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Ajax :: PrimeFaces DataTable Doesn't Render When Exists Binding Attribute

I'm creating a dataTable with two dataTable inside :).

But this time I'm having problem to render it when I try use binding attribute in a h:panelGroup that wraps first dataTable. I'm using binding to help refresh just the panelGroup, like BalusC told in this question. When I remove the binding attribute the dataTable renders normally, but of course nothing is rendered with f:ajax tags inside the dataTables.

Here is the xhtml:

<h:panelGroup layout="block;" id="#{id}"
binding="#{painelTabelaContatos}" rendered="true">


I've already tried remove the h:dataTables that are inside p:dataTable, but without success. This component is just the content of a PrimeFaces tab, and this tab is inside a PrimeFaces dialog.

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There is business need to categorize items. Best idea seems to be dragdrop items from one list into list of categories. Number of categories can vary so p:dataTable is used. Ajax request is sent but onDrop method is not called from inside dataTable. When Removing datatable and column and having outputpanels statically then onDrop is called?


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Ajax :: Can't Render Datatable / Make It Possible?
I have a datatable which has a "delete" button at each row,
and I want to re-render the table when the data at the row is deleted.

But I can not make f:ajax work properly.

Here is the datatable at facelet page code...

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Java - JSF 2 With PrimeFaces: DataTable Page Numeration Not Working
I'm using Mojarra 2.0.3 on Tomcat 6.0 and PrimeFaces 2.

I use a dataTable with lazy-loading, which works without problems. Now i added pagination and the table calculates the number of pages not correctly.

<p:dataTable id="tableList" value="#{overview.lazyModel}" rendered="#{!overview.listEmpty}" var="e"
paginator="true" rows="10" lazy="true"
paginatorTemplate="{RowsPerPageDropdown} {FirstPageLink} {PreviousPageLink}


I hope that it's not a bug in primefaces, because i can't wait until the new version is out (project must be ready in 5 weeks).

Posted: Aug 4 at 9:52

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JQuery :: Binding Via Live Doesn't Work When Selecting Element By Attribute In IE7 And IE8?
The following code works in FF6, IE9, Safari and Chrome. However, in IE7 and IE8, it looks like the click event is not being bound to anchor. Why? Try it here:

function ()


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DataTable - How To Add Column Render From JSON
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1" border="0" class="display" id="TableId">

DataTable function:
"bProcessing": true,
"bInfo": false,
"sAjaxSource": '/JSON/Path',
"bAutoWidth": false,

{"aaData":[ ["Name 1","9516","4851"],
["Name 2","251304","127283"]
I'm trying to add Column calc different between Entry and Exit. How can it be done?

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Ajax :: BeginForm Says Action Doesn't Exists
I am working with AJAX Helper method in one my applications, things were all good and right but suddenly am facing this strange problem i.e. in view.The first parameter to Ajax. BeginForm that is the {action name} is now being marked in red color(I am using Resharper) and says that cannot resolve action ActionName, however the Action is present in my controller.Another strange thing is that on running the app and submitting the form it ends up invoking the Javscripts "OnSuccess” method as if it has succeeded but in actually nothing happened and it didn't even get to first line call of the specified controllers action. (This is happening to both AJAX forms in the view)

Posted: Sep 30 11 at 11:16

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Ajax :: Jquery .text Doesn't Render HTML Elements Into The DOM
I am loading a list of images into a div with the following bit of jQuery :

var jewellerDdl = "<%= JewellerDropDownList.ClientID %>";
var filter = $("#" + jewellerDdl).val();
type: "POST",


The string I get back is a <ul> containing a few images

However, the .text method doesnt add them to the dom. Instead it just prints the HTML as text inside the <div> called divEntryDisplay

Posted: Nov 19 09 at 15:20

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Ajax :: PrimeFaces Which Event Do I Need?
I have this commandButton:[code]What I want to achieve is to have updated info in the dialog I want to show. userSelect is inside that dialog. So first I want #{dataStoreBean.initUserLists} to execute, and after that update (rerender) userSelect, and then show dataSetUserDialog.

