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JQuery :: - Advantages Of Ajax Vs UpdatePanel - Viewstate - Speed - Size ?

I saw couple of similar question here on StackOverFlow but none of them to summarize with the following criteria.

What are the advantages of jquery.ajax vs UpdatePanel (like - viewstate, speed, size)?

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Ajax :: Go Back Previous Page (keep Viewstate) With ASP.NET UpdatePanel Control
ASP.NET 4.0 Webform website

master page: left side panel (nagivation menu purpose): use UpdatePanel control (AJAX), so when selecting new menu, the whole page won't reload. Only content part will be updated.

My question is -- I want to be able to use browser back button to go back to previous menu (with form state saved). However, when looking into the viewstate, it's always the same. Is there any way to do this?

Posted: Mar 30 11 at 3:49

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JQuery :: - BlockUI With UpdatePanel Viewstate?
I have an update panel within a div that I modal using the JQuery plugin BlockUI. Inside the UpdatePanel is a textbox and a button. When I enter something in the textbox and click the button I am unable to retrieve the text in the textbox. When I debug it shows the textbox having no value.




Posted: Feb 15 10 at 23:07

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C# - Control Which Assigns A Value To ViewState - Works But ViewState Is Disabled ?
I have ViewState disabled on my ASPX page:


And I have the following class:


I see effects on my page if I remove the assignment to the CssClass property. Yet, the setter is assigning the value to ViewState.

How does this work? Surely if ViewState is disabled I would not see any difference whether I had CssClass assigned to or not.

Posted: Nov 2 11 at 19:02

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Ajax :: Updating ViewState Using JQuery
I started to use jQuery more intensively and especially .ajax() in jQuery. I would like to know if it is a good idea to manipulate ViewState using .ajax() or if there is a better way to manipulate ViewState without a full postback.

Posted: Aug 26 11 at 14:41

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AJAX :: Advantages To Using JQuery's .ajax() Instead Of XMLHttpRequest?
Is there any real advantage to using the jQuery AJAX function over the type of AJAX function shown below? Obviously, the syntax is a little cleaner / shorter - but is there any noticiable difference that would justify re-writing my existing ajax code?


I've reprogrammed all of my AJAX functions to use jQuery's .ajax(). I must say I've seen a notable improvement in speed and reliability.

Posted: Nov 24 10 at 20:56

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Ajax :: ASP.NET MVC And ViewState ?
I've barely touched ASP.NET MVC but from what I understand there is no ViewState/ControlState... fine. So my question is what is the alternative to retaining a control's state? Do we go back to old school ASP where we might simulate what ASP.NET ViewState/ControlState does by creating hidden form inputs with the control's state, or with MVC, do we just assume AJAX always and retain all state client-side and make AJAX calls to update?

This question has some answers, [url], but not exactly what I'm looking for in an answer.

Not looking for:

Session solution
Cookie solution
Not looking to mimic WebForms in MVC

What I am/was looking for:

A method that only retains the state on postback if data is not rebound to a control. Think WebForms with the scenario of only binding a grid on the initial page load, i.e. only rebinding the data when necessary. As I mentioned, I'm not trying to mimic WebForms, just wondering what mechanisms MVC offers.

Posted: Sep 24 09 at 18:46

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Ajax :: What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Making Calls Using Jquery
As jquery ajax calls makes life really cool without a page refresh... But still interested to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of making ajax calls with jquery... As i am using ajax calls for all my Add,Edit and Delete operations in my website it works pretty well as of now... Still knowing about the disadvantages would make life easier during deployment....

Posted: Apr 6 10 at 7:13

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Ajax :: ASP.Net Collapsible Extender ViewState?
I am currently working on an advanced web application that contains a number of Dynamically Rendered pages. The pages are standard pages which contain a place holder into which the main content is rendered from a combination of Xml and Xslt.

I have recently been attempting to add a ASP.Net Ajax Toolkit collapsible entender to allow the collapsing and extending of the panels which are dynamically rendered. I have added the extender markup to our main xslt template and all is fine. Well all is fine until a post back takes place and the panels return to their intial state. So, for example, if I load the page with the panels collapsed then after postback the page fails to reset any open panels, The problem is caused by the fact that I store the dynamic content in the viewstate itself and once the page is loaded just retrieve it from the viewstate rather than re-render the Xml.

there is the background to the problem. Now the main question. How on earth can you interact with the extender in Javascript. I have spent days convinced that I could cache the state in a page variable client side and then reapply the state post postback. However, there appears to be no documentation or knowledge of how to accomplish this. The best I have found is some very simple javascript which will allow you to register a couple of events to catch when the panel is extended or collapsed. All I want to do is interact and cache each panels state.

