time? I'm lost

if('<?php echo $s_default; ?>'){ = '';
if( $('#em-wrapper .em-events-list').length == 1 ){


Posted: Oct 19 at 22:51

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Ajax :: Refreshing Php Page Every 5 Seconds?
I'm creating a link-sharing website and on my index.php page (the page I want to refresh every 5 seconds) there are posts/links that must appear automatically (AJAX refreshing) without the user to refresh by him/herself or pressing F5 the whole time.

How would this work, precisely?

Posted: Oct 12 11 at 13:39

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Jquery :: C# - Update Field Or Redirect Page Using Mvc?
Im new to jquery and stuck with what i want to achieve. Heres what I want to do using jquery and a submit button this calls an action method called LogOn in the controller Account if the call allows users to log in succesfully redirect to a url (sepecified by LogOn) if it fails replace a div(with id="error") with "sorry error occured" so far I tried this:


Posted: Dec 20 10 at 22:54

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Ajax :: Clear Memory Without Refreshing The Page?
I have an AJAX-based website using JavaScript on the client. Certain operations on the site cache large result sets from service calls in the browser (i.e. hundreds of megabytes). These are throw-away results. They will be viewed for a short time and then need to be cleared from memory.

I've written a small test site that loads a bunch of junk in memory and then calls JavaScript's delete method. This works great in Firefox (memory almost instantly gets returned). Internet Explorer 8 (haven't tried 7) doesn't free the memory until the page is refreshed or closed.

Does anyone know how to drop IE's memory usage using JavaScript/Ajax (no page refreshes)?

Below is my sample client code:

function load() {
var x = ['dfjasdlfkjsa;dflkjsad;flkjsadf;lj'];
for( var i = 0; i < 10000000; ++i ) {


UPDATE: Setting the variable to 'null' does not immediately clear the memory (as that is left up to the garbage collector). Also, setting a variable null only gets a single reference where there might be multiple references.

Posted: Sep 1 09 at 15:48

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Ajax :: How To Reflect Changes In View Without Refreshing A Page
I am using MySQL database and hibernate and jsp,using hibernate i am reading database and prepare a view using done but i want to make sure that any changes on database is also reflected on my prepared view without refreshing a page.

Posted: Apr 20 11 at 5:22

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Ajax :: Change The URL In The Address Bar Without Refreshing The Page?
How do I, with JavaScript, change the URL in the browser without loading the new page?

I noticed that web apps like GMail and GrooveShark can change the URL in the address bar of my browser without refreshing the page. Ajax is obviously used to change the content. How can I change the URL?

Posted: Oct 23 11 at 21:08

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