Posted: Nov 2 11 at 11:41

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Ajax :: Primefaces Dialog Not Updating
I am facing issue in updating a primefaces dialog box.Currently I am displaying a primefaces dialog box with some form elements in editable formatThere are some output text fields available in a form with a change link available when clicked on the change link the output text fields should be displayed in editable format in a dialog box with accept and cancel buttons in it. Below is the code snippet which i am using i am calling a listener where i am setting the values to the properties to be displayed in the dialog box in editable format and each time I am updating the dialog box using 's render property.render=id of the dialog. Also when i am trying to update the contents inside the dialog box i am receiving some ajax error id not found.I also tried to put the dialog inside a panel even this was not working.[code]Here I am updating the dialog using render property of but I am not able to update the dialog and its still showing the previous data when I refresh the screen the data is shown correctly.

Posted: Nov 21 11 at 15:32

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Ajax :: How Does PrimeFaces' AjaxStatus Work?
I am trying to understand PrimeFaces' AjaxStatus indicator.There are two facets - start and complete.Can anybody tell me, what really determines start and complete.I am just trying to make the indicator GIF image visible when user clicks a button and make it disappear when he click another button.

Posted: May 10 11 at 14:36

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Ajax :: Primefaces AjaxStatus / Dialog Is Behind Overlay
I checked the z-index, but the Dialog z-index is higher than the div of overlay. It was to be correct.In the showcase works correctly.

Posted: Dec 8 11 at 16:54

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Ajax :: Using Primefaces To Call A JSF Method On A Bean On The Server?
In the Primefaces User Guide it shows examples of how to make AJAX calls to the server

formId: 'userForm',
oncomplete: function(xhr, status) {alert('Done');}

how to call a particular method. My goal is to invalidate the session from the client using JavaScript.

Posted: Jan 25 11 at 18:41

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Ajax :: Populate A Text Field Using Primefaces It After Validation Errors Occur?
I have a form in a view which performs ajax partial processing for autocompletion and gmap localization. My backing bean instantiates an entity object "Address" and is to this object that the form's inputs are referenced [code]...

Posted: Jul 10 11 at 16:21

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JQuery :: Check If XML Attribute Exists
I'm populating an set of <article> in HTML with either an images or a flash movie depending on the attributes set in an XML like so,

<article image="" flash="flash/1.swf"></article>// this article has flash only
<article image="image/1.jpg" flash=""></article>// this article has image only

There a "n" number of "articles" depending on the XML file. Every article has either an image or a flash movie.After i load the XML using .ajax(), i'm using .append() to add <img> and <object> to the article. The problem is, now I have empty tags (img or object) in each article. All articles assigned with images in them have a blank <object> tag within them and vice versa.How can I check the XML before appending? So when an article has been assigned an image, the <object> tag doesn't appear?

The jQuery is as shown below

$('#container').append('<article><img src="'+$image+'"/><object><param name="movie" value="'+$flash+'"></object></article>');

Posted: Nov 11 10 at 11:13

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JQuery :: Render A Variable In An HTML Attribute
Using the following code: <div class="whatever" addthis:title=" your name is [firstName]"></div> If I have a JS variable like this var name = John How would I replace the "[firstName]" with my JS variable in the first code snippet using jQuery? It's ok if I need to set the attribute using jQuery to begin with like: $('.whatever').attr( 'addthis:title', ' your name is [firstName].' );

Posted: Sep 20 11 at 5:02

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Use Early-binding/inline Event Attribute In HTML?
In my answer to the following SO question: What does event binding mean?, I made a passing remark that the use of inline-JavaScript/Early-Binding to bind JavaScript Events was 'often misguided'

For example: <input id="MyButton" type="button" value="clickme" onlick="Somefunction()" />

I was arguing for the 'late-binding' approach where there is no JavaScript referenced in the markup, which I understand to be established best-practice. However, the commenters asserted that there were occasions that necessitated its use, and I wondered what these might be.