Posted: Jul 30 09 at 21:51

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AJAX :: Qquery - Viewstate Changes Validation
so the problem is as follows: I'm using jQuery's AJAX in order to make behind the scene calls within the page (on events such as voting an item) and changing the content in the appropriate element. The problem occurs when I mix AJAX with's AJAX, more precisely when I try to do a postback AFTER I've used jQuery on the page to perform an action. The page's viewstate is changed and validation fails (which would seem somewhat normal as a matter of fact).

My question is: can I disable the validation somehow so that I can perform postbacks combined with the chaged page viewstate? So far searching on how to disable it yielded no results.A more practical example is on a comments page where I allow voting the comments and posting new comments as well. So should a user vote a comment and THEN post his own, the page's contents is changed, and thus validation fails. Also, I've tried placing the comment form within an update panel as to prevent the entire page from posting, but it still fails.


Posted: Jan 22 10 at 18:23

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Ajax :: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Update Panels In ASP.NET Application
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Ajax update panels in ASP.NET application. Is there any alternatives available to avoid the use of Ajax update panel?

Posted: Jul 20 09 at 5:23

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AJAX :: Telerik - Update A Controls Viewstate On An Callback
I update a rad combo control using telerik calllback method described here

The items in the list are changed on the callback and I want to maintain this filtered list after the postback.

Is it possible to update the viewstate in the server side method? I think if I can access this i can then update both my list of items on the client and the server.. allow my drop down list to survive a postback.

Posted: Jul 9 10 at 16:57

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AJAX :: C# - CascadingDropDown ViewState - Maintain Both Contents (from Queries) And Selected Value Of Both Dropdowns After Postback?
Question: How do I maintain both the contents (from queries) and selected value of both dropdowns after postback?

Source Code: Download my source code from this link (link now works). Just add a reference to your AjaxControlToolkit

User Action: Select a value from each dropdown. Click Submit.

After Postback: StatesDrop: (Selected value), CitiesDrop "Select a City"

Before and after:

I believe that when the first dropdown gets its selected value, the second dropdown refreshes and therefore loses its selected value.




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Jquery :: Animation Speed Not Matching CSS3 Transition Speed
I have a navigation menu that has links with CSS3 transitions with a speed of .2s. When those links are hovered, their submenus are displayed with jQuery using the fadeIn and fadeOut methods also with a speed of .2s (200 milliseconds).However, the submenus seem to be animating a tad slower than the links. Could this be an easing difference or a difference simply because they're two completely different ways of "animating" something?Is there a way to make them same speed without doing the obvious "speed up the slower animation"?

Posted: Dec 3 11 at 5:14

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Jquery :: Emulate The ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanel When Using ASP.NET MVC?
In "traditional" ASP.NET (Web Forms), the UpdatePanel control lets you do a partial refresh of a part of a page. You don't need to write much code to hook this up.

What's the equivalent in ASP.NET MVC? I'm guessing I'd need to use a partial view for the bit that I want to update, then on the client side retrieve that HTML and pump it into the innerHtml of the correct DIV?

Posted: Mar 18 10 at 14:15

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JQuery :: Prefer .Ajax To UpdatePanel?
If I am developing an asp.Net application, can there be some cases where I should forget about MS Ajax UpdatePanels and prefer jQuery.Ajax to update some part of my page?

Posted: Jul 20 10 at 12:24

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AJAX :: - Vs JQuery Tooltip - UpdatePanel ?
I'm trying to implement's JQuery tooltip [url] into my webapplication (C#.NET).

I have the following script at Master.Page:

That will control this input and several other more:

I have a GridView and DetailsView under an UpdatePanel, after the first partialPostBack, the tooltip will only work with the inputs within that UpdatePanel, and after the next partialPostBacks none will work whatsoever.

If I change from:


Only the input's outside the UpdatePanel will work

If I access directly the input by it's id and class, it will work properly, but that would mean typing them all in:

How to make all of them bind properly ?