Without engaging in a discussion on the relative merits of either, can anyone think of any circumstances that dictate that you use the (e.g.) onclick attribute over a late-binding approach.

Posted: Jun 13 11 at 13:04

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Document Doesn't Render In IE8
Why doesn't this document render in IE8 ?[url]...

Posted: Dec 21 10 at 12:45

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If Cookie Exists If It Doesn't Create It
TLDR: Want to check if cookie exists, if it doesn't create it. Am using jquery1.4.2 and jquery cookie, I know this is probably very simple but I just cant get my head right at the moment. I want to: Check to see if a cookie with name of "query" exists If so nothing. If not create a cookie "query" with a value of 1. But only if it doesn't already exist.

Posted: May 13 10 at 1:56

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Jquery :: Rel Attribute - Create Dynamic Html Which Needs To Render As Code
I want to create dynamic html which needs to render as code given below:

<a rel="{gallery: 'gal', smallimage: 'a',largeimage: 'b'}" href="javascript:void(0);"><img src="x1.jpg"></a>

What I wrote following code in jQuery to achive above:

for(i=1; i<=4; i++){
var rela="{gallery:'gal', smallimage:'a', largeimage: 'b'}";
html += "<a href='javascript:void(0);' rel='"+rela+"' ><img src='x"+i+".jpg' /></a>";

Butt when its executed its renders as below:

<a 'b'}'="" largeimage:="" smallimage:'a',="" gal',="" rel="{gallery:" href="javascript:void(0);"><img src="x1" class="img1"></a>

It drives me nuts.

Posted: Sep 19 11 at 18:44

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JQuery :: .load() Doesn't Render PHP?
I am loading a list of answers give by a specific user into a tab panel. To do this I'm using the following code: $('#questionBody').load('dashboard/questions'); All the html elements not from a loop such as a header image show up fine but the list of answers looks like it's displayed similar to when you use print_r() on an array. Is load() the proper function to use here?

here's an example of the output:
{"status":200,"data":{"questions":[],"params":{"page":false},"user_answers":{"13":{"flagged":"0","regdate":"1282869034","id":"13","qid":"9","body":"an answer of course...","payed":"1","question":{"id":"9","title":"test","body":"test","uid":"1586","permalink":"/question/view/9"},"status":"complete"},"11":


Posted: 26-Sep-2010

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Checking If Variable Exists Doesn't Work
I get:Uncaught exception: ReferenceError: Undefined variable: my_var.well I know it's undefined, but why do I get that error?? xxx should take the fu value.

Posted: Nov 22 11 at 14:24

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ExtJs Window Doesn't Render / Solution For This?
Why my window doesn't render. Below is the javascript that i am using [code]...

Posted: Jun 24 09 at 10:14

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Cufon Loaded Asynchronously Doesn't Render In IE?
I'm creating a site which uses Cufon and is particularly heavy in terms of page-weight due to a large amount of Javascript. Therefore I'm trying to load in the script asynchronously with head.js like so:

head.js("", function() {
head.js("/js/libs/cufon-yui.js", function() {
head.js("/js/shared/Stag_Bold_700.font.js" , function() {


Posted: Feb 8 11 at 9:02

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Jquery :: Detect If A Table Exists (which Doesn't Have A Class Or ID)
I’m having a problem trying to detect if a table exists using jQuery. The table has no class or ID.

What I’m trying to achieve is to not have the following code fire unless a table exists:

function tableAltRows()
$("#content table tr:even").each(function(){


But the line checking the table length never returns anything other than 0. As a test, if I change it to == 0 it calls the tableAltRows function.

Posted: Jul 22 10 at 0:48

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