Posted: Sep 14 10 at 14:35

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JQuery :: AJAX Call To ASP.NET Method Through UpdatePanel?
How to call a method from JS through UpdatePanel with jQuery? I cant call WebMethod cause it is static (I have a custom control and it is statically inaccessible).

What I have: Custom control on a ASP.NET website in UpdatePanel

What I need: User clicks on a link and JS does its magic and than I have to post (AJAX) changes to server (custom control). How do I achieve this with UpdatePanel (I cant jQuery ajax call) - how can I call a method on server with some arguments from JS?

Posted: 25-Jan-2010

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Ajax :: JQuery Events On Elements In An UpdatePanel?
I have some elements inside an UpdatePanel which may or may be displayed, depending on various conditions.

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="MyUpdatePanel" runat="server">
<asp:Panel ID="MyPanel" runat="server">
<img id="clickableImage" src="/path/to/image.png" alt="Clickable Image" />


However, since MyPanel is often not visible when the page loads (but it may be visible later based on user interaction), the events aren't hooked up. Is there a way that I can hook up these events even if MyPanel is not visible on the initial page load?

Posted: Feb 2 10 at 14:45

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Jquery :: Make A Control That Simulates UpdatePanel But With AJAX?
The question is how do I create a control that simulates an updatepanel?[code]...

Posted: Jun 10 11 at 17:50

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Ajax :: Speed Up Sequential JQuery Load() Requests To Same Div?
I have two links [code]...

1. I use JQuery to load them into a Div when the links are clicked.


2. When the second link is clicked I empty the div


3. and load the second file in;


The problem, page1.html has alot of images in it, even after the second link is clicked and the #content div is emptied, the browser keeps downloading the images from page1.html and this slows down the request to page2.html significantly.

How can i stop the content from the first load() from making requests to the browser and speed up the page response?

Posted: Aug 16 09 at 20:11

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Ajax :: One More Updatepanel Is Not Working
I added 3 updatepanel on a aspx page.Two updatepanel includes gridview.And i make gridview paging.two buttons fill this gridviews when clicked.I set both of them triggers and conditional state.Third updatepanel includes textbox.And i set updatemode conditional,triggers third button.

That my question,when i click firstly third button i select checked datafield from gridview,run succesfully.

But when i click after one clicked,third updatepanel and gridview paging is not working.

My gridview paging code

My third button code

My one and second button when clicked load gridview

Posted: Nov 28 11 at 20:51

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Ajax :: Use UpdatePanel With GridView?
I have a masterpage with a sidebar that conatians an accordion control for site navigation. On one of my child forms I have added a GridView inside an UpdatePanel. This user starts a job via a button click. This job writes to a database table and I'll like to see this updates presented via the Grid view. I've added a timer control with an ontick event that executes GridView.DataBind.

The GridView data is refreshed on each tick (2 seconds), the problem is that the whole page (including the master page) received a postback - causing the selected panel of my accordion control to be reset.

I've not used the UpdatePanel control before but I'd hoped that this prevent the full page postback. I guess I've configured something incorrectly. I've pasted the div containing the Panel and GridView below.

<div id="statusGrid">
<u>Job Status</u>
<br />
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="StatusUpdatePanel" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional">


Posted: Aug 27 10 at 11:52

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Ajax Speed Problem
Ive been having a problem of late with one of my sites that uses PHP5 /
Ajax. The problem is that periodically the ajax functions lock up and it
gets stuck in the loading phase of the request. If i restart the apache
server everything goes back to normal (i assume it severs the connection
to the ajax called function).

I think this is a problem with the javascript part as i have tried it
using a straight post request and have have no problems and slow loading
time is localized to the one user (ie. still works fine on the other
computers on my office network).

I have recorded this happening in Firefox, safari and IE6 & 7

My server is running debian with apache2 and php5

Just wondering if somebody can shed some light on what my problem may be? Code:

Posted: October 16th, 2007

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ASP.NET UpdatePanel Callback - Loads Via AJAX In ASP.NET?
how would you call a piece of javascript after an updatepanel loads via AJAX in ASP.NET? I needed to reinitialize a jQuery datepicker after the panel had loaded.

Posted: Nov 19 09 at 18:48

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